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May 17/02 3:04 am - Victoria Velodrome Series, Wohlberg Wins in California

Posted by Editoress on 05/17/02

Greater Victoria Velodrome Association Thursday night series May 16th
Courtesy Keith Bruneau

Racing this Thursday was highlighted by the return of Ian Condron who was showing his form from his European campaign, he seemed to do whatever he wanted to the field with no repercussions.

It was an overcast night with the rain forcing an end to the evenings events after only four races.

Be sure to catch the action at the Saunders Subaru Trackfest (part of the Bastion Square Cycling Festival) on Saturday May 25th starting at 4pm. The evening will be filled with excitement!!!!!!!!!!

20 lap Scratch
Category A
1. Ian Condron
2. Enrico Traini
3. Ryan McNamara
4. Mark Butschler
5. Andre Steinhausen

15 lap Scratch
Category B
1. Wayne Walker
2. James Holtz
3. Chris Anster
4. Breanna Loster
5. Herb Sr

20 lap Snowball
Category A
1. Ian Condron
2. Mark Butschler
3. Enrico Traini
4. Andre Steinhausen
5. Neil (just married) Carson

15 Lap Snowball
Category B
1. Ryan Clarke
2. Chris Anster
3. Simon Ciceri
4. Bart McCombe
5. Herb Sr

And then the rain fell.

Cat's Hill Criterium - Los Gatos, California - May 11, 2002

1. Eric Wohlberg, Saturn
2. David Fuentes, Sierra Nevada Cycling Team
3. David McCook, Prime Alliance
4. Russel Hambry, Ofoto/Lombardi Sports
5. Chad Gerlach, Sierra Nevada Cycling Team
6. Colby Farrel, Ofoto/Lombardi Sports
7. Roberto Gaggioli, Amore Vita
8. Jackson Stewart, Ofoto/Lombardi Sports
9. Trent Klasna, Saturn
10. Richard del Valle, Santa Cruz Spokesman
18. Mark Hlady, Webcor / Alto Velo


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