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August 14/01 4:03 am - Summer Games Men's Criterium

Posted by Editor on 08/14/01

Quebec made it two-for-two with a win in the men's criterium by Martin Gilbert. Gilbert took the 22 lap men's race ahead of Marc Bomhof (Alberta) and Buck Miller (Ontario). The men's race was a crash-filled affair, with both Gilbert and Miller getting caught behind one in the final 5 laps.

Bomhof took the penultimate points sprint, for a slim 1 point lead, but Gilbert was confident: "our coach let me know that after the crash I was 1 point behind the leader. I took my (free) lap and got back in and told my team mates. They all knew what to do because we race together alot. They kept a good high rhythm to keep everyone together and then I went at 200 metres."

Gilbert's second in the final double points sprint was enough to move him 3 points in front of Bomhof, while Miller's final sprint win vaulted him over Pierre-Olivier Boily to third. Neither Bomhof nor Miller were as aware of the points situation as Gilbert:

Miller: "I figured I was in the top-5 but I wasn't exactly sure where I was. It was too sketchy out there for a while, with some of the inexperienced riders, so I backed off a bit. But this is one of my best results ever."

Bomhof: "I didn't realize how close it as. I had an idea that I was up there, but I didn't know for sure. I think one of the things that helped me was that I'm used to the (restricted) junior gears, unlike some of the older guys."

1. Martin Gilbert (QC) 23 points
2. Marc Bomhof (AB) 20
3. Buck Miller (ON) 15
4. Pierre-Olivier Boily (QC) 12
5. Mathieu Beliveau (QC) 11
6. Francois Parisien (QC) 7
7. Dominique Rollin (QC) 4
8. Rod Smit (ON) 1
9. Shawn Bunnin (SK) 1

1. Raphaele Lemieux (QC) 21
2. Lisa Sweeney (BC) 19
3. Julie Saunders (QC) 10
4. Erica Drew (BC) 10
5. Angela Mawdsley (ON) 8
6. Jennifer Trew (AB) 5
7. Carrie Tuck (AB) 4
8. Marie-Helene Cote (QC) 2


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