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March 23/98 22:44 pm - Lots and Lots of News!

Posted by Editor on 03/23/98

Women‚s Cycling Classic, New Zealand

Stage 3 - Te Aroha, 115.5 km

1. Kendra Wenzel (USA) Saeco-Timex 3:24:41
2. Karen Bliss-Livingstone (Saturn, USA)
3. Sarah Ulmer (NZ) Air Chathams
4. Anna Wilson (Aus) Jayco VIS
5. Mari Holden (USA)
6. Dede Demet (USA) Saturn
7. Pam Schuster (USA) Saeco-Timex
8. Diana Ziliote (Lit)
9. Susy Pryde (NZ) Saeco-Timex
10. Rosalind Reekie-May (NZ) Wallis Cycles

33. Annie Gariepy (Can)
35. Kim Langton (Can)
43. Cybil Diguistini (Can) all s.t.


1. Ellie Kennedy (Aus) QAS/ACT 6:08:44
2. Elizabeth Emery (USA) Saturn at 0:02
3. Susy Pryde (NZ) Saeco-Timex 0:06
4. Mari Holden (USA) 0:08
5. Pam Schuster (USA) Saeco-Timex 0:31
6. Dede Demet (USA) Saturn 0:32
7. Kendra Wenzel (USA) Saeco-Timex 0:34
8. Anna Wilson (Aus) Jayco VIS 0:35
9. Sarah Ulmer (NZ) Chathams Team 0:36
10. Diana Ziliote (Lit) 0:36

Note: These are all the results that we have been able to gather at this time

Burnaby Wednesday Night Track League

March 18, 1998

1. 50-lap scratch (A,B combined)

Group A
1st - Murray Solem (13:15.78)
2nd - John Warnock
3rd - Paul Henderson

Group B
1st - Jamie Davidson
2nd - Chris McKay

2. Devil-take-the-hindmost

Group A
1st - Paul Henderson
2nd - Murray Solem
3rd - Tim Kilcullen

Group B
1st - Chris McKay

3. Madison, 20 min. + 5 laps

1st - Randy Cunningham / Tim Kilcullen
2nd - Murray Solem / John Warnock
3rd - Chester Lam / Jim Moore (-1 lap)

Overal Standings:

Group A
1. Murray Solem 40 pts
2 Tim Kilcullen 25 pts
3. Paul Henderson 16 pts
4. Chester Lam 13 pts
5. Randy Cunningham 12 pts
6. John Warnock 10 pts
7. Lido Crema 9 pts
8. Luis Bernhart 6 pts
9. Keith Bruneau 4 pts
Scott Laliberte 4 pts
11.Mark Husken 3 pts
Jim Moore 4 pts
12.Alain Boucher 2 pts

Group B
1. David Fayram 28 pts
2. Chris McKay 17 pts
3. Paul Manson 11 pts
4. Craig Hanna 6 pts
Jamie Davidson 6 pts
6. Steve Fleckenstein 5 pts
Ken Cunningham 5 pts
8. Ian Manson 3 pts
Scott Meyer 3 pts
10.Andre Steinhaussen 2 pts
Ken Meyer 2 pt
12.Franco Crema 1 pt

Comox Race Report
(courtesy Ed Schum)

A total of 78 riders showed up for the first Comox Cup Road Race of the season.

The field in the A race was very strong, with defending series champ Phil Schum, local strong man and alround athlete Mike Flegel (just coming off a third place finish in the Mt. Washington Marathon Cross Country Ski Race a week ago), Chris Johannes and Rainer Roedger representing the dark horses for the local club, with the biggest outside challenge expected from Ontario rider Andrew Pinfold (a National Cycle Cross team member), 19 year old talent Alistair Howard of Victoria, Jeff Werner (19) of Nelson and Duncan's Andrew Hallem. Dennis Manke and Mike Sevcov of Nanaimo are very much counting on a good overall finish in the Cup series and are always very competitive.

