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September 6/01 3:59 am - Avenir, Ontario Racing Results, Mississauga Midweek Final, U.S. News

Posted by Editor on 09/6/01

Tour de l'Avenir

Stage 1 - Cosse-le-Vivien to Craon 180 km

1 Alexandre Usov (Blr) Phonak Hearing Systems 4:06:44
2 Nicolas Liboreau (Fra) Bigmat.Auber 93
3 Jean-Patrick Nazon (Fra) La Francaise Des Jeux
4 Aurélien Clerc (Sui) Post Swiss Team
5 David Kupka (Cze) Czech Rep. National Team
6 Giosuè Bonomi (Ita) Team Colpack-Astro
7 Kevin Hulsmans (Bel) Mapei-Quick Step
8 Jehudi Schoonacker (Bel) Vlaanderen-T Interim
9 Graziano Gasparre (Ita) Mapei-Quick Step
10 Samuel Dumoulin (Fra) La Francaise Des Jeux

52 Svein Tuft (Can) Mercury all s.t.


1 Alexandre Usov (Blr) Phonak Hearing Systems 4:06:34
2 Nicolas Liboreau (Fra) Bigmat.Auber 93 at 0:02
3 Jean-Patrick Nazon (Fra) La Francaise Des Jeux 0:03
4 Baden Cooke (Aus) Mercury 0:07
5 J.Miguel Cuenca (Esp) Kelme-Costa Blanca
6 Christophe Edaleine (Fra) Jean Delatour both s.t.
7 Andy Flickinger (Fra) Festina 0:08
8 Graziano Gasparre (Ita) Mapei-Quick Step 0:09
9 Pablo Lastras Garcia (Esp) s.t.
10 Aurélien Clerc (Sui) Post Swiss Team 0:10

