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August 20/01 1:41 am - Pan-Am Cycling Championships, Saskatchewan, Masters Worlds Accomodation

Posted by Editor on 08/20/01

Campeonato Panamericano De Ciclismo De Pista
Courtesy Kurt Innes - National Coach

August 20, 2001

Day 1 (AM session)

Women's 200M Time Trial

1. Daniela Larreal (VEN) 1.1536
2. Y.Gonzales (CUB) 11.926
3. D. Garcia (COL) 12.459

Men's 200 M Time Trial
1. Steen Madsen (CAN) 10.648 (new track record)
2. Doug Baron (CAN) 10.743
3. Barry Forde (BAR) 10.755
4. Michael Pedroso (CUB) 10.782
5. Lars Madsen (CAN) 10.877

Steen Madsen (2001 National Sprint Champion) started from mid way down the start list, and blazed to a new track record here today in the opening round of the men's sprint tournament. Doug Baron posted his fastest time of the year, taking the 2nd spot in a very close 3-way battle for 2nd position. Lars Madsen also posted his fastest time of the year ending up 5th position.

Men's 4000-Meter Pursuit Qualifier.
1. Edgardo Simon (ARG) 4:37.478
2. Guillermo Bruneta (ARG) 4:37.633
3. Marco Arriagada (CHI) 4:37.841
4. Mark Ernsting (CAN) 4:39.864
5. Alex Cloutier (CAN) 4:40.100

Both Canadian riders established new personal best times today. The format for the Pan American Championships in the pursuit event has the top 8 riders advancing into the quarter finals: 1-vs- 8, 2-vs7, 3-vs- 6, and 4-vs-5. This means that Alex and Mark will face each other to decide who makes it into the medal round. The exciting thing is that one Canadian will make it into the medal round, unfortunately at the expense of their teammate!!

Tonight is the men's 1000 Meter Time Trial. Jim Fisher (CAN) will attempt to regain his Pan American title he won at the Pan American Championships in 2000. Also on the schedule are the men's 1st round sprints.

Blue Mountain Stage Race Sask Cup #7 - near North Battleford
Courtesy Denise Eberle - Sask Cycling Association

Presented by North Mtb Club & Northern Bush Rastas
August 18-19, 2001

Senior Expert MenITTCritXCGC
1ZETTERSTROM, CORYSaskatoon0:12:340:32:381:24:222:09:34
2YEO, CHRISSaskatoon0:13:340:31:251:31:022:16:01
3CLARKE, NEILSaskatoon0:14:140:32:181:31:412:18:13
4BRASSARD, JOEYSaskatoon0:14:210:34:491:30:362:19:46
5DYCK, DAVIDSaskatoon0:14:110:34:271:33:212:21:59
6WIRTZ, ROBRegina0:14:370:32:211:36:122:23:10
7KOWALZIC, PAULPrince Ablert0:14:460:32:481:41:172:28:51
Junior Expert MenITTCritXCGC
1BRITTON, ROBRegina0:13:260:31:241:24:342:09:24
2KERR, BRADRegina0:13:190:32:161:32:462:18:21
3DYCK, DANEstevan0:14:050:33:331:31:242:19:02
Master Expert Men 30 +ITTCritXCGC
1MCIVOR, RUSSRegina0:14:000:34:041:34:252:22:29
2MCINTYRE, MIKERegina0:14:120:32:491:36:352:23:36
Master Expert Men 40+ITTCritXCGC
1CARON, BRENTRegina0:14:590:34:281:17:352:07:02
Senior Sport MenITTCritXCGC
1REED, ANDREWRegina0:14:070:34:520:54:291:43:28
2CROSSCHILD, TARRANTSaskatoon0:14:100:34:550:55:581:45:03
3RUSSELL, MARKSaskatoon0:14:150:34:490:59:451:48:49
4BITSCHY, DAVIDRegina0:16:300:36:391:01:101:54:19
5ROSE, STUARTRegina0:17:090:37:241:01:141:55:47
6VAN GINNEKEN, JAYRegina0:17:350:40:281:00:291:58:32
Master Sport Men 30-39ITTCritXCGC
1ZACK, TERRYEstevan0:15:500:35:000:59:431:50:33
2REID, JIMSaskatoon0:15:080:36:381:03:071:54:53
3SCHAFER, MARKSaskatoon0:19:110:39:341:09:392:08:24
4ANDERSON, PHILRegina0:15:310:35:201:24:182:15:09
5BAALIM, GALTPilot Butte0:15:330:36:201:24:182:16:11
6NEWLOVE, BLAINESaskatoon0:19:400:41:101:22:182:23:08
Under 17 Expert MaleITTCritXCGC
1DERESKI, DANIELSaskatoon0:16:280:36:591:04:011:57:28
2FOY, TYLERPrince Albert0:18:460:41:201:06:012:06:07
3LUKAN, JOEYDebden0:18:160:42:551:06:112:07:22
Junior Sport MenITTCritXCGC
1WILLFONG, MICHALSaskatoon0:15:570:36:140:59:391:51:50
2LEIBEL, RYANRegina0:16:250:36:031:00:421:53:10
3MCEWEN, BLAIRSaskatoon0:15:090:39:340:58:501:53:33
4FROMBACH, AARONRegina0:17:400:42:381:06:492:07:07
5KRYWICKI, VAUGHNSaskatoon0:16:400:37:121:29:402:23:32
Master Exp 30-39 WomenITTCritXCGC
1GRATTON, BONNIESaskatoon0:20:230:22:010:49:171:31:41
Master Sport Wom 30-39ITTCritXCGC
1GUY, MARTHASaskatoon0:27:460:27:490:31:271:27:02
Under 15 MaleITTCritXCGC
1SEIB, MICHAELSaskatoon0:17:320:20:200:45:061:22:58
Under 13 MaleITTCritXCGC
1KARNES, PHILIPSaskatoon0:22:100:23:380:24:181:10:06
2TINKLER, JAMESSaskatoon0:24:130:21:110:24:481:10:12
3NEWLOVE, GRADYSaskatoon0:27:560:28:450:29:451:26:26
Over 17 Male Citizen (17 +)ITTCritXCGC
1DAVIES, SCOTTNorth Battleford0:28:560:37:130:20:521:27:01
Over 17 Female Citizen (17 +)ITTCritXCGC
1REED, SAIRANorth BattlefordOO0:49:170:49:17

Masters Worlds Accomodation

We have a space or two in a 2 bedroom condo for the masters worlds. Contact person is Rob Galbraith ( 905) 336-9407 days and (905) 335-0204 evenings.


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