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March 23/02 1:30 am - Sea Otter Classic: Fort Ord Road Race

Posted by Editoress on 03/23/02

Sea Otter Classic - Monterey, California

This report made possible through the sponsorship of FACT Canada

Fort Ord Road Race


1Chris Horner USAPrime Alliance3:58:40
2Henk Vogels AUS Mercury4:00:11
3Soren Petersen DENSaturn4:02:08
4Danny Pate USAPrime Alliances.t.
5Damon Kluck USASaturn4:02:12
6David Zabriskie USAUS Postal
7John Lieswyn USA7Up/NutraFig
8Scott Moninger USAMercuryall s.t.
9Ryan RussellUSA Marco Polo4:02:30
10Playman StoyanovMercurys.t.
12Charles Dionne CAN7Up/NutraFig4:03:30
16Michael Barry CANUS Postal
17Gord Fraser CANMercurys.t.
22Mark Walters CANNavigators4:04:23
36Eric Wohlberg CANSaturn4:08:48
41Svein TuftCanPrime Alliance4:09:16
46Nat Faulkner CANKISs.t.
75Cam EvansCANBroadmark4:24:56
1Chris Horner USAPrime Alliance6:26:12
2Henk Vogels AUS Mercuryat 2:49
3David Zabriskie USAUS Postal3:26
4Scott Moninger USAMercury4:21
5Adham SbeihUSAMercury4:29
6Damon Kluck USASaturn4:43
7Danny Pate USAPrime Alliance4:54
8Soren Petersen DENSaturn5:01
9Playman StoyanovMercury5:06
10John Lieswyn USA7Up/NutraFig5:29
12Mark Walters CANNavigators7:05
13Michael Barry CANUS Postals.t.
15Charles Dionne CAN7Up/NutraFig8:58
18Gord Fraser CANMercury9:17
21Eric Wohlberg CANSaturn10:19
24Svein TuftCANPrime Alliance12:42
41Nat Faulkner CANKIS20:58
75Cam EvansCANBroadmark39:51

Women (Stage)
1Susan Palmer-Komar CANTalogoamerica Cycling2:43:02
2Karen BockelGERRONAs.t.
3Lyne Bessette CANSaturn2:43:37
4Kim Anderson USACannondale-USA2:53:53
5Kim BrucknerUSASaturn2:44.57
6Judith Arndt GERSaturn2:52:02
7Genevieve Jeanson CANRONA2:52:58
8Mari Holden USACannondale-USA2:54:30
9Amber NebenUSACannondale-USAs.t.
10Tina Mayolo-Pic USADiet Rite3:04:27
14Cybil Diguistini CANDiet Rite
15Amy Jarvis CANRONA
20Giselle Trahan CANVoler
23Nicole DeMars CANBianchi USA
26Erin Carter CANTTL
28Ann SamploniusCANTalogoamerica Cyclingall s.t.
34Andrea Hannos CANRONA3:08:04
38Ivana Bisaro CANVoler3:22:41
47Alison FoxCANAmoroso's/HH Racings.t.
1Lyne Bessette CANSaturn4:28:17
2Kim BrucknerUSASaturnat 1:20
3Susan Palmer-Komar CANTalogoamerica Cycling2:15
4Karen BockelGERRONA3:30
5Kim Anderson USACannondale-USA4:08
6Genevieve Jeanson CANRONA7:51
7Judith Arndt GERSaturn8:46
8Mari Holden USACannondale-USA12:38
9Amber NebenUSACannondale-USA14:32
10Katrina Berger USACannondale-USA23:09
15Nicole DeMars CANBianchi USA26:19
17Erin Carter CANTTL26:45
20Cybil Diguistini CANDiet Rite28:56
21Ann SamploniusCANTalogoamerica Cycling29:10
22Amy Jarvis CANRONA29:38
32Giselle Trahan CANVoler34:22
34Andrea Hannos CANRONA35:35
43Ivana Bisaro CANVoler54:44
46Alison FoxCANAmoroso's/HH Racing53:38


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