55 Svein Tuft (Can) Mercury s.t.

Tour di Via Italia - Windsor, Ontario (September 2)
Courtesy OCA

Junior/U17/U15 Men - 20km
1Mike HouseGo Mart26:10
2Duncan 1:14
3Ryan DeboerMississauga BRC
4Mark Pozniak (U17)St Catharines CC
5Alex Keomany (U15)Ann Arbor Velo
6Tyler Holtzman (U17)St Catharines CC
7Todd ElenzInd.
8Colin McMahonWolverines SC
9Jordan StandevenMaple Leaf CC
10Ian ColeLCW Merrill Lynchall s.t.
11Andy PaukenMaumee Valleyat 1:50
12Michael Berylski (U17)Kelloggs2:13
13John EricksonInd.2:40
14Jordan Stohl (U15)Ann Arbor Veloat -1 lap
15Nathaniel BereMaple Leaf CC-2 laps
16Zack Morris (U15)Hamilton CC-2 laps
17John Zaccone (U15)Ann Arbor Velo-3 laps
18Larry Wu (U15)Ann Arbor Velo-3 laps
19Sam Zaccone (U15)Ann Arbor Velo-3 laps
Sr 3 & Master 30-39 Men - 40km
1Morty BryceD'Ornellas CC48:46
2Robert FernandezTeam M&M's
3Mark CastillouxQueen City
4Doug GoodwinMaple Leaf CC
5Mark GoveiaSt Catharines CC
6Jeff CrzybowskiAkron CC
7Dave GeorgeRapid Wheelmen
8Michael LoiselleMaple Leaf CC
9Ramon VasquezIndiana Flyers
10Chris RiccardiTeam Guinness
11Joe BartelsInd.
12John P. WalterSaturn of Toledo
13Robert MartinInd.
14David KoningADA Bike
15Ed VolcicWolverines SC
16Nick DwyreMaple Leaf CC
17Todd PetersonInd.
18Paul HeirtzlerInd.
19Jeff ChowMaple Leaf CC
20Matt ScottInd. Fabrication
21Brian StepnTeam Guinness
22Brian PuentOhio State Univ.
23Bill MathusApplied Health
24Christopher BoerADA Bike
25Russell JonesSt Catharines CCall s.t.
Master B/C/D 40+ Men - 36km
1Robert FairmanACA Guinness46:31
2Ray DybewskiWolverines SCs.t.
3Fred AndersonMichigan Cyclesportat 0:19
4Aubrey BryceD'Ornellas CC
5Charlie SquiresLCW Merrill Lynch
6Mark St JohnWolverines SC
7Robert AkersWolverines SC
8Rob GoodWaterloo Flying Dogs
9Scott ClaesFlying Rhinos
10Dick BrinkACA Guinness
11Mauro MartiniPavan
12Chris FordWaterloo Flying Dogs
13Joseph BrownFlying Rhinos
14T. SzostopalMaple Leaf CC
15Brad NicolLCW Merrill Lynch
16Karl RossmanBown River
17Cullen WatkinsWolverines SC
18Bernie ClinckiAntoon's Cadieux
19David WojciechowskiAnn Arbor Velo
20Brian SedikAntoon's Cadieux
21Chris TurnerEssex Brass
22Antonio PaoceWolverines SC
23Jim SarksMaumee Valley
24David Lee-SheeHummingbirds CC
25Nathan StohlAnn Arbor Veloall s.t.
Senior Women - 36km
1Kim DavidgeSaturn50:00
2Merrill CollinsWoodbridge Italia
3Susan Palmer-Komarjane Cosmetics
4Julie BoylanInd.
5Joan CuttittaWolverines SC
6Ann TurrinInd.
7Diana MayLCW Merrill Lynch
8Juli van AbbemaAlpine Cyclery
9Lisa PinkemanWolverines SC
10Janel BedardGalyan's
11Betsy O'DayWolverines SC
12Alicia HamiltonAnn Arbor Velo
13Maogosha PyjorInd.
14Danielle YoungInd.
15Courtney BollmanDetrol
16Tricia IngrahamTri-State Velo
17Karen McKeeMaumee Valley
18Jamie WalkerEssex Brass
19Judy KochTrek VW
20Mary DekkerAlpine Cyclery
21Leslie MaesWolverines SC
22Shari HausbeckTrek VW
23Laura PasicznykAnn Arbor Veloall s.t.
Senior 1/2 Men - 90km
1Kirk O'BeeNavigators1:55:20
2Robbie VenturaU.S. Postal Serviceat 0:02
3David WengerMercy Cycling
4Paul MartinGo Mart
5Tim LefebvreSt Catharines CC
6Antoine VargheseAtlas C.S. / Ital Pastaall s.t.
7Andrew Randell7-Up / Colorado Cyclistat 0:04
8Buck MillerSt Catharines CC0:06
9Jeff HansenAtlas C.S. / Ital Pasta0:08
10David FryRNH Racing
11Jim BaldasareGo Mart
12Ryan ZookCityscape
13Kenny LabbeU.S. Postal Service
16Andrew FreyDetrol LA
17Frankie AndreuWolverines SC
18Blair DudleyFord / No Boundaries
19Paul RegoAtlas C.S. / Ital Pasta
20Simon SmallAtlas C.S. / Ital Pasta
21Piers DavidgeMississauga BRC
22Randy DreyerCane Creek
23Mike HouseGo Mart
24Hans LoeffelholzLCW Merrill Lynch
25Bruce RiveraEssex Brass
26David WitteHigher Gear
27George NeumanHelen's Trek VW
28Dave ChernoskyTeam Columbus
29Ken TabaczaInd.
30Todd HagemanAnn Arbor Velo
31Kevin SpeachtGo
32Russ FolgerMusticall s.t.

La Bicicletta Midweek Series
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

Sponsored by: Schwinn Canada, Trillium Foundation,
Event 21, Prestige Final and last event
22 laps of 2.05 km circuit, 45.1 km
Time 1:00:30 (scratch) 44.8 kph

Kevin SpeachtGO1:00:30
Paul RegoItal Pastas.t.
Brent AquinoInds.t.
Ed. MakarchukHRTs.t.
Roy ZucchettoPavan0:10
Joe GiulianoSympaticos.t.
Peter MorseGOs.t.
Craig WebsterInd.s.t.
Barry ReidMaple Leafs.t.
Eric KamekaHRTs.t.

Thanks to Peter Hurley for timing and cones, Tina Mayberry and Roy Zuccetto for first aid, and to Kit for registration.

