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April 25/02 2:00 am - Phoenix Velo Midweek (Mission BC)

Posted by Editoress on 04/25/02

Phoenix Velo - Week 3 Mission BC
Courtesy Bruce Wenting

Mission Raceway Park is a regular venue for displays of horsepower, but instead of alcohol powered dragsters, it was Gatorade powered bikes tearing it up last night. Over 30 riders signed on ranging for 13 to over 50 using everything from mid 70's International to the fresh new Oryx bikes of the Harbour Air Team.

The group was bolstered by the arrival of Camp Devo, looking for a little speed work before heading to Walla Walla for this weekend's race. Riders participated in some paceline riding, four long sprints, two short efforts and a 10 lap pursuit race.

Three groups lined up with the C bunch given almost a full lap head start on the A mob. The new riders in the C field splintered quickly due to the wide difference in ability while some steady riding kept the gap even between the B's and A's for two laps until the A group got itself together.

All three groups converged with four to go with 6 of the B's elevating their game to stick with the faster crowd. With two to go Marsh Cooper attacked on the main straight gaining a small gap which was neutralized by a hard effort from Jeff Loughran.

The sprint was led out and easily won by Coach Jeremy Storie who was relegated to the last position due to a lack of hair and the fact other duties kept him out of the first two laps.

The official results placed David Goosen at the front, followed by Brian Moffat, Wayne Schaub, David Haywood and Jeff Laughran.

RankRiderApril 10April 17April24Total Pts
1Marsh Cooper257
2Brian Moffat246
3Dylan Sebel55
3Jeff Laughren415
3David Goosen55
6Scott Laliberte 44
7Rick Federau33
7Corey Adsit33
7Wayne Schaub33
10David Haywood22
11Blake Chersinoff11
11Niel Turcik11


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