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November 15/01 11:09 am - 'Cross, Cycling Celebration, CC Awards, Coaching Position & Course

Posted by Editor on 11/15/01

Ontario 'Cross
Courtesy Peter Mac

Centennial Park CX is definitely on Saturday 17th. 11am and 12.30pm starts, and the event is part of the S Ontario Series.

Cycling Celebration

Online registration for the Cycling Celebration closes tomorrow (November 16th) at 9:00 pm EST. After that, you can take your chances at the door - but the prices goes up to $25/person. This is your chance to get together with the cycling community, chat, have a fe wdrinks and show your appreciation for such athletes as Roland Green, Chrissy Redden, Sue Palmer, Mike Barry and members of the Canada Summer Games team. Steve Bauer will also be attending, and possibly other top athletes. To register, click on the Cycling Celebration logo at the top of the page.

Canadian Cyclist of the Year Awards

Voting is almost over for the CC Awards. The ballot box closes at Noon on Saturday (November 17th), and the winners will be announced at the Cycling Celebration. If you haven't voted yet, don't delay! Just click on the CC of the Year Awards button at the top of the page.

NCCP Coaching Course
Courtesy Fiona Morrow - CCA

The next NCCP Course will be held in February in Ottawa, Ontario, exact dates to be determined, this course will be held in English. There will also be a course held in French January 25 - 27 in Bromont, Quebec.

To become a coach certified at Level 3 in Cycling, you must achieve:

1. A three (3) day course, which is a common-core syllabus in all the cycling disciplines, including the following subjects:

1.1 From Coach to Manager - presented by Pierre Hutsebaut

1.2 Methodology of training - presented by Dr. Guy Thibault

1.3 Mental Training - presented by Dr. Saul Miller

2. A technical course level in a cycling discipline different from your current level certification. Example: If you possess trainer's certification on level road 2, you should obtain trainer's certification of level mountain 1 and etc.

Pre-required: complete Level 2 certification, Level 3 Theory (certain exemptions can be granted on production of a letter of request for that purpose, resulting from the candidate and from his provincial association, and subjected to the CCA approval)

A registration form is available on the CCA Website ( Participants will be responsible for their own expenses. We will reserve your accommodation if necessary and confirm the exact location.

The details of the course will be sent directly to the registered participants. Please contact the office for more information.

Deadline for submissions is: January 4, 2002.

Coaching Position

The Olympic Oval National Cycling Centre-Calgary is hiring a full time Junior/Espoir cycling coach immediately.

The official job description, and application procedures can be found Here. Enter „cycling‰ in the search.

Here is a run down of the nature, purpose, qualifications and accountabilities. This position is a full time cycling coaching position, based at the University of Calgary. Benefits, salary and vacation entitlements to be discussed with successful applicant.

Nature Of The Work

The Olympic Oval Junior/Espoir National Cycling Centre/Oval Program Coach reports to the Manager/Head Coach of the Olympic Oval National Cycling Centre. This position is intended to be full time at 35 hours per week. Hours vary throughout the year ranging from 5-12 hours a day. Extensive travel during the year is required. Some evenings and weekends may be required as much of the sporting environment occurs during non-office hours.

The Olympic Oval is home to approximately 450 high performance athletes and the high performance sports training centers who provide for them. The Olympic Oval also hosts world class events and strives to be a leader in the area of athlete services and implementation of technology in sport.

The position requires a high level of independence, self motivation, as well as the ability to develop and follow daily, weekly and yearly plans. The Olympic Oval Junior Espoir National Cycling Centre/Oval Program Coach is also a key team member of the overall coaching unit based at the Olympic Oval. Such work also requires that the incumbent be able to work under pressure and multitask effectively.

Primary Purpose

To provide a world class year round training and competition environment for high performance junior/espoir aged cycling athletes. To assist the Alberta Bicycle Association as outlined and agreed upon in the OONCC memorandum of understanding. And to ensure the highest level of coaching and program expertise is provided for OONCC membership of all disciplines, and abilities with a goal of furthering the sport of cycling in Alberta, and in Canada.

The Junior/Espoir National Cycling Centre/Oval Program Coach also works in conjunction with the other support staff at the Olympic Oval High Performance Training Centre to ensure the following: a safe environment for all athletes, program marketing to outside athletes, and serves to lead and advise athletes under his/her program as required.


Experience coaching at the Provincial/National Team level in training, camp and competitive situations. The following or equivalent experience: Level III NCCP certification or willingness to achieve in a reasonable time frame, background in Kinesiology or equivalent. Skill and experience working with bicycle equipment. Knowledge and ability to work with augmented training systems: i.e., video, computer based training technology, etc. Knowledge of Canadian sport organizations, structures and entities in the sport of cycling as well as general amateur sport: i.e., Canadian Cycling Association, Alberta Bicycling Association, CODA, National Sports Centre-Calgary, etc. Experience as an athlete at the Provincial Team Level is an asset.


Coaching and Training
1. Effectively develops and coordinates the year round training and competition program for identified Junior/Espoir High Performance athletes involved in the Olympic Oval National Cycling Centre‚s Program.

2. Assist in creating and implementing a challenging, dynamic, team oriented and performance oriented training and competitive environment for Junior/Espoir cycling athletes to thrive.

3. To ensure the development of a multi layered, multi dimensional athlete development model, which is adaptable to encourage continued program participation.

4. Demonstrates ethical qualities and works to instill the virtues of fair play and sportsmanship in all athletes of the OONCC.

Communication and Professional Development
1. Fosters an environment that encourages participation, innovation, adaptability, accountability, and initiative enabling program participants to achieve their own personal goals.

2. To develop and maintain positive communication with outside providers (ex. Local Clubs, ABA) to ensure proper delivery of the high performance cycling program.

3. Participates in Local/Provincial cycling related meetings (ie.ABA AGM), other meetings and functions to be kept current of local cycling community happenings and ensures communication with other Olympic Oval departments as well as OONCC staff.

4. Practices a continual two-way exchange of knowledge and ideas with other Olympic Oval coaches.

5. Pursue continuous personal and professional development ensuring the most topical and up to date information is available for the coaches and athletes alike.

6. Provides mentorship for Level I, and II NCCP candidates and provides support and expertise towards their development. The position is intended to be full time at 35 hours per week.

This position will be posted on the Uof C web page for 1 week, closing date for applications is November 17, 2001 at 12h00.(MST). Please apply on line for this position, on the above UofC web site.

If you have any questions regarding the above position , please contact Kurt Innes
Head Coach, Program Manager - Olympic Oval National Cycling Centre-Calgary -

Happy Birthday To...

A bunch of people (we have gotten a little behind...):

November 8th - Bill Hurley
November 11th - Jason Crookham
November 12th - Kiara Bisaro
November 13th - Linda Jackson, Annie Girard and Paul Kelly


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