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June 11/97 23:38 pm - Corestates, Dauphine

Posted by Editor on 06/11/97

CoreStates Invitational, Lancaster, PA. June 10. (thanks to Marc Morrison) 1. Chann McRae (USA), Saturn 146km in 3:22:15 2. Trent Klasna (USA), Comptel-Colorado Cyclist s.t. 3. Jonathan Vaughters (USA), Comptel-Colorado Cyclist 0:08 4. Piotr Wadecki (Pl), Mróz 0:27 5. Peter Rogers (Aus), ZVVZ-Giant 0:42 6. Massimiliano Mori (I), Saeco-Cannondale 7. Andrea Tafi (I), Mapei-GB 8. Scott McGrory (Aus), Die Continentale 9. Nate Reiss (USA), U.S. Postal Service 10. Darren Baker (USA), U.S. Postal Service 11. Norman Alvis (USA), Saturn 12. Cezary Zamana (Pl), Mróz 13. Czeslaw Lukaszewicz (Canada), Composite B all s.t. 14. Chris Wherry (USA) Saturn 0:47 15. Massimiliano Lelli (I), Saeco-Cannondale 3:46 Dauphine Libere, France Stage 3, Le Puy to Beaumes-de-Venise - 208 km 1. Dzhamolidin Abduzhaparov (Uzbekistan) Lotto 5:28:08 2. Giovanni Lombardi (Italy) Telekom 3. Damien Nazon (France) Francaise des Jeux 4. Philippe Gaumont (France) Cofidis 5. Adriano Baffi (Italy) US Postal 6. Gordon Fraser (Canada) Mutuelle de Seine-et-Marne 7. Nicolas Jalabert (France) Cofidis 8. Frederic Moncassin (France) GAN 9. Laurent Brochard (France) Festina 10. Jans Koerts (Netherlands) Rabobank all s.t. GC 1. Vyacheslav Yekimov (Russia) US Postal 16:03:08 2. Alex Zuelle (Switzerland) ONCE at 0:12 3. Abraham Olano (Spain) Banesto 0:15 4. Brochard 0:17 5. Michael Boogerd (Netherlands) Rabobank) 0:20 6. Christophe Moreau (France) Festina) s.t. 7. Roland Meier (Switzerland) US Postal 0:22 8. Peter Meinert (Denmark) US Postal) 0:24 9. Pascal Chanteur (France) Casino 0:26 10. Dariusz Baranowski (Poland) US Postal 0:27 Dauphine Libere Stage 2 Update (thanks to Marc Morrison) Gord Fraser was 14th in the intermediate sprint and finished the stage in the last group of 14 which contained most of the sprinters (Moncassin, Abdu, Eros Poli and Giovanni Lombardi) over 14 minutes back. Gord is now near the bottom (as would be expected in this hilly race) in 114th spot on GC at 15min and 4 secs on the new race leader Ekimov.


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