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March 2/02 11:10 am - Fraser Wins, OCA AGM, Het Volk, Valencia

Posted by Editor on 03/2/02

Fraser Wins McLane Pacific GP
Courtesy Mercury

Mercury's Gord Fraser continued Mercury's hot start to the season as Mercury won the NRC opening McLane Pacific GP Saturday for the second year in a row.

Last week Mercury won 2 races in Merced and returned this week for the NRC kickoff hoping to match last weeks results. With over 150 riders taking the start, and all of the major pro teams having at least 10 riders each, it was going to be a fast pace all day.

With each of the major teams marking each other no major breaks were able to establish themselves. It was going to come down to a field sprint. Prime Alliance, Saturn, Navigators, and 7-Up each had hopes of taking their man to the line. Only Saturn was able to put their team up front to try to take control of the race.

In fact, with 8 laps to go, Saturn held the first 6 spots in the line try to take Jay Sweet for the win. However, with 3 laps to go, Satrun was running out of horsepower. With 2 laps to go, it was Mercury's Derek Bouchard-Hall and Mike Sayers trying to get the Mercury Hot Wheels to the front. With wide turns, it was a slugfest for position on the last lap and Henk Vogels took Fraser to the last corner in good position.

Out of the last turn, it was a dash for the line and it was Fraser taking the win with Saturn's Harm Jansen 2nd, and 7-Up's Charles Dionne 3rd. Navigators and Prime Alliance missed the podium.

1. Gord Fraser Mercury
2. Harm Jansen Saturn
3. Charles Dionne 7-UP


The Ontario Cycling Association held their Annual General Meeting today. Here are some of the highlights:

- in the elections, incumbent Brad Day was acclaimed as VP Development, and Matt Klymson was appointed to the position of VP Administration (no one else ran for the vacant position). VP Recreation is vacant at this time. John Holman and Roger Curtis retained their positions on the High Performance Committee as Members at Large for Mountain Biking and Road/Track respectively. Concern was expressed that the Association is having difficulty attracting members who will serve in Board positions.


Road Organizer of the Year - Maple Leaf CC
Contribution to Competitive Cycling - London Centennial Wheelers
Female Athlete of the Year - Merrill Collins
Male Athlete of the Year - Ryan Roth

MTB Organizer of the Year - Chico Racing
Contribution to Competitive Cycling - Gears Racing
Female Athlete of the Year - Sue Trimble
Male Athlete of the Year - Julian Hine

Omloop Het Volk - Belgium

1 Peter van Petegem (Bel) Lotto-Adecco 4:52:30
2 Frank Hoj (Den) Team Coast at 0:04
3 Michel Vanhaecke (Bel) Landbouwkredit-Colnago 0:16
4 Robbie McEwen (Aus) Lotto-Adecco
5 Paolo Bettini (Ita) Mapei-Quick Step
6 Kevin Hulsmans (Bel) Mapei-Quick Step
7 Andreij Tchmil (Bel) Lotto-Adecco
8 Hendrik Van Dijck (Bel) Palmans-Collstrop
9 Jo Planckaert (Bel) Cofidis
10 Chris Peers (Bel) Cofidis
11 Glenn D'Hollander (Bel) Lotto-Adecco
12 Rolf Sorensen (Den) Landbouwkredit-Colnago
13 Lazslo Bodrogi (Hun) Mapei-Quick Step
14 Karsten Kroon (Ned) Rabobank
15 Geoffrey Demeyere (Bel) Vlaanderen - T Interim
16 Steven De Jongh (Ned) Rabobank
17 Cedric Vasseur (Fra) Credit Agricole
18 Thor Hushovd (Nor) Credit Agricole
19 Raphael Schweda (Ger) Team Coast all s.t.
20 Maximilian Sciandri (GBR) Lampre-Daikin 2:37

Tour of Valencia

Stage 5 - Valencia ITT 20.3 km

1 Alex Zuelle (Sui) Team Coast 28:34
2 Jorg Jaksche (Ger) ONCE-Eroski at 0:20
3 Ivan Basso (Ita) Fassa-Bortolo 0:29
4 Serhiy Honchar (Ukr) Fassa-Bortolo 0:36
5 David Canada (Esp) Mapei-Quick Step 0:49
6 Claus Michael Moller (Den) Milaneza-MSS 0:51
7 Erik Dekker (Ned) Rabobank 0:56
8 Jav Pascual Rodriguez (Esp) 1:03
9 Antonio Colom (Esp) Colchon Relax-Fuenlabrada 1:09
10 Oscar Freire (Esp) Mapei-Quick Step 1:21

14 Tyler Hamilton (USA) CSC-Tiscali 1:32
15 Floyd Landis (USA) U.S. Postal 1:35
16 David Zabriskie (USA) U.S. Postal 1:36
20 Christian Vandevelde (USA) U.S. Postal 1:40
32 Bobby Julich (USA) Team Telekom 1:57
36 Michael Boogerd (Ned) Rabobank 2:13
38 Fernando Escartin (Esp) Team Coast 2:15
55 Antonio Cruz (USA) U.S. Postal 3:02
56 Axel Merckx (Bel) Domo-Farm Frites 3:09
59 David Clinger (USA) U.S. Postal 3:22
65 Richard Virenque (Fra) Domo-Farm Frites 3:36
70 Steffen Kjaergaard (Nor) U.S. Postal 3:48
73 Fred Rodriguez (USA) Domo-Farm Frites 3:54
75 Chann McRae (USA) U.S. Postal 3:57
87 Levi Leipheimer (USA) Rabobank 4:19
95 Guido Trenti (USA) Acqua & Sapone-Cantina Tollo 4:29

Final GC

1 Alex Zuelle (Sui) Team Coast 17:07:06
2 Ivan Basso (Ita) Fassa-Bortolo at 0:09
3 Claus Michael Moller (Den) Milaneza-MSS 0:48
4 Antonio Colom (Esp) Colchon Relax-Fuenlabrada 0:49
5 Jav Pascual Rodriguez (Esp) 0:58
6 Erik Dekker (Ned) Rabobank 1:02
7 Jorg Jaksche (Ger) ONCE-Eroski 1:29
8 David Canada (Esp) Mapei-Quick Step 1:40
9 Danilo Di Luca (Ita) Saeco Longini Sport 1:58
10 Jose Alberto Martinez (Esp) Euskaltel-Euskadi 1:59

11 Christian Vandevelde (USA) U.S. Postal 2:00
12 Michael Boogerd (Ned) Rabobank 2:11
20 Axel Merckx (Bel) Domo-Farm Frites 3:21
31 Oscar Freire (Esp) Mapei-Quick Step 7:13
35 David Clinger (USA) U.S. Postal 8:54
39 Bobby Julich (USA) Team Telekom 9:23
41 Fernando Escartin (Esp) Team Coast 10:14
43 Floyd Landis (USA) U.S. Postal 11:05
51 Richard Virenque (Fra) Domo-Farm Frites 12:39
57 Tyler Hamilton (USA) CSC-Tiscali 13:39
61 Guido Trenti (USA) Acqua & Sapone-Cantina Tollo 14:26
66 Levi Leipheimer (USA) Rabobank 15:00
77 Fred Rodriguez (USA) Domo-Farm Frites 17:35
80 David Zabriskie (USA) U.S. Postal 17:57
93 Chann McRae (USA) U.S. Postal 22:12
99 Antonio Cruz (USA) U.S. Postal 27:44


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