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August 12/01 11:15 am - Canada Cup XC Corrections, Mike Barry Interview

Posted by Editor on 08/12/01

Update to Canada Cup

We re-calculated the Canada Cup standings (since the official ones won't be out for a few days), and discovered a few major changes from what we reported last night. Go to the 8:10 pm posting to see the revised final overall standings.

Interview with Mike Barry

Mike Barry called us after his fourth place finish in the Saturn Cycling Classic to chat for a few minutes.

On the race; "It was a pretty epic race, one of the hardest I have ever done. The second half was all over 9000 feet! It was a tactical race. Mercury wouldn't ride (with both Horner and Wherry at the front), so Jonathan (Vaughters0 and I had to keep attacking. They just sat on, so it was pretty frustrating. When they (Vaughters and Horner) got away there was nothing we could do - all my team mates were six minutes down."

On winner Vaughters: "He is from Colorado, and going into the race we knew he was one of the key guys. After the Tour de France we knew he would have great form."

On the finish: "At the finish you had to be first through the last corner and I was. A moto filming (Vaughters and Horner), who were just in front of us, swerved out in front of me and I had to put the brakes on. Chris (Wherry) had an open line and went by me. It was disappointing, but what can you do?"


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