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September 24/01 11:19 am - Quebec, Saskatchewan, Fraser Third, Bermuda

Posted by Editor on 09/24/01

Gentlemen Race 2001 - Quebec
Courtesy Michel Bourgault

Results of the Gentlemen Race for 2001. The Gentlemen is now the oldest race in QC and consists of a team time trial. The team must be composed of a Master rider combined with a rider coming from a different category that must be younger than the Master rider. The time of the Master counts for the team.

51Daniel KruijenIndependant1:12:1137.4Km/h
52Alice LesterVCOM
48François BeaucheminVCOM1:12:1237.39km/h
50Isabelle CroteauVCOM
60Amy TratchIndépendante1:21:3933.06km/h
61Marc SéguinIndépendant
42Laurence LerouxEspoirs LavalDNFHors Concours
43Richard LussierIndépendant
GENTLEMEN 2001/ CAT.Père ou Mère/Fils ou Fille,
76François NadeauIndépendant1:10:5738.05km/h
77Alexandre NadeauIndépendant
21Bernard VivesEspoirs Laval1:11:5037.58km/h
22Charly VivesEspoirs Laval
27Yves NadeauEspoirs Laval1:12:0237.48km/h
29Xavier NadeauEspoirs Laval
1David RoyEspoirs Laval1:12:2437.29km/h
2Robert RoyEspoirs Laval
5Pierre LacasseEspoirs Laval1:24:4731.84km/h
6Martine LacasseEspoirs Laval
23Jean-Louis RichardIndépendant1:25:1631.66km/h
24Nicolas RichardEspoirs Laval
38Didier LegallMartin Swiss1:26:5131.08km/h
39Jean-Pierre LegallIndépendant
18Isabelle VivesEspoirs Laval1:51:0324.31km/h
19Caroline VivesEspoirs Laval
GENTLEMEN 2001/ Maîtres C-D
36John PhillipsonVCOM1:04:5241.62km/h
37Brandon SantVCOM
63Herbert NebbsVCOM1:09:1039.03km/h
64Gilles ForguesVCOM
10Eric KnitelIndépendant1:10:0438.56km/h
11Michel BrazeauIndépendant
34Vincent RichardPerformance1:10:2138.37km/h
35Gilbert AntiBrossard
65René KoskoCyclo Sprint1:19:5433.79km/h
66Réal RenéIndépendant
12Giuseppe BaldassareIndépendant1:16:5935.07km/h
13Marco PiccoliIndépendant
78Joe CappadocciaElio Pizzeria1:30:4329.76km/h
79Gilbert BessinBernard Hinault
GENTLEMEN 2001/ CAT.Maîtres B
14Luc GriséIndépendant1:05:1241.41km/h
17Luc MorinIndépendant
70Pierre C. LacoosteMedico Sportif1:05:1941.33km/h
71Philippe Viau-DupuisAndré Lalonde
46Daniel QuanceMartin Swiss1:05:2641.26km/h
47Brian JonesMartin Swiss
40Allan WilmsCyclones Granby1:06:4140.48km/h
41Gabriel BlainIndépendant
32David MayVCOM1:07:5739.73km/h
33Alain LangloisVCOM
7Alain CaronMartin Swiss1:08:5939.13km/h
9Sylvestre ChampagneAd-Opt
56Denis ManthaVCOM1:09:1438.99km/h
57Graham ScottIndépendant
30François MartelIndépendant1:11:4037.67km/h
32Charles MartelIndépendant
GENTLEMEN 2001/ CAT.Maîtres A
72David LandryMartin Swiss1:03:4542.35km/h*
73Laurent GarzonMartin Swiss
74Vincent CaronAndré Lalonde1:06:1240.78km/h*
75Philippe Viau-DupuisAndré Lalonde
44Maxime VivesEspoirs Laval1:06:1840.72km/h
45Martin PrudhommeAndré Lalonde
25Marco NurchiIndépendant1:08:0039.70km/h
26Mathieu FagnanIndépendant
68Vasko NicolovMedico Sportif1:09:2138.93km/h
69André BretonHaut-Richelieu
58Jim WatkinsVCOM1:10:3138.28km/h
59Mario IannuciVCOM
53Luc MajorIndépendant1:11:0138.01km/h
55Alexandre OdulinskiIndépendant

*Equipes Hors Concours ne répondant pas aux critères de participation.

