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August 19/01 11:22 am - US Results

Posted by Editoress on 08/19/01

Timex International Women's Open - Downer's Grove, IL

The Timex International Women's Open is a warm up race to the 2001 USCF National Criterium and USPRO Championships. The race was a 50 minute plus 5 lap race on a crazy eight shaped, 1.2 mile course. The race began in a usual criterium fashion, fast and furious from the gun.

Following the first 4 single file laps, the field was attacked by Saturn's Ina Teutenberg on the back-side hill. Katrina Berger ( was quick to react and latched onto the Saturn attack. Kristy Scrymgeour (Saturn), aware Berger had Teutenberg covered, then quickly bridged the small break of two, and the winning move was made. The three riders worked efficiently together gaining over a minute gap on the field. With one lap to go, the two Saturn riders tried shake Berger by launching attacks for the win.

However, as the crowd watched and anticipated a single rider to come out of the last turn, it was an impressive finish as three riders rounded the last corner together and into a 3-up sprint for the win. Berger went neck and neck with Tuetenberg to the line but was nipped in the end. Teutenberg took the victory, Berger was 2nd and Scrymgeour was 3rd.

1. Ina Teutenberg-Saturn
2. Katrina
3. Kristy Scrymgeour-Saturn
4. Petra Rossner-Saturn
5. Anna Millward-Saturn
6. Laura Van Gilder-VeriZon
7. Tina
8. Deborah Durand
9. Nicole Friedman-Credit Swisse
10. Lyne Bessette-Saturn

Extran Men's Pro/Am - Downer's Grove, IL
Courtesy Mercury

USPRO Criterium Champion, Derek Bouchard-Hall, won Saturday's Extran Criterium. The 50k race is the traditional warm up race to tomorrow's USPRO Criterium Championships. The race has been won by Mercury's Gord Fraser the past 3 years, but Fraser was absent today due to the sudden death of his father Thursday. Our prayers and condolences are with him and his family.

The Mercury "Green Wave" was looking to Rahsaan Bahati and Bouchard-Hall to step up and fill the void. With a great team effort by Chris Wherry, Mike Sayers, John Peters and the rest of the team, they covered all the important moves and stayed out of the many crashes that marred the race.

A serious move formed with Peters and Klasna who were 27 seconds up on the field. At which point the other teams tried to reel them back and set up a field sprint. Indeed, with 10 laps to go, a field sprint was inevitable.

Saturn and Mercury took charge of the field, with Net Zero right behind. Going into the last lap it was a battle for position for the last turn, as the rider first out from the final corner typically ends up winning the race. Saturn's Dominguez and Net Zero's Miller joined Bouchard-Hall as they went 4 wide into the last turn. Only Bouchard-Hall came out of the turn intact, as Dominguez clipped a pedal and took out Miller. Bouchard-Hall had 2 bike lengths and never looked back.

Today's race will crown the US National Criterium Champions where Rahsaan Bahatti, the defending Elite Criterium Champion and Derek Bouchard-Hall, the USPRO Criterium Champion will be looking to defend their titles.

Courtesy Navigators Cycling Team

The Navigators Cycling Team contested the 32Mi. Extran Pro/Am this evening in the Chicago suburb of Downers Grove. The race was part of the weekend-long Chicago Sports Grand Prix which culminates on Sunday with the USPRO Criterium National Championship. Tonight's race is considered a warm-up for the 100Km (62Mi) championship race, which will be held on the same 1-mile, 8-corner, figure-8 course in the upscale Downers Grove. With all of the domestic U.S. professional teams in attendance and many of the strong amateur squads getting ready for their own championship on Sunday, the action was hot and fast. With the peloton strung-out for most of the race, it was difficult for any decent breakaway to get away from the highly motivated pack. The Navigators' strategy for the race was to be aggressive and attentive for breakaways, which would be less risky than a field sprint. With all of the horsepower and speed in attendance, it would be a difficult task to control the race and every team was also eyeing the big prize from tomorrow's championship.

However, with about 25 laps remaining Trent Klasna (Saturn) and John Peters (Mercury) gained about 15-seconds on the field, which became the most successful split of the day. Aided by a crash near the front of the peloton, the duo was able to stay away for about 8 laps before being reeled back in by the nervous peloton. With all of the attacks, counter-attacks, and fast chases throughout, the inevitable field sprint was the order of the day. As the laps wound down, it was evident that no one team could control the front. In the mad dash to the line, it was Mercury's reigning Criterium National Champion Derek Bouchard-Hall taking the win. Navigators' Oleg Grichkine finished in 4th.

1. Derek Bouchard-Hall (USA) Mercury
2. Hilton Clarke (Aus) NetZero
3. Alex Candelario (USA) THF Racing
4. Oleg Grichkine (USA) Navigators
5. Juan Pienda (Gua) 7Up-Colorado Cyclist
6. Vasilii Davidenko (USA) Navigators
7. Jason Waddell (USA) Jelly Belly
8. Chris Fisher (USA) Saturn
9. Franky Van Haesobroucke (Bel) Navigators


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