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May 5/02 1:44 am - Randell Third in Norway, Alberta Track

Posted by Editor on 05/5/02

Ringerike GP - Norway

Stage 5 - Honefoss 170 km

1 Henrik Sparr (Swe) Sweden 4:14:36
2 Morten Hegreberg (Nor) Sandnes SK
3 Andrew Randell (Can) Sympatico - Jet Fuel Coffee
4 Gabriel Rasch (Nor) Team Krone
5 Mads Kaggestad (Nor) Team Krone all s.t.
6 Lars Breiseth (Nor) Team Krone at 1:21
7 Geert van Crombruggen (Bel) RCS Bioagrico
8 Rune Hoydahl (Nor) Norway - MTB
9 Jonathan Dayus (GBR) Nantes 44
10 Tobias Lergard (Swe) Team Crescent all s.t.

26 Bruno Nella (Can) Sympatico - Jet Fuel Coffee 2:06
31 Joe Giuliano (Can) Sympatico - Jet Fuel Coffee 3:05
33 Dominique Rollin (Can) Sympatico - Jet Fuel Coffee 3:36
48 Josh Hall (Can) Sympatico - Jet Fuel Coffee 15:24
82 Buck Miller (Can) Sympatico - Jet Fuel Coffee 19:24

Final GC

1 Mads Kaggestad (Nor) Team Krone 20:36:41
2 Gabriel Rasch (Nor) Team Krone at 0:30
3 Gustav Larsson (Swe) Team Crescent 0:48
4 Morten Hegreberg (Nor) Sandnes SK 1:04
5 Fredrik Modin (Swe) Team Mälarenergi 1:07
6 Tobias Lergard (Swe) Team Crescent 1:09
7 Rune Hoydahl (Nor) Norway - MTB 1:20
8 Robin Sharmen (GBR) Nantes 44 1:43
9 Per Martin Lund (Nor) Buskerud CK 2:36
10 Lars Werenberg (Den) Kvickly Odder 3:03

11 Andrew Randell (Can) Sympatico - Jet Fuel Coffee 3:23
22 Bruno Nella (Can) Sympatico - Jet Fuel Coffee 8:11
23 Dominique Rollin (Can) Sympatico - Jet Fuel Coffee 8:47
38 Joe Giuliano (Can) Sympatico - Jet Fuel Coffee 25:22
70 Josh Hall (Can) Sympatico - Jet Fuel Coffee 57:32
82 Buck Miller (Can) Sympatico - Jet Fuel Coffee 1:29:45

Alberta Track Meet
Courtesy Kurt Innes

With yet another surprise Calgary snow storm upon us today in Calgary it seems very fitting to be bringing you the first results from the Calgary track season !

(seems whenever we set our minds on hosting an event in May, it seems to snow on us !!).

Yesterday we held time trials on the velodrome, with 26 athletes taking part . This was the first day of our Track Cycling Training camp, which runs until May 10 (next Saturday).

At our 8h30 sign on time the weather was a balmy -5 degrees ! With snow and a bit of ice on the back straight the athletes began warming up with shovels in hand (and ice scrapers as well !). By our 10h00 start time the weather had warmed up to around the freezing mark (0 degrees celcius). By the time our last racer finished competing the temperature had risen to our daytime high of +2 degrees celcius !

I'd like to say a special thank you to the athletes for your determination, desire and downright kick-ass attitude yesterday. The 26 of you showed me and the rest of Canada what it means to be Canadian !

Also a special thank you to Chris Sparling, Erica Innes, Connor Harper, Mike Bentley, Tanya Dubnicoff and Stephen Burke for your assistance in pulling this first annual sub zero cycling championships together !

Note: See yesterday's (May 4th) posting for the photo that clearly explains the conditions.

Saturday May 5, 2002
Velodrome Time Trials.
Glenmore Velodrome

Name200 Meter500 Meter2000 Meter
1Jim Fisher12.435.64
2Travis Smith12.4336.73
3Neil Thebeau12.337.06
4Joel Regimbald13.4840.93
5Ryan McKenzie12.5937.06
6Cam MacKinnon12.8837.78
7Laura Yoisten42.42
8Mike McCorkell13.841.71
9Mike Patton12.6237.052:45.90
10Chris Bentley39.622:44.50
11Graeme Thomson12.5437.52:43.45
12Bob Veroba37.672:34.71
13Scott Williams13.9240.342:55.07
14Lisa Bowe15.1443.883:16.49
15Kathy White16.1644.63:26.80
16Spencer Atkinson13.9240.332:59.98
17Jeff Sparling14.4342.983:04.00
18Felix Haspel13.8941.23:04.82
19Laura Brown15.283:27.0
20Danielle Kenny19.3456.063:52.37
21Sean Walsh15.2345.663:23.55
22Erica Virtue1953.23:54.0
23Jill Walsh17.848.43:53.52
24Matt Roles50.923:44.0
25Rene Regimbald14.4947.343:26.18
26David Gootman14.542.933:14.08
27Norm Kalmanovitch14.842.76


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