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September 30/01 7:21 am - Track Worlds Day 5, Jeanson Interview, NY 'Cross

Posted by Editor on 09/30/01

Track Worlds - Antwerp, Belgium

Day 5

Men's 60 km Madison

1 France 5 points
2 Spain 10 (-1 lap)
3 Argentina 9 (-1 lap)
4 Switzerland 28 (-2 laps)
5 Australia 24 (-2 laps)
6 Netherlands 17 (-2 laps)
7 Austria 13 (-2 laps)
8 Belgium 12 (-2 laps)
9 Colombia 9 (-2 laps)
10 Slovakia 2 (-2 laps)
11 Italy 2 (-2 laps)
12 Ukraine 1 (-2 laps)
13 Denmark 0 (-2 laps)
14 USA 0 (-2 laps)
15 Germany 8 (-3 laps)
16 New Zealand 1 (-3 laps)
17 Kazakstan 0 (-3 laps)
DNF Russia

Men's Keirin


Heat 1
1 Jens Fiedler (Ger) 10.948
2 Laurent Gane (Fra)
3 David Cabrero Buenache (Esp)
4 Yuji Yamada (Jpn)
5 Craig Mclean (GBR)
6 Jean-Pierre Van Zyl (RSA)
7 Ryan Bayley (Aus)

Heat 2
1 Pavel Buran (Cze) 11.509
2 Florian Rousseau (Fra)
3 Nobukatsu Takagi (Jpn)
4 Viesturs Berzins (Lat)
5 Barry Forde (Bar)
6 Steen Madsen (Can)
7 Jaroslav Jerabek (Svk)

Heat 3
1 Grzegorz Krejner (Pol) 11.359
2 Ainars Kiksis (Lat)
3 Garth Blackburn (USA)
4 Theo Bos (Ned)
5 Athanasios Mantzouranis (Gre)
6 Andrei Vynokurov (Ukr)
7 Serguei Borissov (Rus)

Heat 4
1 Jobie Dajka (Aus) 10.938
2 Lazaros Skoubas (Gre)
3 Jan Van Eijden (Ger)
4 Roberto Chiappa (Ita)
5 Martial Heer (Sui)
6 Toshiaka Fushimi (Jpn)
7 Dean Edwards (RSA)
8 Jeffrey Labauve (USA)

Keirin Repechage

Heat 1
1 Andrei Vynokurov (Ukr) 10.797
2 Steen Madsen (Can)
3 Dean Edwards (RSA)
4 David Cabrero Buenache (Esp)
5 Martial Heer (Sui)

Heat 2
1 Roberto Chiappa (Ita) 11.211
2 Jaroslav Jerabek (Svk)
3 Jeffrey Labauve (USA)
4 Craig Mclean (GBR)
5 Athanasios Mantzouranis (Gre)
DNF Nobukatsu Takagi (Jpn)

Heat 3
1 Viesturs Berzins (Lat) 10.970
2 Yuji Yamada (Jpn)
3 Serguei Borissov (Rus)
4 Garth Blackburn (USA)
5 Jean-Pierre Van Zyl (RSA)

Heat 4
1 Ryan Bayley (Aus) 11.614
2 Barry Forde (Bar)
3 Theo Bos (Ned)
DSQ Toshiaka Fushimi (Jpn)
DNS Jan Van Eijden (Ger)

Keirin Semi-Finals

Heat 1
1 Florian Rousseau (Fra) 11.035
2 Jens Fiedler (Ger)
3 Jobie Dajka (Aus)
4 Roberto Chiappa (Ita)
5 Ainars Kiksis (Lat)
6 Andrei Vynokurov (Ukr)

Heat 2
1 Ryan Bayley (Aus) 10.779
2 Pavel Buran (Cze)
3 Laurent Gane (Fra)
4 Lazaros Skoubas (Gre)
5 Viesturs Berzins (Lat)
6 Grzegorz Krejner (Pol)

Ride Off for 7th - 12th

1 Roberto Chiappa (Ita) 11.282
2 Andrei Vynokurov (Ukr)
3 Grzegorz Krejner (Pol)
4 Viesturs Berzins (Lat)
5 Lazaros Skoubas (Gre)
6 Ainars Kiksis (Lat)

1 Ryan Bayley (Aus) 11.030
2 Laurent Gane (Fra)
3 Jens Fiedler (Ger)
4 Pavel Buran (Cze)
5 Florian Rousseau (Fra)
DSQ Jobie Dajka (Aus)

Women's Points Race (24 km)

1 Olga Slioussareva (Rus) 21 points
2 Katherine Bates (Aus) 14
3 Belem Guerrero Mendez (Mex) 5
4 Teodora Ruano Sanchon (Esp) 3
5 Leontien Zijlaard Van Moorsel (Ned) 14 (-1 lap)
6 Erin Mirabella (USA) 12 (-1 lap)
7 Szilvia Szabolcsi (Hun) 10 (-1 lap)
8 Mandy Poitras (Can) 9 (-1 lap)
9 Evy Van Damme (Bel) 7 (-1 lap)
10 Lyudmyla Vypyraylo (Ukr) 5 (-1 lap)
11 Monika Tyburska (Pol) 5 (-1 lap)
12 Luisa Maria Calle (Col) 5 (-1 lap)
13 Anke Wichmann (Ger) 4 (-1 lap)
14 Vera Carrara (Ita) 4 (-1 lap)
15 Edita Kubelskiene (Ltu) 3 (-1 lap)
16 Eleftheria Ellinikaki (Gre) 0 (-1 lap)
DNF Juliette Vandekerckhove (Fra)

Genevieve Jeanson Interview

After we received confirmation that Genevieve Jeanson would not been attending the Road Worlds due to tendinitis, we were able to set up a brief telephone interview with her, from her home in Lachine, Quebec.

While the first the cycling community heard about Jeanson's injury was when she pulled out of the GP Feminin at the end of August (see Daily News, August 25/01 3:30 pm posting), the injury has it's roots back in the pre-season.

"It was a gradual thing. Even in March my tendon would get sore, but it would go away. I was training much more this year, so I thought it was just from all the extra work I was doing."

The cause was simple: new pedals.

"I changed pedals this year - to Time from Look. Something about the new ones is not good with my pedalling style and put stress on my leg. We spoke to Dr Andy Pruitt in Colorado and he said that he had seen this sort of thing happen before. So, I am going back to my old pedals for next year."

Originally, the expectation was that with a few weeks off the bike Jeanson would be able to resume training and racing, but it turned out to be more serious than expected.

"It has not been going well. I didn't stop training, I just didn't do any biking. I was running, doing weights, rollerblading - so I was in good shape. Then after 2 weeks I started biking again, but not pushing. It was last week that I was testing (my leg) by going hard, and it came back right away.

I am very disappointed, because I knew that this year I had a very good chance in Lisbon. The course is very hard, with lots of climbing and was good for me. I could have tried, but the injury could have (become) much worse. It is more important to think of the future than just 1 year."

Despite the disappointment, Jeanson still calls the season a success.

"It has been a good season for me. I raced more than in earlier years, and I learned a lot. It was good. With the team (Team Rona) it was awesome. I had fun with the girls, and for sure next year (we) will have a team."

For now, the plan is rehabilitation and planning for next year.

"Maybe next year a big Tour like l'Aude, but we have to sit down and look at the program. The plan right now is no bike for 4 weeks, but I can keep training in other ways. After the new year I will go down south again, it is the best for training."

New York State Cyclo-cross Series
Courtesy John Roden

For those in the east looking for more cyclo-cross action, check out the calendar at


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