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April 24/02 10:02 am - Canadians in the US Results

Posted by Editoress on 04/24/02

Roswell Criterium Roswell, Georgia, April 21
Report courtesy Mercury

Mercury's Henk Vogels started today's 1st annual Historic Roswell Criterium with good form. A big crowd turnd out in the historic district that dates back to early America. Being a first year event, the Mercury team did a quick recon of the course early Sunday morning. With 2 long narrow straights and 5 tight turns, the team knew a small group could get away and stay away.

With that in mind, Vogels made the first attack early in the race. Quickly a group of 5 went clear. The group contained Vogels, Leiswyn 7-UP), McCook Prime Alliance), Johnson Schroeder), and hometown hero Chris Pic Jittery Joes). Both Saturn and Navigators missed the move and after several failed attempt to bridge accros, the Navigators put their team on the front to bring back the group.

With 30 minutes left of the 85 minute event, the lead was 38 seconds and growing. It was quickly apparent that the winner of the race would come from the 5. With 6 laps to go, an attack from Vogels split the group to 3 in the front. It was Leiswyn, McCook, and Vogels to battle.

Behind, the pack was looking for a leader, and with 3 laps to go, Mercury was on the front for Gord Fraser to bring back the remaining 2 dropped riders. With the Mercury train at full steam, the breakaway soon was in danger of being caught on the last lap. A strong move by Leiswyn held off the group but gave a great leadout for Vogels who was clear by several meters at the finish. Mercury had to get off the gas to make sure that they did not catch their man in front. The hesitation gave Jonus Carney 4th with Fraser 5th.

1. Henk Vogels, Mercury Cycling Team 
2. John Lieswyn, 7UP/Nutra Fig
3. David McCook, Prime Alliance
4. Jonas Carney, Prime Alliance
5. Gord Fraser, Mercury
6. Jeff Hopkins, Choco Andea Eco Coffee
7. Oscar Peneda, 7UP/Nutra Fig
8. Roberto Gaggioli, Amore Vita
9. Hilton Clarke, Schroeder Iron
10. Hayden Godfrey, 7UP/Nutra Fig
11. Kevin Monahan, 7UP/Nutra Fig

1. Tina Mayolo Pic, Diet Rite 30:21.4
2. Shannon Hutchison, Litespeed 30:20.2
3. Christine Underwood, Team Fuji 30:19.6
4. Gina Grain, Litespeed 30:19.5
5. Jo Kiesanowski, Diet Rite 30:19.5

Shelby Criterium, North Carolina, April 20

Pro/1 Men
1. Jamie Paolinetti, Shroeder Iron
2. Vassili Davidenko, Navigators
3. Derek Bouchard-Hall, Mercury
4. Roberto Gaggioli, Amore & Vita
5. Hilton Clarke, Shroeder Iron
6. Oscar Pineda, 7Up
7. David McCook, Prime Alliance
8. Jason Waddell, Mathis Bros.
9. Juan Pineda, 7Up
10. Shawn Willard, Evergreen/Easton
11. Mike Sayers, Mercury
12. Alex Candelario, Prime Alliance
13. Chris Pic, Choco Andean Ecocoffee
14. Plamen Stoyanov, Mercury
15. Oleg Grichkine, Navigators
16. Dean LeBerge, Marathon Racing
17. Kevin Miller, Sun & Ski Sports
18. Jim Baldesare, Gomart
19. Max Finkbeiner, Choco Andean Ecocoffee
20. David Irving, Atlanta Cycling
21. Ryan Oelkers, Flyers-Bikyle
22. Kevin Monahan, 7Up
23. Frank Pipp, GDVC
24. Graeme Miller, Mercury
25. Hayden Godfrey, 7Up
26. Adam Watts, Pharmacia
27. Marty Nothstein, Navigators
28. Jason Snow, Fuji
29. Jason Jones, Atlanta Cycling
30. Pat McCallion, Fairway/CYFAC
31. Mike Zingaro, Mercy Cycling Team
32. Henk Vogels, Mercury
33. Cesar Calle, Choco Andean Ecocoffee
34. Radasa Cubric, Bike Source
35. Ben Lindsay, Columbus/Grange
36. Kris Hedges, Team Snow Valley
37. Eddy Hilger, Mercy Cycling Team
38. Jonathon Wirsing, Team Snow Valley
39. Luke Stockwell, Choco Andean Ecocoffee
40. Benjamin Sharp, Pharmacia
41. Michael Johnson, Shroeder Iron
42. Scott Edge, OLP Racing
43. George Menard, Team Snow Valley
44. Cameron Hughes, Pharmacia
45. Boyd Johnson, Peoples Cycling Team
46. Chris Foster, Evergreen/Easton
47. John Lieswyn, 7Up
48. Randy Dreyer, High Performance Fit
49. Randy Parker, Mercy Cycling Team
50. Rich Harper, Cycles de Oro
51. Todd Herriott, Think Racing
52. Chris Harkey, Evergreen/Easton
53. Darby Harris, Earth Fare
54. Dave Hensley, Cane Creek/Subaru
55. Chandler Weekes, Fairway/CYFAC
56. Kent Bostick, Mercy Cycling Team
57. Benjamin Swaim, Vic Chisholm Racing Inc.
58. Joseph Papp, Act-Fuji
59. Guillaume Nelessen, PCC-UPMC/FUJI CYCLING
60. Brice Jones, Mercury
61. Wes Seigler, Pharmacia
63. Andrew Crater, Ofoto
64. Tom Leaper, Navigators
65. Joey Coddington, Cane Creek/Subaru
66. Rich Hincapie, Fairway/CYFAC
67. Gordon Stiel, OLP Racing
68. Scott Zwinzanski, Team Snow Valley
69. Craig Wohlschlaeger, Big Shark
70. Mark Walters, Navigators
71. Don Autore, Montclair Cyclists
72. Russell Stevenson, Prime Alliance
73. Chris Knetsche, Earth Fare
74. John Kavan, Jet Network/Home Finance
75. Mark Ernsting, Team Snow Valley
76. Ben Early, Evergreen/Easton
77. John Greene, Sun & Ski Sports
78. David Crowe, PeopleSoft/PTI
79. Travis Hutchinson, Krystal Racing
80. Russell Langley, Team Snow Valley


