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May 5/02 5:09 am - Jeanson Takes Gila

Posted by Editor on 05/5/02

Jeanson Wins Gila

Team Saturn Report

The final and most challenging stage of the Tour of the Gila once again saw Rona's Genevieve Jeanson and Mercury's Chris Wherry come to the fore.

The men's 103 mile point to point race featured 9220 feet of climbing, with two category four, two category two and one category one climb. Aptly called the Gila Monster Stage, the race tests the strongest of the competitors, bringing the Tour to conclusion with the toughest and most determined man winning.

The women's 69 mile race consisted of less climbing, although still challenged the athletes with two category four climbs, and one category two climb. Similar to the previous year, Jeanson attacked early in the race and quickly distanced herself from the main group. Behind Jeanson, Saturn's Kimberly Bruckner and Jessica Phillips recovered nicely from an unfortunately timed flat, with Phillips chasing Bruckner back on to the main group at the bottom of the final climb. From there, Bruckner edged away from the field and was marked by Karen Bockel (Rona). In the final uphill sprint it was Bruckner over Bockel. Jeanson won all but yesterday's criterium stage, with Rona winning all five stages of the Tour. Bruckner finished the Tour second overall and Phillips was fourth.

In the men's race, Wherry clearly illustrated his knack for winning this tour. Finishing the Tour as he started it, Wherry won the stage, breaking away from the group on the final ascent to the finish. This is the second time Wherry has won the Tour of the Gila. Prime Alliance's Danny Pate had an excellent finish, placing second ahead of Ubaldo Mesa (Teco's) and Scott Moninger (Mercury) in fourth. With his Saturn teammate's assistance, Eric Wohlberg chased for the final 40 kilometers to minimize the damage to his overall standings, however, even with the strength of Victor Repinski, the intense climbing at altitude took their toll. Although results are unofficial at the time of this report, Wohlberg should have finished up in the top six.

1. Chris Wherry - Mercury
2. Danny Pate - Prime Alliance
3. Ubaldo Mesa - Tecos
4. Scott Moninger - Mercury

1. Genevieve Jeanson - Rona
2. Kimberly Bruckner - Saturn Cycling Team
3. Karen Bockel - Rona

Overall Men:
1. Chris Wherry - Mercury

Overall Women:
1. Genevieve Jeanson - Rona
2. Kimberly Bruckner - Saturn Cycling Team
3. Karen Bockel - Rona
4. Jessica Phillips - Saturn Cycling Team


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