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August 23/01 9:25 am - Pan-Am Championships Day 3, Mississauaga Midweek, Garneau Sponsors CCA

Posted by Editor on 08/23/01

Campeonato Panamericano De Ciclismo De Pista
Courtesy Kurt innes, National Coach

August 22, 2001

Day 3

Match Sprint / Men, Final Results.

1. Barry Forde (BAR)
2. Steen Madsen (CAN)
3. Michael Pedrosa (CUB)
4. Douglas Baron (CAN)
8. Lars Madsen (CAN)

Steen Madsen made his way into the final for the gold medal after defeating Michael Pedrosa (CUB) in 3 rides. Steen lost the first ride (11.0), then really turned up his level of riding for the next two rides and won them both in 10.9 times. Doug Baron lost two straight rides to Barry Forde (BAR) in the semi-finals.

In the finals Steen lost two straight rides to Barry Forde, both in very fast times (10.7). Steen rode the 2nd ride tactically very well, but just came up short on flat out horsepower over the last 100 Meters. This is the 2nd year in a row that Barry Forde has won the Pan American Championships. Doug Baron definitely rode his best tactical rides against Michael Pedrosa, but like Steen came up a bit short on absolute speed in two straight rides. Lars rode in the 5-8 ride, and found himself in the losing end of a very long sprint. Lars got 2nd wheel after the start. The rider on the front (PERU) went flat out for 3 laps, Lars sat on 2nd wheel until the entrance of turn 1 going into the last lap. The other 2 riders then moved over Lars, squeezing him into 4th in the ride and this is where he stayed until the finish (ending up 8th overall).

Overall another very good day here at the Pan-American Championships. Tomorrow's schedule has the Olympic Sprint team opening up the racing (at 18h00 local time), following this will be the Keirin heat and finishing off the night will be the men's Points Race (Alex Cloutier, and Mark Ernsting).

La Bicicletta Midweek Series

Sponsored by: Schwinn Canada, Trillium Foundation
Event 18, Points Criterium
21 laps of 1.6 km circuit, 33.6 km
Time 45'36" (scratch) 44.2 kph

Kevin Speacht GO
Joe Giuliano Sympatico Cat. 1 35
Steve Lessey D'Ornellas Cat. 1 11
Jason Valenti Oakville / Cyclepath Cat. 3 10
Craig Webster Ind. Cat. 11 9
Paul Rego Ital Pasta Master A 7
Paul Farrughia Gears Cat. 1 5
Frank Preston Ind. Master A 4
David Fry RNH Master A 3
Mike Veil Pavan Cat. 1 2
? Master B

Jacek Wierzbicki Bici Prestige Contest - After 4 events

Craig Webster Ind. 32 points
Joe Giuliano Jet Fuel Sympatico 30
Peter Morse GO 29
Heath Cockburn Jet Fuel Sympatico 28
Barry Reid Maple Leaf 25
Don Zuck Pavan 18
Shannon Hunt RNH 17
David Fry RNH 16
Brent Aquino Ind 15
Roy Zucchetto Pavan 15
Greg Cavanagh Oakville / Cyclepath

With one more event in the Prestige contest, any one of the top five, depending on points scored by others, can win

Series Standings

Morse Peter GO Cat. 1 126
Hansen Jeff Ital Pasta Cat. 1 113
Webster Craig Ind. Master A 110
Cockburn Heath Sympatico Cat. 1 85
Fry David RNH Cat. 1 78
Reid Barry Maple Leaf Cat. 1 67
Makarchuk Ed. HRT Master A 65
Giuliano Joe Sympatico Cat. 1 62
Rego Paul Ital Pasta Cat. 1 60
Zucchetto Roy Pavan Master B 60
Shaw Mark Ind Master B 57
Polsinelli Mark Pavan Master B 50
Speacht Kevin GO Cat. 1 49
Hornak Paul Gears Cat. 2 48
Kameka Eric HRT Cat. 3 48
Zuck Don Pavan Master B 47
Ybanez Mike RNH Cat. 1 45
Maset Ed. Pavan Master A 44
Aquino Brent Ind Master A 42
Hunt Shannon RNH Cat. 2 41
Ficko Darko Woodbridge Italia Cat. 1 38
Greene Paul Chain Reaction Master A 38

Thanks to Peter Hurley for timing and finish recording, and a special thanks to Tina Mayberry and Peter for the excellent photographic poster of Jacek Wierzbicki.

Garneau Announces CCA Sponsorship Renewal

Louis Garneau Sports has announced the renewal of their long-standing agreement to sponsor the Canadian national cycling team. The agreement will be for 4 years. Garneau will provide helmets and clothing to the team.


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