1. Tina Mayola Pic, Diet Rite
2. Shannon Hutchinson, Atlanta Velo/Litespeed
3. Christina Underwood, Fuji
4. Joanne Kiesasaronski, Diet Rite
5. Lynn Brotzman, Michela Fanini
6. Gina Grain, Atlanta Velo/Litespeed
7. Tracy Sproule, Atlanta Velo/Litespeed
8. Tania Duff-Miller, Freddie Fu Cycling Team
9. Sarah Hammer, Diet Rite
10. Helen Kelly, Verizon Wireless-Cervelo
11. Iona Wynter, Genesis
12. Jenn Cooper, Genesis Scuba/FFCC
13. Rachel Purvis, Athletes by Design
14. Candice Blickem, Cycles de Ora
15. Kerry Soraci, Diet Rite
16. Angela Vargas, Genesis Scuba/FFCC
17. Louise Laganiere, Fuji
18. Giselle Trahan, Genesis Scuba/FFCC
19. Lauren Trull, Earth Fare
20. Lisa Ferris, Fugi
21. Petra Ford, Verizon Wireless-Cervelo
22. Ashley Kimmet, Serotta/
23. Kristy Scheffenacker, Team Snow Valley
24. Diana Gillam, Team Snow Valley
25. Jennifer Petosa, DeFeet
26. Chris Hall, Team Athena
27. Adrienne Brown, Earth Fare
28. Robin Kavan, Best of the Bay Cyclist
29. Lorraine Manning, Atlanta Velo/Litespeed
30. Jocelyn Belanger, Carolina Volkswagen
31. Shawn Heidgen, Athletes by Design
32. Lisa Mason, Tenspeeds Cycling Club
33. Barbara Harrison, DeFeet
34. Susan Jones-Benefield, Greenville Spinners
35. Mary Brown, Team DeFeet

Mt Humboldt Classic Arizona, April 21

A Men, 75 miles
1. Drew Miller (USA) Landis Trek VW 2:19:58
2. Phil Zajicek (USA) Mercury at 0:32
3. Scott Price (CAN) Landis Trek VW 4:04
4. Bradley Saul Jittery Joe's 7:30
5. Kevin Clegg Broadway Bikes 7:40
6. Jeff Austin ASU 7:52
7. Cody Waite   8:32
8. DJ Fernandez Jelly Belly 9:02
9. John Koenig Landis Trek VW 10:35
10. Hayes McNeil   13:12

This first annual Mt Humboldt Classic of a mere 47 miles, featured 3 miles of dusty and rutted dirt roads and 7500ft of grueling climbing culminating with the 4 mile 12% grade climb to the summit of Mt Humboldt. Phil Zajicek of Mercury attacked decisively before the worst of the dirt sections to enter the final climb with a 30 second lead, behind Drew Miller and Scott Price of Landis Trek VW worked together and set up Miller to catch and pass Zajicek for the win. In the B Race, Kelli Emmett riding for Luna won in the only sprint of the day over local tough guy, Steve Stuart of RPM.


We have a report that at the Chestnut Ridge Road Race (April 21,Buffalo NY) Canadians did a clean sweep of the Pro 1,2,3 Men's race (Stirling McArther of Gears took 1st) and that Garnett Abbey won the Masters. We are still awaiting any sort of official results.....


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