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October 24/01 6:01 am - BC Provincial Cyclocross Championships: Results and Photos

Posted by Editoress on 10/24/01

British Columbia Cyclocross Championships
Courtesy Robert Major

Women's Race
Selena Lawrie lead from the start and didn't look back, setting a fast pace and putting over half a lap on the rest of the field.

Men's Race
In the men's race Andreas Hestler paced himself for the first few laps, just steps behind Andrew Kyle, with Dan McDonald seconds behind both Andreas and Andrew. Andreas made his move in the third lap passing Andrew and pulling away steadily for the win. With two laps to go it seemed as if Andrew Kyle had second place locked up, but with a late charge by Dan McDonald, Dan passed Andrew taking second and Andrew placing third.

A Men's "A" race was also held for those with mountain bikes, or those who didn't want to race the Provincials.

   Elite Men    55 minutes + 1 lap
       1        Andreas Hestler-Provincial Champion     North Vancouver
       2        Dan MacDonald                           Victoria
       3        Andrew Kyle                             Vancouver
       4        Rick Rodland                            Surrey
       5        Seth Wells                              North Vancouver
       6        Jay Murray                              Vancouver
       7        Chris Hale                              Seattle
       8        Patrick Love                            Vancouver
       9        David Krattli                           Seattle
       10       Jamie Kornell                           Vancouver
       11       Ben Sigston                             North Vancouver
       12       Chris Reid                              Victoria
       13       Paul Beard                              Vancouver
       14       Steve Cork                              Seattle
       15       David Tara                              Burnaby
       16       Brad Collins (DNF)                      North Vancouver
       17       Troy Woodburn (DNF)                     Victoria
       18       Craig Walsh (DNF)                       West Vancouver

  Elite Women   55 minutes + 1 lap
       1        Selena Lawrie - Provincial Champion     North Vancouver
       2        Kelly Jones                             North Vancouver
       3        Meghan Cressman                         Vancouver
       4        Lisa Tasa                               North Vancouver

     A Men      55 minutes + 1 lap
       1        Danilo Caron                            Vancouver
       2        Patrick Jones                           Vancouver
       3        Bart Alderson                           North Vancouver
       4        Marlon Tang                             Vancouver
       5        Peter Bant                              West Vancouver
       6        Vince Lee                               North Vancouver
       7        Trevor Bant                             West Vancouver

Photos, by and courtesy of Robert Major

Andreas Hestler

Andrew Kyle and Andreas Hestler

Selena Lawrie

Meghan Cressman


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