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November 9/01 12:03 pm - Open Forum Back, Wohlberg Leads, Ottawa Honours Member, Birthday

Posted by Editor on 11/9/01

Open Forums On Again

We have re-opened the original 'open' forum. This is a test run - if it starts to get out of hand then we will shut it down again. We have left some of the previous threads up, just to get you 'started'...

Southland Tour - New Zealand

Stage 7 - Mossburn to Edendale 135km

1 Jonathon Atkinson (NZL) Laurie Dawe Cycles 2:53:44
2 Danny Hillary (NZL) Zookeepers
3 Graeme Miller(NZL) Calder Stewart
4 Glen Mitchell (NZL) Southland Times
5 Gordon McCauley (NZL) So Fresh

7 Eric Wohlberg (Can) Calder Stewart all s.t.

Stage 8 - Winton Criterium 30km

1 Matthew Yates (NZL) Riverside Rentals 50:09
2 Chris Horner (USA) Calder Stewart at 0:02
3 John Lieswyn (USA) Calder Stewart
4 Graeme Miller(NZL) Calder Stewart
5 Eric Wohlberg (Can) Calder Stewart all s.t.


1 Eric Wohlberg (Can) Calder Stewart 17:04:18
2 John Lieswyn (USA) Calder Stewart at 0:11
3 Glen Mitchell (NZL) Southland Times 0:17
4 Heath Blackgrove (NZL) Zookeepers 0:29
5 Warren Clark (NZL) Winton Middle Pub 1:10

Ottawa Bicycle Club Honours Longtime Member

The Ottawa Bicycle Club has announced the award of an honorary lifetime membership to 81 year old Ken Smith to recognize his contributions to the club and to Canadian cycling in general.

Old timers will remember Ken from his days with the Ontario Racing Board where from 1961 to 1969, he was Chairman. The Board was a forerunner of the Ontario Cycling Association. From 1970 to 1976, Ken was Executive Director of the Canadian Cycling Association and Editor of the Canadian Cyclist, the CCA's newsletter (not related to the current Canadian Cyclist). During this period, he organized the 1972 National Road championships in Ottawa, and was instrumental in bringing the 1974 World Road and Track championships to Montreal - the first time the "Worlds" had been held in Canada for 75 years.

When the Ottawa Bicycle Club re-established itself in 1970, Ken was a "virtual" founder. He attended early meetings of the official founders to provide moral and material support, advice, and guidance. Being Executive Director of the CCA, he felt he would be in a conflict of interest if he served both organizations.

In 1971 he rode the first Rideau Lakes tour, and signed the tour certificates on behalf of the CCA. He has been a regular participant in club events as a rider and a volunteer ever since.

Ken will be honoured at the OBC's Annual Awards Banquet on December 1st. He joins current lifetime members, Peter Tyler, Alan Large, Brian Parkin, Bob Oades and Mike McCall.

Avery Burdett
Ottawa Bicycle Club

Southern Ontario Cyclo-cross Series
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

Standings to November 10th.

With three events left in the series, the only category with a Clear front-runner is the senior men, where Andrew Croutch has a commanding lead over his rivals. Only the top four in each category are given here. For a full copy of the series standings, email

Eades, BradRocky MountainJunior/Cadet37
Skinner, DanBay CycleJunior/Cadet30
Watson, AndrewJunior/Cadet27
Batty, EricBay CycleJunior/Cadet24
Pederson, BrianWaterloo F.D.Master A46
Kalinowski, JohnChain ReactionMaster A43
Merchant, RodneyDukesMaster A36
Starke, IanInd.Master A23
Laycock, GlenInd.Master B/C/D36
Skinner, PaulBay CycleMaster B/C/D35
Perrin, PierreBrampton CCMaster B/C/D25
Spencer, RonTeam HardwoodMaster B/C/D21
Croutch, AndrewTrue NorthSenior60
Morse, PeterGOSenior36
Dermont, DaveChain ReactionSenior21
Hickman, AndrewGears RacingSenior18
Brzezicki, BarbInd.Women49
Laglar, AnitaBrampton CCWomen30
Turrin, AnnInd.Women24
Natterer, PriscaTrue NorthWomen24

Happy Birthday To...

Bill Hurley, today.


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