Saskatchewan Cyclo-Cross
Courtesy Denise Eberle - SCA

September 22, 2001 - Regina

9 Laps
1 Shawn Bunnin Saskatoon 0:55:54
2 Robin Baillie Saskatoon 0:57:03
3 Bob Hawboldt Saskatoon 0:59:50
4 Brad Kerr Regina 1:02:16
5 Andy Reed Regina 1:02:23
6 Joey Brassard Regina 1:02:30
7 Mike McIntyre Regina 1:02:41
8 Chris Yeo Saskatoon 1:05:48
9 Neil Clarke Saskatoon 1:06:26
10 Brent Caron Regina 1:06:53
11 Bill Kinash Regina 1:09:31
12 Jim Reid Saskatoon 1:09:46
13 Kevin Woodard Regina 1:10:15
14 Said Rebhrae Regina 1:20:55
15 Brenda Reid Saskatoon 1:21:27
16 Carl Bunnin Saskatoon 1:22:25
17 Eric Larson Regina 1:13:33
dnf Michael Willfong Regina

5 laps
1 Darcy Tyler Regina 0:36:22
2 Kevin Sutton Saskatoon 0:38:26
3 Erica Musyj Saskatoon 0:43:12
4 Susan Bladyko Regina 0:43:45
5 Kenneth Kobay Regina 0:45:30
6 Andria Bunnin Saskatoon 0:47:55
7 Sharon Bunnin Saskatoon 0:53:36
8 Daniel Klerr Lumsden 0:55:49
9 Susan Clarke Saskatoon 1:03:03

Ontario University Cup Race #1

The Mountain Bike Race Series For Canada's University Students

Race site: Mansfield Outdoor Centre, Mansfield Ontario

Men's "A" - Expert

1. Walt Bayless University of Toronto
2. Timur Maltaric University of Toronto
3. Duane Epp Queen's University

Woman's "A" - Expert

1. Danelle Kabush University of Ottawa
2. Celine Foreht University of Toronto
3. Allison Lampi University of Ottawa

Men's "B" - Beginner

1. Ian Carswell University of Toronto
2. Michelle Vieira Queen's University
3. Wes Eby University of Waterloo

Woman's "B" - Beginner

1. Carrie Cartmill University of Toronto
2. Carla Nanka-Bruce Queen's University
3. Amanda Leigh-Cox University of Toronto

Full results on OUMRC link:

Next Race: Sun, Sept 30 @ Hardwood Hills, Barrie Ontario

David Wright
Chairperson - Ontario University Mountain Bike Race Council

Mercury Cycling Classic of Irvine
Courtesy John Alsedek

Irvine, California (September 23rd, 2001) - Prime Alliance's Jonas Carney and Jenny Eyerman of Jane Cosmetics took advantage of golden opportunities to win the Mercury Cycling Classic of Irvine. With the Saturn Cycling Team virtually absent from both the Men's and Women's events, it opened the door for the duo to pick up the biggest victories of the season for their respective teams, and led to some highly exciting race action in the process.

The inaugural Mercury Cycling Classic of Irvine featured all the ingredients necessary to make it an immediate success: great weather, enthusiastic crowds, and, of course, a venue worthy of a Pro Cycling Tour event. Held on a 1.5-mile loop at the Irvine Spectrum- one of the most popular shopping areas in Orange County, attracting 35,000 visitors a day - with the Start/Finish area located in front of Mercury's newly-opened International Headquarters, the race course included nine turns and an out-and-back section each lap.

In the 90-minute Men's race, Pro Cycling Tour leader Trent Klasna was the only member of the Saturn team in attendance. However, that didn't mean that there was a lack of horsepower in the field, as such domestic powerhouses as Navigators, 7 UP/Colorado Cyclist, and 'hometown hero' Mercury had full squads in the 125-man starting field. The action started almost from the gun, as another 'hometown hero', Jaime Paolinetti (NetZero) spearheaded an early attack that looked dangerous- until the field got serious. From that point on, no one was able to get more than a few seconds up, as each team looked to its sprinters to bring home the victory. With one lap to go, it looked like Mercury was in control, as its train was going full tilt. But things didn't quite work out that way: designated sprinter Gord Fraser ended up leading it out too early, setting the table for Prime Alliance's Carney- when properly motivated, one of North America's fastest men- to come around in the last 50 meters, with 7 UP/Colorado Cyclist's Kevin Monahan also getting by Fraser to take second. Fraser came across the line third, followed by teammate Derek Bouchard-Hall and Navigator's Siro Camponogara. Afterwards, Carney was quick to thank his teammates for his victory - including new Prime Alliance recruit Chris Horner, formerly of Mercury: "They were just raging out there. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to break into the Mercury train, but Chris and the guys made sure I was in position, and I just took it from there. It's great to pick up a win like this, in front of this many people. Thanks, Irvine!"

