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March 25/98 8:49 am - New Zealand, Spinacci, Interesting News

Posted by Editor on 03/25/98

Women‚s Classic, New Zealand

Stage 5, 106.1 km

1. Dede Demet (US) Saturn 3:02:52
2. Diana Ziliote (Lit) at 0:16
3. Anna Wilson (Aus) Jayco VIS
4. Susy Pryde (NZ) Saeco-Timex
5. Sarah Ulmer (NZ) Air Chathams

11. Kim Langton (Can)
15. Cybil Diguistini (Can)
all s.t.


1. Pryde 12:20:08
2. Elizabeth Emery (US) Saturn at 0:03
3. Mari Holden (USA) 0:06
4. Demet 0:10
5. Wilson 0:25

Canada‚s Cybil Diguistini leads the Under 21 category.

Spinacci‚s Banned

Just a quick note from Ontario‚s Chief (Road) Commissaire, reminding riders that Spinacci style bars are banned from mass-start events - such as the Rond van Wind-Del (April 4/5).

For more info on both the event or the bar thing, contact Valerie Davidge at (905) 824-8906, 8329 (fax), (e-mail)

Interesting Tidbit

Kirk Molday, who switched his allegiance from Canada to the U.S. in the interests of his racing career, hasn‚t been seen on the circuit so far this season. Turns out he picked up a really bad case of the flu that has been going around. Here‚s the bit that made us sit up and take notice: he flew back to Canada for treatment! Hmm - isn‚t this the guy who said that he received no support from the Canadian system?


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