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April 14/02 10:57 am - Toronto's Paris Roubaix Challenge, Birthdays

Posted by Editoress on 04/14/02

Mike Barry's 15th Annual Toronto's Paris Roubaix Challenge
April 14th 2002 (Toronto Zoo to Sutton)
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

Dave Dermont       True North            2:10:29
Jorn Hanson        Newmarket Eagles      2:13:19
Rodney  Merchant   Dukes                 2:17:33
Shaun Glass        Cyclepath             2:17:46
Matt Richter       Ecclestone            2:19:34
Daniel Raffique    Independent           2:26:44
Krys Tobias        Uxbridge C.C.         2:27:54
Dave Coughlin      Dukes                 2:27:56
Martin  Derlacki   Independent           2:27:57
Rob Gordon         Independent           2:28:38
Travis Joyce       Mississauga BRC       2:29:21
Verselin Galou     Independent           2:30:29
Hugh Black         True North            2:32:44
Bobby Mrvelji      Mississauga BRC       2:36:33
Ian Starke         Independent           2:36:33
Mike Vantil        Independent           2:44:49
Sarah Jane Chilton Midweek C.C.          2:47:02    F
Ed Downey                                2:47:02
Karina Sacca       Midweek C.C.          2:47:02    F
Christine Stiles   True North            2:47:02    F
Tim Buckley        Newmarket Eagles      2:47:45
Carolynne Haill    Independent           2:49:08    F
Marc Van Loon                            2:50:57
Danny Kahan        Independent           2:51:53
Glen McCrone       Newmarket Eagles      2:52:07
John Ruttan        Independent           2:53:12
Gordon Bell        Independent           2:53:44
Philip Pixley      Independent           2:54:25
Martin  Kohn       Independent           2:54:49
David Danylewki    Independent           2:55:30
Kris  Hines        Midweek C.C.          2:55:53
Kailey Mathers     Ecclestone            2:55:55    F
Rob Valenok        Independent           DNF

Times were faster than usual as the trails were quite hard (despite the rain) and there was a stiff tail wind. There was only forty-five and a half minutes between the first and last finishers.

Happy Birthday to.... Geoff Kabush & Piers Davidge both celebrating birthdays today!


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