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August 22/01 11:50 am - Pan-Am Cycling Championships Day 2

Posted by Editor on 08/22/01

Campeonato Panamericano De Ciclismo De Pista
Courtesy Kurt Innes - National Coach

August 21, 2001

Day 2

Mens 4000 Meter Individual Pursuit Semi Final
1. Heat Mark Ernsting (CAN) vs Alex Cloutier (CAN) 4:36.835
Cloutier caught (Lap 13)

2. Heat Marco Arriagada (CHI) 4:35.178

3. Heat Guillermo Brunetta (ARG) 4:32.912

4. Heat Egardo Simon (ARG) 4:32.178

Mark Ernsting continued with his personal best times here in Medellin with a commanding win over Canadian Team mate Alex Cloutier. Mark gained a large gap over the first 2 laps, then continued to pull Alex in over the next 10 laps eventually overtaking him with just under 2 laps remaining. Mark posted the 4th fastest time in the semi final round, meaning that he would race for the bronze medal against Marco Arriagada (CHI) later on in the session.

Men's 1/8 Final Sprint
All 3 Canadian riders advanced through the 1/8 final rounds relatively unchallenged. This means all 3 will be guaranteed a spot in the top 8 overall here in Medellin.

Men's Quarter Final Sprint
Heat 1. Steen Madsen (CAN) over Micheal Herschkowicz (PER) 11.010 & 10.9
Heat 2. Doug Baron (CAN) over Victor Alverez (COL) 11.35 & 11.0
Heat 3. Barry Forde (BAR) over Reinier Cartaya (CUB) 11.74 & 13.4
Heat 4. Micheal Pedroso (CUB) over Lars Madsen (CAN) 11.56 & 11.1

Steen Madsen breezed over his rival from Peru in 2 straight rides, this means that Steen will face off against M.Pedroso (CUB) in the semi finals tomorrow night. Pedroso defeated Steen's brother Lars in 2 straight rides in the 4th quarter final series. The 3rd Canadian remaining in the sprint tournament Doug Baron was also victorious in 2 straight rides over his rival from Colombia. Doug will face off against Barry Forde (BAR) in the other semi final. Lars Madsen will race in the 5-8 final also tomorrow night.

Mens Individual Pursuit Finals

Bronze medal ride
Arriagada, Marco (CHI) 4:37.026 Bronze Medalist
Ernsting, Mark (CAN) 4:37.895 4th place

Gold medal ride
Edgardo , Simon (ARG) 4:37.804 Gold Medalist
Brunetta, Buillermo (ARG) 4:41.814 Silver Medalist

Mark Ernsting went into the final against a much faster opponent (on paper) tonight, but really gave the rider from Chile a very good run the bronze medal. Both riders exchanged the lead back and forth for the first 3 km, with the Chile rider taking the eventual lead with less than 3 laps remaining. Mark battled to the end, never giving up and really stretched his opponent and himself to their maximal. Mark put together 3 very solid rides here in Medellin and capped off a very successful season where he won the National title in the pursuit and now can add a 4th place finish in the Pan American Championships to his resume.

Clare Hall-Patch (arrived last night) Sven Tuft, and Charles Dionne made it down safely tonight as well, bringing our team up to 11 strong (along with Houshang and I ).


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