The absence of Saturn was felt more strongly in the Women's event, given the way that the women in yellow have dominated the 2001 Pro Cycling Tour from the very beginning. While the field wasn't quite as strong as usual, the racing was far more open, as there was no clearcut favorite for victory. The smart money was riding on the upstart Procter & Gamble squad- coming off a strong second in the San Rafael Grand Prix- to move one step further up on the podium. However, with no breakaway attempt gaining more than a few seconds before being reeled back in, it came down to a group sprint- which meant it was anyone's race. While Procter & Gamble did a good job of setting up team sprinter Joanne Kiesanowski, the young New Zealander, still recovering from a recent crash, wasn't quite able to hold off the 25-year old Eyerman. Eyerman, the 1999 Collegiate National Criterium Champion, was almost in tears after the finish, as she celebrated the biggest victory of her four-year racing career: "I don't know what to say! I've come close in a couple of big races this year, but to win a Pro Cycling Tour's just awesome! I'd like to thank my sponsor, Jane Cosmetics, for making it possible- they've been a great benefactor to women's cycling." Temecula native Sarah Hammer (Zero Wait) was third, with Pam Schuster ( and Theresa Nugent (South Bay Wheelmen) taking fourth and fifth.

There were no changes in the overall Pro Cycling Tour standings, as Men's leader Trent Klasna (Saturn) and Women's leader Anna Millward (Saturn) both retained their orange hats of series leadership. The 2001 Pro Cycling Tour concludes on October 22nd with the Miami Cycling Classic in Miami, Florida.

Men's Results
1. Jonas Carney (USA) Prime Alliance
2. Kevin Monahan (USA) 7 UP/Colorado Cyclist
3. Gord Fraser (CAN) Mercury
4. Derek Bouchard-Hall (USA) Mercury
5. Siro Camponogara (ITA) Navigators

Women's Results
1. Jenny Eyerman (USA) jane Cosmetics
2. Joanne Kiesanowski (NZL) Procter & Gamble
3. Sarah Hammer (USA) Zero Wait
4. Pam Schuster (USA)
5. Theresa Nugent (USA) South Bay Wheelmen

Humberto vole la vedette au Tour cycliste des Bermudes
Courtesy Mathieu Laberge - l'équipe Volkswagen - Les Ailes

Bermudes - 23 septembre 2001 - Dimanche, la tempête tropicale Humberto qui sévit au nord-est des Caraïbes, a été la grande vedette de la dernière journée du Tour cycliste des Bermudes. Alors qu'un critérium de 60 minutes devait être présenté, les organisateurs ont été contraints de réduire l' épreuve à 45 minutes. La chaussée rendue glissante par les fortes pluies, ainsi que les vents qui s'abattaient sur l'archipel des Bermudes, ont fait en sorte que les officiels ont décidé que l'épreuve ne compterait pas au classement général.

"Disons que les coureurs étaient plus ou moins motivés pour prendre part à la course", a indiqué Alexandre Cloutier de l'équipe Volkswagen - Les Ailes. "Les premiers tours ont été assez lents. Un coureur est parti en échappée et lorsqu'il a pris un tour d'avance sur le peloton, plusieurs cyclistes l'ont réprimandé car il y avait eu une entente comme quoi tout le monde allait prendre ça mollo."

Dépourvue d'un enjeu véritable, Cloutier a tout de même pris le septième rang de l'épreuve.

"Je suis satisfait de mon tour, même si je n'étais pas au sommet de ma forme", a indiqué le cycliste de Ste-Foy, qui participera à une dernière course sur piste en Europe au cours des prochaines semaines.

"Je m'en suis bien tiré", a pour sa part expliqué Martin Nuckle. "Le critérium de vendredi soir était très rapide et d'avoir pu tenir le coup dans cette épreuve est ma plus grande satisfaction du tour."

Samedi, sur un parcours de 94 kilomètres, les cyclistes de Volkswagen - Les Ailes (Martin Nuckle, Alexandre Cloutier, Martin St-Laurent et Pascal Choquette) ont respectivement terminé 14e, 24e, 38e et 45e. Tyler Hamilton (US Postal) avait devancé au sprint le Canadien Eric Wohlberg pour lui soutirer la victoire.

Au classement général final, Eric Wohlberg (Saturn) termine au premier rang, suivi des Américians Tyler Hamilton et Matt DeCanio, coéquipier du vainqueur. Pour sa part, Cloutier termine huitième, tandis que ses coéquipiers Nuckle, St-Laurent et Choquette obtiennent la même place que celle obtenue à l'étape de samedi.


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