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March 12/98 22:33 pm - Ontario Kermesse, Classifieds

Posted by Editor on 03/12/98


A Belgian Style race in Canada's Belgian Tobacco and Ginseng Farm Lands

April 4th and 5th 1998

Details and Schedule

Race H.Q: Wind-Del Community Park, Windham Centre, Delhi. See directions.
Entry Fee: $25 for all 3 stages or $10 per stage
Saturday 4th April, 1998 Circuit Road Race (Kermesse)
1p.m. and 3.30p.m.
Group A 70km.
Group B 44km.
Registration 12 noon to 3.15p.m at Race H.Q
Sunday 5th April, 1998 9km Individual Time Trial
10.00a.m. both groups
Sign-On 8.00a.m. to 9.45a.m at Race H.Q
Sunday 5th April, 1998 Circuit Road Race (Kermesse)
1p.m. and 3.15p.m.
Group A 67km
Group B 39km
Sign-On 10.30a.m. to Race H.Q

1. The event has been granted a Citizen's sanction by the OCA. It is, therefore open to both Licensed and Unlicensed riders.
2. All Senior Category Men 1, 2 and 3 plus Veteran A men must ride the Group A race. All other categories will ride the Group B race. Riders can request to ride with Group A from Group B but riders from Group A cannot request to ride down to Group B. There may be some subjectivity with new riders at the organizer's discretion.
3. This is a points race with the overall being determined by points. These points will be given to the top 10 in each stage 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, regardless of category.
4. If riders opt not to compete in all the stages, they will not qualify for points and any points they might have accrued will be dropped from the standings.
5. Prizes will be given (merchandise and cash according to rider support) to the overall standings only and will be announced at sign in. There will be no stage prizes.
6. The Group A event will be the first event of each stage.
7. The judges decision shall be final.
8. Prize Presentations will be made after Stage 3 at the Wind-Del Community Park as soon as possible after the finish of the Group B race.
9. Take a look at the only track in Eastern Canada while you are there. Plan to give it a try this summer.
10. There is no guarantee that Service Vehicles will accompany the race.
11. This is event is subject to necessary approvals being received from local municipalities etc.

COURSE INFORMATION Stage 1 - Start at the entrance to Wind-Del Community Park and turn right onto RR #25, cross the tracks and turn right onto RR #9 at the T Junction. Turn left at the Windham Centre General Store to start circuit. The race will be neutralized to this point. Proceed along RR #25 to Windham Road #7 and turn right. Proceed approx. 2 kms to Windham Road 1/4 Line East and turn right (CAUTION). Continue along 1/4 Line East and turn right onto RR #9 (CAUTION). Proceed along #9 to complete circuit at Windham Centre where right onto RR #25 (approx. 8.7kms). On the last lap finish on #9 at Windham Centre. Group A complete 7 laps and finish at the end of the 8th. Group B complete 4 laps and finish at the end of the 5th. Stage 2 - Start close to the entrance of Wind-Del Community Park and proceed south on RR #25 for approx. 4.6kms. (Barn with bright green doors), turn and return, finishing at the Park boundary (denoted by a fence) Approx. 9kms. Stage 3 - Start at the entrance to Wind-Del Community Park and turn right onto RR #25, cross the tracks, turn right onto RR #9 at the T Junction and left onto RR #25 at the Windham Centre General Store. The race will be neutralized up to this point. Proceed on RR #25 to Windham Road #7 to start the circuit. (2.5kms) Continue on RR #25 to RR #4 where right (CAUTION), proceed to Windham Road #6 which is a fork. Take the right fork (CAUTION - BAD PAVEMENT ON #6) and proceed to Windham East 1/4Line Road (CAUTION), turn right at Windham Road #7 (CAUTION) and proceed to RR #25 to complete circuit (approx. 9kms) On the last lap, finish on #7 at the Waste Pit. Group A complete 6 laps and finish at the end of the 7th. Group B complete 3 laps and finish at the end of the 4th. This event is held under the rules and regulations of the Ontario Cycling Association. There are a number of STOP signs on the course. Every effort will be made to marshall these properly. However, riders must be continually mindful that they are competing on open roads. Directions to Wind-Del Community Park from Toronto Take QEW and 403 through Hamilton to the top of Hamilton Mountain at Ancaster. Leave Hwy 403 and join Hwy #2 toward Brantford. At Brant Road #18, turn left (you will see the Pancake House straight ahead on Hwy #2 and you turn just before that). Follow Brant Road #18 for 8kms to Brant County Road #4 and turn left. Keep on #4 for about 11 kms. and cross Brant County Road #24 at Oakland. Continue to Scotland to the junction of Hwy. #24 after 3kms. Turn left onto Hwy #24 and immediately right at the fork onto Brant County Road #4. Continue for 6.5kms through Vanessa and then another 5kms. to Haldimand Norfolk Road #25. Turn left and proceed for 5kms to Windham Centre. At the T junction, turn right onto RR #9. Take the first left back onto #25, cross the railway tracks and Wind-Del Community Park is on the left hand side.


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