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August 22/01 5:49 am - GP Feminin Stage 1

Posted by Editor on 08/22/01

Grand Prix Feminin International du Quebec - Farnham, Quebec

Stage 1 was a 97 kilometer circuit road race with the start and finish in the small town of Farnham. The field of nearly one hundred of the world's most talented women cyclists began this first stage in a fierce and furious fashion. Within the first ten kilometers a break of 9 riders had escaped the peloton. Present in the breakaway were riders Julie Young and Sarah Ulmer, Julia Farell (VeriZon), Andrea Hannos (VeriZon), Pia Sundstedt (Intersports), Charlotte Hopkinson (Great Britain), Melissa Holt (Rona), Ina Teutenberg and Anke Erlank, (both Saturn). Missing from this dangerous break were Genevieve Jeanson (Rona) and Lynne Bessette (Saturn).

The break worked efficiently together and soon found themselves with a minute and a half lead on the field, at which point Melissa Holt (Rona) was called out of the break to help teammate Jeanson bridge to the group of eight leading riders. However, today was not the day for the Rona team, and Jeanson and Holt both found themselves back in the main bunch.

The Mountain Sprint claimed another casualty in the breakaway, as Saturn's Ina Teutenberg lost contact with the leaders and resumed her role in the peloton. With seven riders remaining in the break, including two riders, the small group began setting up for the finish. The team executed the finish perfectly, as Sarah Ulmer charged the final 500 meters and escorted teammate Julie Young to the finish line for the victory. Anke Erlank was 2nd and Pia Sundstedt was 3rd. This first stage victory puts's Julie Young into the Yellow Leader's
Jersey and the Team into first place in the Team Competition. Young also leads the Classification of Points by 3 over Saturn's Anke Erlank.

1. Julie
2. Anke Erlank-Saturn
3. Pia Sundstedt-Intersports
4. Andrea Hannos-VeriZon
5. Julia Farell-VeriZon
6. Charlotte Hopkins-Great Britain National
7. Sarah all s.t.
8. Stacey at 0:12
9. Catherine Marsal-Intersports 1:39
10. Lyne Bessette-Saturn 1:52

15. Katrina
23. Annie
54. Kim all s.t.
80. Amber 11:51

GC Following Stage 1
1. Young
2. Erlank at 0:05
3. Sundstedt 0:08
4. Hannos 0:13
5. Farell
6. Hopkinson
7. Ulmer
8. Peters 0:25
9. Marsal 1:52
10. Bessette 2:05


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