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October 29/01 9:30 am - Ontario Cyclo-cross: Announcement & Series Standings, Birthdays

Posted by Editoress on 10/29/01

Repeat post from - October 15/01 12:10pm EDT - Ontario Cyclocross Update

Ontario Cyclocross Update

Peter McCaffery

Due to "environmental sensitivity" concerns, the city of Toronto is not allowing any more sporting events at West Deane Park. Therefore, the Midweek Club's November 4th. cyclo-cross will now be held at Centennial Park. Times and categories stay as before: master b/c/d, women, juniors and cadets at 11am, master a and senior men, 12.30pm. Watch for confirmation of November 17th event in same location.

Southern Ontario Cyclo-cross Series
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

Standings to October 29th

Women              Club/Sponsor                  PointsBrzezicki, Barb    Ind.              W                42Natterer, Prisca   True North        W                24Laglar, Anita      Brampton CC       W                22Hall, Carolyne     Ind.              W                20Turrin, Ann        Ind.              W                12Chmielenski, Catharine               W                 7Coney, Ingrid      Newmarket         W                 7Sharpe, Lisa       Ind.              W                 7Stames, Rebecca                      W                 5Greene, Leslie     Team GT           W                 0Senior Men         Club/Sponsor                  PointsCroutch, Andrew    True North        S                48Morse, Peter       GO                S                26Dennis, Michael    Gears Racing      S                18Hickman, Andrew    Gears Racing      S                18Dignam, Neil       Ziggy's           S                15Hall, Josh         True North        S                10Paton, Chris       Gears Racing      S                10Roden, John                          S                10Reain, Greg        Gears Racing      S                 8Weber, Jeff        Gears Racing      S                 8Dermont, Dave      Chain Reaction    S/MA              7Luther, Michael                      S                 7Campbell, Colin                      S                 6Humphrey, Neil     Waterloo F.D.     S                 5Skinner, Tom                         S                 5Chown, Nathan      St. Catharines    S                 4Coughlin, David                      S                 4Hartway, Richard                     S                 4Ullrich, Wes       Nesca Cycling     S                 4Anderson, Lorne    Ind.              S                 3Ayson, Ben         MBRC              S                 3Gander, Sean       True North        S                 3Dorfman, Scott                       S                 1Hansen, Jeff       Ital Pasta        S                 1Poland, John                         S                 1Raffique, Daniel   Century RC (USA)  S                 1Rodman, Jay        Ind.              S                 1Mann, Robert       KHS               S                 0Pollard, Rod       Cyclepath OakvilleS                 0Master BCD Men     Club/Sponsor                  PointsSkinner, Paul      Bay Cycle         MBCD             29Laycock, Glen      Ind.              MBCD             24Cheskey, Rob       Hamilton CC       MBCD             20Brenton, Elmore    Newmarket         MBCD             16Perrin, Pierre     Brampton CC       MBCD             15Avann, Gord        Newmarket Eagles  MBCD             13Spencer, Ron       Team Hardwood     MBCD             13Smith, Don         St. Kits CC       MBCD             11Brown, Randy       Hamilton CC       MBCD             10Clarke, Gord       Newmarket Eagles  MBCD             10Pollock, Laurence                    MBCD             10Galbraith, Robert  Bicycle Works     MBCD              6Avann, Doug        Caledon CC        MBCD              5Perry, Don         Newmarket Eagles  MBCD              5Hiopper, Mark      Newmarket Eagles  MBCD              4Garrard, Gerry     Bicycles Plus     MBCD              3Newman, Peter      Brampton CC       MBCD              3Morrow, Frank      Hamilton CC       MBCD              1Master A Men       Club/Sponsor                  PointsDermont, Dave      Chain Reaction    MA               34Pederson, Brian    Waterloo F.D.     MA               32Kalinowski, John   Chain Reaction    MA               31Merchant, Rodney   Dukes             MA               22Starke, Ian        Ind.              MA               17Knapp, Howard      Uxbridge Wheelers MA               12Doel, Scott        KHS               MA               11Kiziak, Chris      HRT               MA                9Moo Choy, Nigel    Ind.              MA                7Redden, Chris      Ind.              MA                6Hunter, Mark       Caledon CC        MA                5Salter, Dan                          MA                5Cavanagh, Greg     Cyclepath OakvilleMA                4McPail, Don        Festival CC       MA                4Priebe, Brian      Waterloo F.D.     MA                4Skeltcher, JonathanFitFix            MA                4Yeates, Chris                        MA                4Frank, David       Oakridges         MA                3Sanna, Alex        Waterloo F.D.     MA                2Schouten, Peter                      MA                2Buschlen, Scott    Brampton CC       MA                0Kelly, Scott       Ziggy's           J/C              11Junior/Cadet Men   Club/Sponsor                  PointsEades, Brad        Rocky Mountain    J/C              30Batty, Eric        Bay Cycle         J/C              24Skinner, Dan       Bay Cycle         J/C              20Watson, Andrew                       J/C              19Batty, Mark        Bay Cycle         J/C              12Eades,Jeff         Rocky Mountain    J/C              10Di Poce, Justin                      J/C               8Douglas, Kyle      Bay Cycle         J/C               8Townsend, Ben                        J/C               7Owen, Kyle         RHHS              J/C               5

Belated Happy Birthday to....Dominique Rollin and Lorraine Blancher, yesterday.


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