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August 13/01 10:57 am - Ontario Provincial Track Championships Results

Posted by Editoress on 08/13/01

Ontario Cycling Association Track Racing Results - Provincial Track Championships
Talvest Mutual Funds Ontario Cup Track Series #2
Wind-Del Velodrome, Windham Centre, Ontario - August 11
Results Courtesy OCA

500m, 1000m ITT
Junior Men - 1000mTimePoints
1Taras KlebanHamilton CC1:19.457
2Ryan DeboerMississauga BRC1:23.015
3Brenden HurleyD'Ornellas CC1:29.453
Senior Women - 500mTimePoints
1Julia BradleyInd.43.817
2Allyson FoxTalgoamerica.com44.275
3Michelle Perrier-MartinenInd.44.823
4Shelly ChristensenSt Catharines CC49.272
Master 40+ Men - 500mTimePoints
1Rob GoodWaterloo Flying Dogs39.397
2Mark AntonioInd.41.055
3Jay DarchOakville Cyclepath43.663
4Rob CheskeyHamilton CC44.252
5Vern HutchisonHummingbirds CC45.021
Senior Men - 1000mTimePoints
1Haik BeglarovHummingbirds CC1:16.417
2Brooks RapleyGo1:17.045
3Kevin SpeachtGo1:17.473
4Matt ChaterNewmarket Eagles1:20.362
5Hans LoeffelholzLCW Merrill Lynch1:20.431
6Michael MooreGears Racing1:20.93
7Enrico TrainiToronto CC1:23.39
8Larry BurgeInd.1:24.68
2000m, 3000m, 4000m Individual Pursuit
Junior Men - 3000mTimePoints
1Taras KlebanHamilton CC4:10.247
2Ryan DeboerMississauga BRC4:25.885
3Brenden HurleyD'Ornellas CC4:33.303
Senior Women - 3000mTimePoints
1Julia BradleyInd.4:19.647
2Allyson FoxTalgoamerica.com4:37.605
3Shelly ChristensenSt Catharines CC4:51.363
4Michelle Perrier-MartinenInd.5:11.312
Master 40+ Men - 2000mTimePoints
1Rob CheskeyHamilton CC2:51.387
2Rob GoodWaterloo Flying Dogs2:58.445
3Jay DarchOakville Cyclepath3:00.243
4Mark AntonioInd.3:01.602
5Vern HutchisonHummingbirds CC3:11.661
Senior Men - 4000mTimePoints
1Michael MooreGears Racing5:32.007
2Kevin SpeachtGo5:32.875
3Brooks RapleyGo5:39.623
4Haik BeglarovHummingbirds CC5:40.132
5Enrico TrainiToronto CC5:49.101
6Larry BurgeInd.6:01.80
7Hans LoeffelholzLCW Merrill Lynch6:05.61
Junior Men - Flying 200mTimePoints
1Taras KlebanHamilton CC13.737
2Ryan DeboerMississauga BRC14.185
3Brenden HurleyD'Ornellas CC16.763
Senior WomenTimePoints
1Allyson FoxTalgoamerica.com15.157
2Julia BradleyInd.15.25
3Michelle Perrier-MartinenInd.15.533
4Shelly ChristensenSt Catharines CC16.812
Master 40+ MenTimePoints
1Rob GoodWaterloo Flying Dogs13.587
2Jay DarchOakville Cyclepath14.745
3Mark AntonioInd.14.923
4Vern HutchisonHummingbirds CC14.972
5Rob CheskeyHamilton CC15.331
Senior MenTimePoints
1Matt ChaterNewmarket Eagles13.117
2Haik BeglarovHummingbirds CC13.565
3Brooks RapleyGo13.133
4Kevin SpeachtGo14.062
5Hans LoeffelholzLCW Merrill Lynch14.191
6Michael MooreGears Racing14.31
7Enrico TrainiToronto CC14.54

Points Race
Junior MenPointsLapsPoints
1Taras KlebanHamilton CC257
2Ryan DeboerMississauga BRC155
Senior Women
1Julia BradleyInd.217
2Allyson FoxTalgoamerica.com195
3Shelly ChristensenSt Catharines CC613
4Michelle Perrier-MartinenInd.632
Master 40+ Men
1Rob CheskeyHamilton CC257
2Jay DarchOakville Cyclepath135
3Mark AntonioInd.123
4Rob GoodWaterloo Flying Dogs32
5Vern HutchisonHummingbirds CC21
Senior Men
1Michael MooreGears Racing217
2Hans LoeffelholzLCW Merrill Lynch175
3Enrico TrainiToronto CC63
4Matt ChaterNewmarket Eagles1112

Omnium Results
Junior MenTotal PointsO-Cup PointsEvent1Event2Event3Event4
1Taras KlebanHamilton CC2857777
2Ryan DeboerMississauga BRC2045555
3Brenden HurleyD'Ornellas CC933330
Senior Women
1Julia BradleyInd.2657757
2Allyson FoxTalgoamerica.com2245575
3Michelle Perrier-MartinenInd.1033232decided by 500m
4Shelly ChristensenSt Catharines CC1022323
Master 40+ Men
1Rob GoodWaterloo Flying Dogs2157572
2Rob CheskeyHamilton CC1742717
3Jay DarchOakville Cyclepath1633355
4Mark AntonioInd.1325233
5Vern HutchisonHummingbirds CC511121
Senior Men
1Haik BeglarovHummingbirds CC14107250
2Michael MooreGears Racing1490707
3Brooks RapleyGo1185330decided by 1000m
4Matt ChaterNewmarket Eagles1172072
5Kevin SpeachtGo1063520
6Hans LoeffelholzLCW Merrill Lynch751015
7Enrico TrainiToronto CC440103
8Larry BurgeInd.030000


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