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August 25/01 3:33 am - Grand Prix Feminin International: Stage 4a

Posted by Editoress on 08/25/01

Grand Prix féminin international du Québec - Stage 4a: 19-km time trial
Jeanson does not start
Courtesy RONA

Bedford, Québec, August 25, 2001- Geneviève Jeanson did not start this morning's stage, a 19-km time trial around the small town of Bedford. Jeanson experienced pain on the back of her right thigh. Team RONA's directeur sportif André Aubut made the decision a few minutes into her warm-up when the pain and discomfort became obvious.

"Geneviève wanted to start in spite of the pain, but it would have been unwise", said André Aubut. "We don't know what the problem is exactly, but no matter what it is, we must not worsen it."

While extremely disappointed, Geneviève Jeanson agreed that her coach's decision was the right one. "I could have started, but most likely I would have had to stop after a few kilometres. But it's the first time I drop out of a race, and I hate the feeling", she explained.

Bessette wins stage, Sundstedt the Golden fleece

Lyne Bessette won the stage, her second in a row, completing the course in 25'19" for an average speed of 45.03 km/h. Amber Neben (USA, took second place, 7" behind Bessette. Pia Sundstedt caused a surprise by achieving the third best time of the day, which was more than enough to win her the GC leader's Golden jersey. Her lead is 21" over South African Anke Erlank. Thanks to her time trial Bessette now stands 1'18" behind first place.

Team RONA's Manon Jutras offered a good performance and finished tenth of the stage, 1'15" behind Bessette. Jutras is now 9th in the general classification.

Later today, the Grand Prix goes to Cowansville where the racers will compete in a 40-km criterium.

1. Lyne Bessette (CAN) Saturn Timex 5:19
2. Amber Neben (USA) at 0:07
3. Pia Sundstedt (FIN) Intersports 0:31
4. Katrina Berger (USA) 0:38
5. Clara Hughes (CAN) Saturn Timex 0:48

1. Pia Sundstedt (FIN) Intersports 8:51:55
2. Anke Erlank (RSA) Saturn Timex at 0:21
3. Lyne Bessette (CAN) Saturn Timex 1:18


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