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November 5/01 10:01 am - Ontario Cyclo-cross

Posted by Editoress on 11/5/01

Ontario Cyclo-cross: Centennial Park
November 4
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

Senior Men
Croutch, Andrew      True North                1:06:35
Morse, Peter         GO                        1:06:44
Weber, Jeff          Gears Racing              1:06:50
Roden, John          USA                       1:06:57
Dermont, Dave        Chain Reaction            1:07:10
Paton, Chris         Gears Racing              1:08:04
Mann, Robert         KHS                       1:08:42
Barnes, Jon          Ind.                      1:08:51
Dennis, Michael      Gears Racing              1:09:11
Reain, Greg          Gears                     1:09:30
Chown, Nathan        St. Catharines            1:09:30
Coughlin, David                                1:11:19
Dignam, Neil         Ziggy's                   1:12:45
Skinner, Tom                                 At 1 lap
Anderson, Lorne      Ind.                        same
Rodman, Jay          Ind.                        same
Laureat, Bryce       Ind.                        same
Townsend, Ben        USA                    At 2+ laps
Hickman, Andrew      Gears Racing                 DNF
Turrin, Ann          Ind.                     54:37:00
Greene, Leslie       Team GT                  56:20:00
Laglar, Anita        Brampton CC              56:38:00
Brzezicki, Barb      Ind.                    At 1 lap
Coney, Ingrid        Newmarket                   same
Salvis, Sarah        Uxbridge                    same
Gear, Robin          Ind.                         DNF
Master A
Pederson, Brian      Waterloo F.D.             1:09:07
Merchant, Rodney     Dukes                     1:10:07
Kalinowski, John     Chain Reaction            1:11:38
Greene, Paul         Chain Reaction              same
Doel, Scott          KHS                         same
Green, Stuart        St. Catharines C.C.         same
Kiziak, Chris        HRT                         same
Starke, Ian          Ind.                        same
Moo Choy, Nigel      Ind.                   At 2 laps
Hunter, Mark         Caledon CC                  same
Yeates, Chris                               At 2+ laps
Skelder Jonathan     Ind.                         DNF
Master B/C/D
Laycock, Glen        Ind.                     51:52:00
Perrin, Pierre       Brampton CC              53:39:00
Spencer, Ron         Team Hardwood            54:09:00
Hiopper, Mark        Newmarket Eagles         55:09:00
Skinner, Paul        Bay Cycle                55:33:00
Harrison, David      Hamilton CC              55:38:00
Avann, Gord          Newmarket Eagles         55:50:00
Brenton, Elmore      Newmarket               At 1 lap
Galbraith, Robert    Bicycle Works               same
Perry, Don           Newmarket Eagles            same
Morrow, Frank        Hamilton CC               same
Newson, Robert       Brampton C                  same
Evans, Doug          Ind.                         DNF
Roth, Ryan           MBRC                     48:36:00
Skinner, Dan         Bay Cycle                49:24:00
Watson, Andrew                                52:26:00
Eades, Brad          Rocky Mountain           55:07:00
Kelly, Scott         Ziggy's                  56:05:00
Eades,Jeff           Rocky Mountain          At 1 lap


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