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May 19/02 12:06 pm - World Cup MTB #1

Posted by Editoress on 05/19/02

World Cup MTB #1 - Madrid Spain: Women's race
This report made possible through the sponsorship of FACT Canada & Schwalbe Tires

4:45am EDT
The start of the women's race is just 15 minutes off. The weather is "absolutely beautiful", with the temperature is already in the low 20's and it will probably turn hot later in the day.

The latest word on Barb Blatter, according to the Specialized team manager, is that she is not injured, but rather she is ill and will not start today.

Sabine Spitz is going very well so far this year. She has won 3 Swiss Cups to date, beating Barb Blatter and returning Gunn-Rita Dahle.

Start Loop
The women have just completed the start loop and have headed out onto the course for their first of 5 laps. Marga Fullanna has had the lead for the entire time, followed by Alison Dunlap, Chrissy Redden and Alison Sydor.

One Canadian who is in attendance and we missed is Trish Sinclair - Sorry Trish

Lap 1
As the riders near the end of lap 1 - having just completed the "Drop of Death", Fullana has a lead over Alison Sydor by 10 seconds. Sydor has 10 seconds on a steady stream of riders.

Dunlap is 5th, Redden 11th, KIara Bissaro 22, Marie-Helene Premont and Trish Sinclair are together in 33rd.

Lap 2
At the 3/4 point on lap 2. Fullana has extended her lead over Sydor to 35 seconds. Sydor has been joined by Gunn-Rita Dahle. They have a gap of 10 seconds on a group of 5, which includes Dunlap, Spitz, Caroline Alexander. Then there is a gap of 30 seconds before the next rider comes through.

Chrissy Redden is sitting 17th, Kiara at 22nd, Marie-Helene Premont 32nd and and Trish Sinclair has dropped back to 38th.

End of Lap 3

Fullana has again extended her lead and now has 1:05 on a chase group of 6. Alison Sydor and Gunn Rita Dahle have been joined by Alison Dunlap, Caroline Alexander, Sabine Spitz and Irina Kalentieva (Rus). It is over minute to the next rider.

Chrissy Redden is 20th, Kira Bisaro has been joined by Marie-Helene Premont in 30th & 31st and Trish Sinclair is 45th.

1/3 of the way into lap 4:

Fullana's lead has dropped to 50 seconds. Dunlap attacked hard at the start of the lap and the pace of the chase group has increased and they are closing the gap. With Dunlap are Alexander, Spitz and Sydor. Kalentieva has been dropped.

Last Lap

Start of last lap: Dunlap has dropped Spitz & Alexander closed the gap to Fullana to 30 seconds. Spitz and Alexander are 15 seconds behind Dunlap. Sydor and Kalentieva are another 15 seconds back.


1. FULLANA Marga (ESP) ORBEA 2:00:31
2. DUNLAP Alison (USA) LUNA WOMENS MTB at 0:39
3. SPITZ Sabine (GER) MERIDA INTER. 0:47
4. ALEXANDER Caroline (GBR) 1:15
6. MARUNDE Regina (GER) 2:37
8. DAHLE Gunn-Rita (NOR) MERIDA INTER. 3:44
10. RUSCA Maroussia (SUI) ARROW 4:28
29. PREMONT Marie-Helene (CAN) 11:54
39. BISARO Kiara (CAN) 14:22
45. SINCLAIR Trish (CAN) 18:25


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