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March 15/98 23:59 pm - Sydor Wins Cactus, Green Takes Hawaii Final

Posted by Editor on 03/15/98

Cactus Cup Final

Alison Sydor made it 4-for-4 with a win in today‚s cross-country, however, Lesley Tomlinson dropped from 2nd to 3rd in GC after an early race crash caused her to lose too much time to eventual 2nd placer Alla Epifanova. Melanie McQuaid was 7th in the stage (8th overall) and Sue Palmer 10th (9th overall). In the men‚s race, Bart Brentjens won for his sponsor (and race organizer) Specialized, but Andreas Hestler managed to hang onto 4th (3rd in the stage), while Chris Sheppard moved up to 8th in the overall standings after an fine effort that saw him finish 7th in the stage.


1. Alison Sydor CAN Volvo-Cannondale 2:12:54
2. Alla Epifanova RUS Volvo-Cannondale at 4:39
3. Madeleine Lindberg SWE Team Crescent 5:20
4. Lesley Tomlinson CAN Polo Sport 5:22
5. Annabella Stropparo ITA Volvo-Cannondale 6:08
7. Melanie McQuaid CAN Rocky Mountain 7:04
10. Sue Palmer CAN Haro 10:49

Final GC

1. Sydor 1:05:40
2. Epifanova at 7:19
3. Tomlinson 7:37
4. Lindberg 7:48
5. Hearn 10:17

8. McQuaid 12:47
9. Palmer 14:33


1. Paul Rowney AUS Haro 1:52:01
2. Bart Brentjens NED Mountain Dew-Specialized s.t.
3. Andreas Hestler CAN Volvo-Cannondale at 0:01
4. Filip Meirhaege BEL Mountain Dew-Specialized s.t.
5. Johan Malmsten SWE Team Stevens 0:04

7. Chris Sheppard CAN Catera-Pure Energy 0:39

Final GC

1. Brentjens 2:56:12
2. Malmsten at 0:08
3. Meirhaege 0:14
4. Hestler 0:18
5. Rowney 0:44

8. Sheppard 2:32

Hawaii Final

Roland Green took his second stage win today in Hawaii by pulling away from eventual overall winner Jerome Chiotti in the last of 6 laps. Our correspondent Chris Redden of Team Schwinn Canada says that Green and Chiotti dropped the field early on, and battled it out for most of the race before Roland was able to pull away. David baker finished third in the stage. Chiotti maintained his GC lead, with green finishing up 2nd, and Andreas Brenes 3rd.

In the women‚s race, it started out as a similar duel between caroline Alexander and Alison Dunlap, until both crashed on one of the technical descents on the circuit. Alexander was shaken up badly enough to retire from the race, but Dunlapquickly remounted and continued to pull away from chasers Chrissy Redden and race leader Tammy Jacques. Dunlap made up enough time to take the overall victory, with Jacques‚ 2nd place and Redden‚s 3rd mirroring their respective final overall standings. We hope to have more results for you tomorrow.


1. Roland Green CAN Kona
2. Jerome Chiotti FRA GT
3. David Baker GBR GT

Final GC

1. Chiotti
2. Green
3. Andreas Brenes CRC Ritchey


1. Alison Dunlap USA GT
2. Tammy Jacques USA Schwinn
3. Chrissy Redden CAN Ritchey

Final GC - same


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