Final Jacek Wierzbicki Prestige Results after 5 events
Joe GiulianoSympatico1 37 decided on finish order-last race
Craig WebsterInd.MA37
Peter MorseGO135
Barry ReidMaple Leaf129
Heath CockburnSympatico128
Brent AquinoIndMA25
Paul RegoItal Pasta123
Roy ZucchettoPavanMB23
Kevin SpeachtGO121
Don ZuckPavanMB20

Final Series Standings
Peter MorseGO1144
Craig WebsterInd.MA125
Jeff HansenItal Pasta1117
David FryRNH189
Heath CockburnSympatico185
Barry ReidMaple Leaf180
Ed. MakarchukHRTMA76
Paul RegoItal Pasta171
Joe GiulianoSympatico169
Roy ZucchettoPavanMB68
Kevin SpeachtGO163
Mark PolsinelliPavanMB59
Mark ShawIndMB57
Eric KamekaHRT354
Brent AquinoIndMA52
Paul HornakGears252
Don ZuckPavanMB49
Ed. MasetPavanMA48
Mike YbanezRNH145
Shannon HuntRNH243
Darko FickoWoodbridge Italia142
Paul GreeneChain ReactionMA40

1Peter MorseGO14425
2Paul HornakMBRC5032
3Eric KamekaHRT5457
CAD/JUNBrenden HurleyD'Ornellas265
MACraig WebsterInd.12547
MBRoy ZucchettoPavan6827
MC/MDTim PorterInd.127
Tim BuckleyNewmarket Eagles12
WOMENMerrill CollinsWoodbridge Italia329

Total Participants: 211

Awards will be presented the Midweek season wind-up and banquet on October 6th at 6pm. Town & Country Restaurant (NW corner of Dixie and Dundas)

To reserve tickets call 905 271 8300 or e-mail

Mercury Announces Stagiaire

San Francisco, Calif., September 6, 2001 - The Mercury Cycling Team is proud to announce the addition of three new riders who will serve as stagiaires for the remainder of the 2002 racing season. A "stagiaire" in professional cycling is an amateur rider claiming a contract for the following year, but before he gets it or not, he's welcome in a team for a trial period between September 1st until the end of the season (late October). The three new riders to the "green wave" are Ernesto Lechuga, Svein Tuft & Matt Wilson. These three riders joined some of the current professionals on the Mercury Cycling Team last weekend at the GP Ouest-France in Plouay and the Tour of Finistere. The three are also on the start line for the Tour de l'Avenir, the "little brother" of the Tour de France, reserved for Under 26 cyclists.

SVEIN TUFT was born in White Rock (Canada), May 9, 1977 and he still lives in British Columbia. "I started racing two years ago, he said. Before, I had been touring, traveling by bike, and working in a bike shop. That's where I realized how fast the road bikes were. My dad said: "You should try racing". I cracked in the first couple of races and I experienced that you can't always go from the gun and win. Last year, I went with Gord (Fraser, Mercury's legendary captain) for a 190 kilometers break before we got caught, that's where the Canadian national team saw me and invited me to ride the 2000 Tour de l'Avenir, where I learnt more about cycling in ten days than in all the other months I've spent on my bike. I virtually knew nothing about the sport one year ago. This year, I came 14th in the time trial in Le Tour de Langkawi in Malaysia, I won the bronze medal in the Pan-Am Games, also for time trial, and I came 2nd in the Canadian national championship, again for time trial, Eric Wohlberg beat me. I like time trials... and breakaways."

2001 Univest Grand Prix

SOUDERTON, PA (September 6th, 2001)- The final selections for the 2001 Univest Grand Prix bicycle race were announced today, and, while the foreign contingent is stronger than ever, this might be the year that a U.S. rider finally wins the epic 105-mile Elite Men's road race.