The race was held on a new 11k long, slightly rolling course just north of Courtenay. The sunny and warm weather deteriorated 2 laps into the race with a short hard downpour cooling the fast moving cyclists. The rain seemed to inspire Matthew Usborne of Duncan as he got away from the pack and opened a 40 second lead in less than half a lap. With the peleton seemingly feeling sorry for themselves in the rain, Usborne's advantage increased to 1:24 after 1 1/2 laps. Then the rain stopped and the bunch came back to life. Usborne was back in the pack one lap later. Many breaks were attempted by different riders but the strong ones were chased down quickly and the weak ones left out to die. Alistair Howard had a particularly strong race, riding tempo most of the race and doing the majority of the chasing. Mike Flegel also did more than his share of leading and attacking but he was too closely watched to gain any significant gap. Last year's series winner, Phil Schum also rode at or near the front for most of the race but a flat with 2 laps to go took him out of contention. In the final sprint it was Ontario rider Andrew Pinfold who had the strongest legs to power up the short hill to the finishing straight and beat Manke and Howard to the line.

Open A

1. Andrew Pinfold, Ontario, Neworld (1:49:33 - 7 laps ave. 42.19 k/h)
2. Dennis Manke, NBC, Nanaimo
3. Alistair Howard, Edgar & Miner, Victoria
4. Andrew Hallem
5. Mike Flegel, Power Bar/Blacks, Courtenay
6. Charles Russell, Victoria
7. Jeff Werner, Nelson
8. Gerald Prive, NBC, Nanaimo
9. Mike Sevcov, NBC, Nanaimo
10. Chris Johannes, Bikesmith, Courtenay all s.t.

Winners of lap sprints:

Lap 4 - Mathew Usborne
Lap 6 - Rainer Roedger

16 year old Juniors Graham Flater (Duncan) and Peter Odegaard (Comox Valley Cycle Club) both had very good rides in their first race with the 'big boys'.

Open B top 10

1. Dieter Tschauner, Forbidden Cycle (1:26:48 - 5 laps)
2. Lonnie Nathan, CVCC
3. Neil Ives
4. Sandy Espeseth, Physical Culture
5. Adam Levangie, CVCC
6. Lee Bridgen, CR Spocket Rockets
7. Alan Schroeder, STP
8. Don Johnson
9. Dan Stevenson, CVC/Blacks Cycle
10. Roger Thomas, CVCC

Women top 6

1. Glenda Harling, NBC (59:55 - 3 laps)
2. Donna Cloutier, CVCC
3. Belinda Bialik, Ray Cunningham Saturn
4. Annie Gornall, Simons Cycles
5. Darcy Turenne, Forbidden Cycle
6. Melissa Sundquist, CVCC

Darcy Turenne celebrated her 14th birthday on the day of the race. Happy B.D. Darcy. Talk about dedication!!

This race was the first of a series of seven held by the Comox Valley Cycle Club. The races are open to all licenced and unlicenced (must take out one day licence) riders. See our website for more information and dates.

Trail Closure Notice - Ontario

Spring is approaching, which means the Dundas Valley ecosystem is entering a sensitive period.

The Hamilton Region Conservation Authority asks Dundas Valley trail users to take care while enjoying this sensitive natural area. The snow has melted and temperatures are rising, signalling a period in which seeds and plants are no longer dormant, making them especially vulnerable to people who wander off designated trails.

Paul Piett, superintendent of Dundas Valley Conservation Area, has closed the trail system to cyclists and horseback riders until further notice. Hikers are asked to use caution and to remain within the boundaries of well-marked trails. The Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail remains open to all users, regardless of weather conditions.

Users avoiding muddy areas by leaving trails risk widening trails and damaging sensitive plant and animal habitats. Seeds caught in the soles of shoes or in bike treads could spread invasive plant species, such as garlic mustard, which upsets the conservation area's ecological balance.

Additionally, rain and snowmelt have softened the ground in the conservation area. Excessive use of the trails loosens soil, which contributes to erosion in the valley and deposits silt in creeks flowing to Hamil-ton Harbour.

"The conservation area's environmental integrity may be threatened because of the wet conditions. We're asking that trail users respect signs indicating trail conditions and closures," said Mr. Piett.

