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May 1/02 11:19 am - Gila, Employment, Ontario TT, 'Cross

Posted by Editor on 05/1/02

Tour of the Gila - Arizona

Stage 1 - ITT 25.2 km


1 Chris Wherry (Mercury) 35:15
2 Eric Wohlberg (Saturn) at 0:13
3 Scott Moninger (Mercury) 0:44
4 Danny Pate (Prime Alliance) 1:01
5 Chris Horner (Prime Alliance) 1:20
6 Gord Fraser (Mercury) 1:22
7 Sandy Perrins (Logan Race Club) 1:29
8 Mariano Friedrick (Jelly Belly) 1:40
9 John Lieswyn (7-UP/Nutra Fig) 1:43
10 Derek Bouchard-Hall (Mercury) 1:53

11 Svein Tuft (Prime Alliance) 1:58
16 Scott Price (Landis/Trek/VW) 2:11
58 Charles Dionne (7-UP/Nutra Fig) 4:24
72 Jacob Erker (Pharmacia) 4:59


1 Genevieve Jeanson (RONA) 38:26
2 Kimberly Bruckner (Saturn) at 0:58
3 Anna Millward (Saturn) 1:46
4 Jeanie Longo (Vit 'All) 2:36
5 Katrina Berger (Cannondale USA) 4:21
6 Leah Goldstein (Bianchi USA) 4:36
7 Cybil DiGuistini (Diet Rite) 4:40

8 Mina Pizzini (Diet Rite) 5:29
9 Anne Samplonius (Talgo America) 5:43
10 Tina Mayolo-Pic (Diet Rite) 5:45

21 Nicole Demars (ICO) 6:55
24 Amy Jarvis (RONA) 7:22
34 Andrea Hannos (RONA) 8:21
39 Heather Cole (Mercy Cycling Team) 8:54

Employment Opportunity

International Cycling Coaches, based in Victoria BC, is looking for an experienced coach and/or team manager to assist in the training and race support of a team of 6 male road athletes. The ideal candidate will have NCCP Certification and/or similar experience in managing a race team, booking and arranging transportation and providing on site support, guidance and feedback. This is a paid, part time position starting in May and running at least through September. Race support throughout BC will be the primary responsibility, however, some mid week coaching in Victoria would also be expected.

Please forward brief resumes to Steve Lund

La Bicicletta Midweek Time Trials

Start May 2

15 km TT - rectangular loop, rolling terrain, registration and parking at Melville United Church, Kennedy Road, about 2 km north of Elgin Mills.

Start at the corner of Kennedy and Elgin Mills

Loop goes north to Stouffville Road, east to McCowan, south to Elgin Mills, west to Kennedy and north to the finish on Kennedy.

Registration closes at 6:45 pm

First rider off at 7:00 pm

Note: Start/Finish and distance may change from week to week, depending on rider interest. Please check

Redline Cup of Cyclo-cross

Kent, WA - West Coast Cyclocross racers can rejoice! REDLINE, makers of the ever popular CONQUEST line of 'cross bikes, has just confirmed the race dates and promoters for their first-ever 3-race cyclocross series; called the REDLINE CUP o' CROSS:

Sunday - October 20 REDLINE CUP #1 - Tacoma, WA
Saturday - November 23 REDLINE CUP #2 - SaltLakeCity, UT
Sunday - December 8 REDLINE CUP Finals - Napa, CA

The REDLINE CUP of CYCLOCROSS events are approved UCI Cat-3 races, and will be three of the seven UCI races held west of the Mississippi in 2002. The 'cross series marks the first time that Redline Bicycles has jumped in to event-sponsorship for cyclocross. "In the past, we've sponsored some great individuals," explained Redline's 'cross guru Tim Rutledge. "But with the current situation in the sport, we weighed the option of pleasing a team of 5 compared to pleasing hundreds of West Coast racers who have been without a major series for the past two years."

"If successful, this could lead to a 5 or 6 race series next year that will head further east. For now, all our concentration will be on these three events."

Additional co-sponsors for the Redline Cup 'o Cross are being finalized and will be announced shortly.

For more information--go to


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