"This year's group of domestic entries is by far the best we've ever had here", enthuses race promoter John Eustice of Sparta Cycling. "It's a virtual who's-who of U.S. amateur racing!" Among the teams headed to Souderton are the top three amateur teams in the country:

- Mercy Cycling Team, which includes 2000 U.S. Elite National Road Champion Steven Cate
- Boise Stars, featuring 2001 U.S. Elite National Road Champion Remi McManus
- Broadmark Capital, with New Zealand climbing star Geoffrey Burndred

Other top teams from around the country coming to Souderton include Gomart (with brand-new U.S. Elite Criterium Champion Benjamin Sharp), Kissena (with 1999 Univest winner Alex Lavallee), Saturn Developmental (with 1997 Junior World Champion Viktor Repinski), UPMC/Pittsburgh Cycling (with 2001 U.S. Espoirs National Road Champion Mike Friedman), and Wheelworks/Cannondale (with 2001 Housatonic Valley Classic Points winner Curt Davis).

However, even these elite riders are sure to have their hands full, as the six foreign teams headed to the Univest Grand Prix are the strongest in race history. CATS/Belgium returns with 2000 winner Bert Dewaele and 2001 Belgian Espoirs Champion Tom Boonen leading the way. Alderfer's Auction House/France is sending a squad similar to the one that emerged victorious in the first Univest Grand Prix in 1998. And then there's Yum Yum Bake Shops/Netherlands, an all-star lineup drawn from the top Dutch amateur teams. Add in top Canadian squads Atlas Cold Storage/Ital Pasta and Isotec/TTE, as well as Embassy International/Grange Insurance, an Australian squad that has been lighting it up all along the East Coast this season, and the 2001 Univest Grand Prix men's race looks to be a real battle royal.

And the Elite Women's event is shaping up to be every bit as exciting, as a record 26 teams are going to be competing in the 33-mile Women's circuit race. The top regional teams such as VeriZon Wireless (with 2000 U.S. National Criterium Champion Laura Van Gilder),, Tri-State Velo/Amoroso's, and Wheelworks/Cannondale will pit themselves against such national powers as, Goldy's/Grove Street Place, Procter & Gamble, and Gatorade/Olbas, whose Dede Demet-Barry recently won the Saturn Cycling Classic. For the first time, there will also be several powerful foreign entries: Intersports (including former World Champion Catherine Marsal), and the Canadian Junior Worlds squad.

1. Colorado Altitude Training Systems/Belgium
2. ABC/Tonissteiner
3. Alderfer's Auction House/France
4. Alderfer's Pennsylvania All-Stars
5. Aquafina Cycling Team
6. Atlas Cold Storage/Ital Pasta
7. Beans/Reinhardt Racing Team
8. Bicycle Therapy
9. BiKyle/Main Line Cycling
10. Boise Stars Elite Cycling Team
11. Broadmark Capital Cycling Team
12. Cane Creek/Subaru
13. CCB/Volkswagen
14. CityScape/Higher Gear
15. CRCA/G.S. Mengoni USA
16. Embassy International/Grange Insurance
17. Gomart Cycling Team
18. Grand Performance/Bianchi
19. Ideal Tile/Brielle Cyclery
20. Isotec/TTE
21. Jamba Juice Cycling Team
22. Kissena Cycling Team
23. Lombardi/
24. Mercy Cycling Team
25. Nature Valley Cycling Team
26. Ready Pac/Knapp's
27. Saturn Developmental Cycling Team
28. Schroeder Iron/InCycle
29. Snow Valley Cycling Team
30. Trek/VW/Goodale's
31. UPMC/Pittsburgh Cycling
32. Webcor/Alto Velo
33. Wheelworks/Cannondale
34. Yum Yum Bake Shops/Netherlands
35. Zaxby's Espoirs Team

1. Women's Cycling Team
2. ABRT/Snow Valley
3. Canadian National Team
4. CCB/Volkswagen
5. CRCA Composite Team
6. CRCA/RLX Polo Sport
7. Gatorade/Olbas
8. Genesis Scuba/FFCC
10. Goldy's/Grove Street Place
11. Intersports Cycling Team
13. jane Cosmetics
14. Lateral Stress Velo/Trek/VW
16. North East Bicycle Club/Cycle Loft
18. Procter & Gamble/Women's Health
19. Talgoamerica Cycling Team
20. Team Fuji
22. Trek/Volkswagen Midwest
22. TREK Women's Cycling Team
23. Tri-State Velo/Amoroso's
24. VeriZon Wireless Cycling Team
26. Wheelworks/Independent Fabrication


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