A committee of trail users and the Hamilton Region Conservation Authority have adopted etiquette guidelines for the Dundas Valley. Ecologist Bruce Duncan, the HRCA's liaison with the committee, urges visitors to the conservation area to call (905) 627-1233 or 1-888-319-4722, or visit the Conservation Authority's website for updates of trail conditions at


Women on Wheels - An Innovative Program Introducing Women to Bike Racing Skills

Victoria, BC - A unique eight-week program aimed at developing more female competitive cyclists is being offered this spring through an exciting community partnership initiative.

Women on Wheels is targeted at women who love riding their bikes and who want to learn and improve their group riding and racing skills on the road. The program, which runs from April 4 to May 27, 1998, offers coaching by Steve Lund, Assistant Coach of the National Cycling Team, riding and racing tips by local National Team riders such as Melanie McQuaid, group rides and classroom sessions.

„We want to get more women interested in racing and riding in groups,‰ says W.O.W. Coordinator Sarah Williams. „Right now, Canada is a force to contend with on the women‚s cycling scene, both mountain and road racing, but there is a need to develop new riders and this program is one way of doing that.‰

Ultimately, the program will develop riders eager to line up in a special women‚s novice event at the 7th Annual Bastion Square Grand Prix, Sunday, May 31, 1998.

The program is stuctured to enable women from all backgrounds to attend. There are 16 sessions, Saturdays from 9-11 am and Wednesdays from 6-8 pm. Participants have the option of registering for just one day per week, as much of the course curriculum will be offered on both days. All classroom sessions will be held at the YM-YWCA and all group rides will originate from the 880 Courtney location where lockers and showers will be available.

The cost for 16 sessions is $130 and for eight sessions is $80 and includes professional coaching, a one-of-a-kind cycling jersey, an information package packed with resource material and an event ticket to the 1998 World Cup of Track Cycling, in Victoria May 28-30, 1998.

The program is being presented by the Commonwealth Centre for Sport Development, the Victoria International Bicycle Race Society and the YM-YWCA of Victoria.

For more information on the program, please contact Sarah Williams at 480-7272

Tour of Normandy, France

Stage 1 - ITT at Mondeville

1. Andreas Kloden (Ger) 6:56
2. Laurent Genty (Fra) Big Mat-Auber 93 at 0:03
3. Stephan Schreck (Ger) 0:04
4. Thierry Gouvenou (Fra) Big Mat-Auber 93 0:07
5. Daniel Schnider (Swi) Post Swiss Team 0:08

U.S. National Racing Calendar Standings (as of 3.22.98)


1, 194 points, Trent Klasna, Navigators, Pine Valley, Calif.
2, 193, Gord Fraser, Mercury, Ottawa, Ont., Canada
3, 183, Jonathan Vaughters, United States Postal Service, Englewood, Colo.
4, 110, Cadel Evans, Volvo-Cannondale, Plenty, Vic., Australia
5, 90, Levi Leipheimer, Saturn, Windsor, Calif.

10, 62, Eric Wohlberg, Shaklee, Burlington, Ont., Canada
42, 9, Mark Walters, Mercury, ?, Ont., Canada


1, 253 points, Clara Hughes, Saturn, Hamilton, Ont., Canada
2, 161, Karen Kurreck, Saturn, Cupertino, Calif.
3, 136, Mari Holden, Cratoni-Hawk, Colorado Springs, Colo.
4, 116, Pam Schuster, Saeco-Timex, Northridge, Calif.
5, 100, Marie Holjer, Jane's Cosmetics, Sweden

6, 93, Linda Jackson, Saeco-Timex, Nepean, Ont., Canada
7, 90, Alison Sydor, Volvo-Cannondale, N.Vancouver, B.C., Canada
10, 63, Leigh Hobson, Shaklee, Kitchener, Ont., Canada
20, 32, Sue Palmer, Haro, Hamilton, Ont., Canada
40, 10, Lesley Tomlinson, Polo Sport, N.Vancouver, B.C., Canada
42, 9, Melanie McQuaid, Rocky Mtn Bicycles, Victoria, B.C., Canada
44, 8, Chrissy Redden, Ritchey, Campbellville, Ont., Canada
52, 4, Trish Sinclair, Kona, Victoria, B.C., Canada
56, 3, Cybil Diguistini, ?, Victoria, B.C., Canada


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