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March 11/98 9:26 am - East and West Coast News

Posted by Editor on 03/11/98

Trent Time Trial(submitted by Todd Hellinga)

On Saturday March 21, Trent University in Peterborough Ontario will be holding the final event in the Ontario Inter-University Triathalon Association (OITA) series. This event will be a sprint triathalon. While the triathalon itself will only be open to university students, the Trent University Triathalon Club will also be hosting a 5km fun run and also, of particular interest to you cyclists, a 16km time trial. The cost of the events will be $15 each and will include food and entry into the many draw prizes! The time trial, or the run for that matter, would be an excellent way to put your early season training to the test! So come on out and enjoy a great day of racing! Come out and cheer on the triatheletes and then compete in one of the other events! For more information please feel free to contact Gerald McKinley at, he will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have! Hope to see you there!

Cycle BC Notice

Attention: Everyone using for Cycling BC:

We are going to close the iStar account. Please take note of our new addresses; update your online address books, etc.

We would like all correspondents to take advantage of our new mailbox system, which can route your message directly to the person who will deal with your question.

General inquiries (Erica Jenner)

Executive Director (John Wakefield)

Technical Director (Allison Markin)
- Upgrades, organizers, event insurance, etc.

Database Mgr. (Gerry Pareja)
- member/club/team registration, licences, points, results

Coaching Dir. (Peg Hill)
- courses, athlete assistance, etc. ( is also o.k.)

Newsletter (Stacey Lobin)

A further request: If your e-mail address (in the "From:" field) does not name you personally, could you please type your full name, and, as needed, address, licence #, etc., in the body of your message, to allow us to correctly identify you?

Thank you.

Gerry Pareja
Database Mgr., Cycling BC

Burnaby, BC Track League Results (courtesy Chester Lam)

March 4, 1998.

Group A

1. 30-lap scratch
1st - Murray Solem (7:50.53)
2nd - Luis Bernhart
3rd - John Warnock

2. Devil
1st - Murray Solem (13.94)
2nd - Lido Crema
3rd - Chester Lam

3. 40-lap points
1st - John Warnock (17 pts)
2nd - Luis Bernhart (15 pts)
3rd - Murray Solem (13 pts)

Group B

1. 20-lap scratch
1st - David Fayram (5:38.12)
2nd - Chris McKay
3rd - Jamie Davidson

2. Devil
1st - David Fayram (15.28)
2nd - Chris McKay
3rd - Franco Crema

3. 5-lap scratch
1st - David Fayram
2nd - Andre Steinhaussen
3rd - Ken Meyer

Overal Standings:

Group A

1. Murray Solem 24 pts
2 Tim Kilcullen 14 pts
3. Chester Lam 12 pts
4. Randy Cunningham 8 pts
Lido Crema 8 pts
6. Luis Bernhart 6 pts
7. John Warnock 4 pts
Paul Henderson 4 pts
Keith Bruneau 4 pts
Scott Laliberte 4 pts
11.Mark Husken 3 pts
Jim Moore 3 pts
12.Alain Boucher 2 pts

Group B

1. David Fayram 23 pts
2. Paul Manson 11 pts
Chris McKay 11 pts
4. Craig Hanna 6 pts
5. Steve Fleckenstein 5 pts
6. Ken Cunningham 5 pts
7. Ian Manson 3 pts
8. Andre Steinhaussen 2 pts
9. Jamie Davidson 1 pt
Franco Crema 1 pt
Ken Meyer 1 pt

Nova Scotia Mountain Bike Coaching

Technical Level 1

Date: May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

. Time: Friday 7PM-10PM, Saturday 9AM-5PM, Sunday 9AM-3PM

Place: Findlay Community Centre, Elliot Street, Dartmouth

Cost: $25 + $15 Coaching Manual

Instructor: Jerome Brennan

Prerequisite: Must have Coaching Theory Level 1

Pre-Registration Starts 7AM February 20th, 1998.

Call on or after this date and leave your name and phone number on the answering machine. Phone Number (902) 434-7910

Candidates will be received on a First Come - First Served Basis

You may register without having completed Coaching Level 1 Theory but you must have taken it by May 1st to take part in this course. Fees will be collected at the first session (Friday Night). Make a cheque for $40 payable to Bicycle Nova Scotia

For more information on Mountain Bike Coaching in Nova Scotia, contact Steve Parkinson@ (902) 434-7910

Bicycle Nova Scotia Mountain Bike Commissairing Course (Provincial Level)

Date: April 18th and 19th

Time: 9am-4pm Saturday, 1230-5pm Sunday

Place: Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History

Cost: $20

Intstructor: Jim Bratrud, National Level B Commissaire

Prerequisite: A willingness to learn more about the sport of Mountain Biking.

This course is an excellent opportunity for people to learn about the rules and regulations of mountain biking. Parents of younger racers aer encouraged to attend this course so that they may share in the race scene with their children. Past and future race organizers are encouraged to attend so that they may be able to better organize their events.

Pre-Registration: Call (902) 477-1888 and leave your name and number with the automatron that answers. Someone will get back to you to confirm your registration.

The $20 Registration Fee will be collected during the first session. Please bring a cheque for $20 payable to Bicycle Nova Scotia

National Calendar Changes courtesy Lisa Davey

Two things which have changed on the national calendar.  The first is that after some feedback the UCI has decided to move the date the Track World Cup again.  It is scheduled for May 28th-30th.  The second change is in regards to contact information for the "Tour de White Rock".  The e-mail address for that event is


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