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May 20/02 4:05 am - Niagara Classic Road Race Results, Women's MTB Camp Report

Posted by Editoress on 05/20/02

Niagara Classic Road Race - Ontario Cup #3 May 19
Courtesy OCA

Junior Women (52km)
1Emily BattyBay Cycle Racing1:46:40
Cadet (U17) Men (52km)
1Mark BattyBay Cycle Racing1:27:28
2Adam 0:10
3Kyle DouglasBay Cycle Racing1:42
4Cameron EvansInd.10:52
5Damion KuizcwinskiInd.
Junior Men (91km)
1Tyler HoltzmanSt Catharines CC2:31:30
2Mark PozniakSt Catharines CCat 1:11
3Derek ZandstraBay Cycle Racing3:25
4Kenton PennerSt Catharines CC
5Steffan ElzingaMidweek CC
6Ryan DeBoerMississauga BRC
7Andrew WilsonInd.
8James WhiteInd.
Senior 3 Men (91km)
1Jamie SprulesPeterborough CC
2Vincent VerkerkInd.
3Colin SadbergESSM / GPOA
4Ben DebraySt Catharines CC
5Clifford ScottSt Catharines CC
6Eric StockSt Catharines CC
7Cameron SerevinSt Catharines CC
8Stuart McKayMississauga BRC
9James BarkerZiggy's CC
10Shawn BenardSt Catharines CC
11Shane LavellNorth Ryder
12Andrew NicholasFreewheel Cycle
13Bobby MrveljMississauga BRC
14Shawn CranwellPierek's
15Cary MorettiCervelo
Master A 30-39 Men (104km)
1Jason VinczeKHS Bicycles
2Chris WoodWaterloo CC / Flying Dogs
3Ben AysonMississauga BRC
4Andrew KieranPeterborough CC
5Robert RiffleESSM / GPOA
6Marc PreciousOakville CC
7Chris KiziakHalton R&T
8Doug ChisholmNewmarket Eagles
9Carlos BarrosHalton R&T
10Paul AmaralNewmarket Eagles
11Ian MacKellarMississauga BRC
12Mira de OrdinaTubingen
13Greg CushingPeterborough CC
14Mike van TilInd.
15Stephane DeshaiesSt Catharines CC
Master B/C/D 40+ Men (78km)
1Garnett Abbey (B)Hamilton CC2:10:21
2Tony Abramavicius (B)Mississauga BRC
3Robert Sule (B)Chain Reactionall s.t.
4Dave Woolley (B)Hamilton CCat :30
5Edward Smolinski (B)Mississauga BRC
6Jacques Guenette (B)St Catharines CC
7Mauro Martini (B)Pavan CC
8Robert Brehn (B)Hamilton CC
9Neil Hendry (B)Newmarket Eagles
10Dave Viney (C)Team Hardwood
11Craig Doucet (B)LCW Racer Sportif
12Gordon Clarke (C)Newmarket Eagles
13David Pierce (B)Newmarket Eagles
14Rob Cheskey (B)Hamilton CC
15Desi Desroches (C)Hamilton CC
16Gordon Avann (B)Newmarket Eagles
17Greg Borden (B)Mississauga BRC
18Jim Laird (B)Multi Laser Racingall s.t.
Senior Women (91km)
1Amy Jarvis (1)Equipe Cycliste Rona2:31:30
2Deirdre 2:45
3Merrill Collins (1)Ind.3:15
4Tracy Vincze (M)KHS Bicycles
5Betsy SchauerESSM / GPOA
6Anna GarnettInd.
7Saskia Harvey (3)Multi Laser Racing
8Maogosha Pyjor (2)Ind.
Senior 1/2 Men (130km)
1Giusseppe Giuliano (1)Sympatico / Jet Fuel Coffee3:27:15
2Greg Roth (2) 0:54
3Bryan Rusche (2)Sigma Sport1:00
4Matt Bonin (2)Maple Leaf CC1:19
5Douglas Goodwin (2)Maple Leaf CC1:25
6Matt Patterson (2)Bay Cycle Racing1:46
7Darko Ficko (1)Ind.2:51
8Ryan Roth (1)Sympatico / Jet Fuel Coffee2:54
9Greg Boileau (2)Velocity3:02
10Jeff Weber (1)Gears Racing3:42
11Todd ScheskeQueen City CCs.t.
12Alan Reain (2)Ind.3:53
13Greg Reain (1)Gears Racing4:07
14Charlie Squires (2)LCW Race Sportif
15Blair Purvis (2)KHS Bicycles
16Tim Oliver (2)Independent Bikes & Boards
17Eric Batty (2)Bay Cycle Racing
18Trevor Koker (2)True North
19Noel Savage (2)Peterborough CC
20Dan StaffoHandlebars / Buffalo BC
21Lee Fraser (2)Multi Laser Racing
22Jason Maclaren (2)Neworld
23Chris Grainger (2)Multi Laser Racing
24Ed Maset (2)Pavan CC
25Jason SkalskiQueen City CC
26Stephen MayMaple Leaf CC
27Bruce Krip (2)Midweek CC
28Roy Zucchetto (2)Pavan CC
29Nathan Chown (1)St Catharines CC
30Peter Morse (2)Midweek CC
31Scott Wood (2)Peterborough CC
32Matt Pyatt (2)Ind.
33Attila Haydu (2)LCW Race Sportif

Women's Only Learn to Mountain Bike
Courtesy Michelle Ward - Fly Gurlz

Another fantastic Fly Gurlz "Women's Only Learn to Mountain Bike" weekend took place on May 18 & 19 at Blue Mountain Resorts, Ontario/Canada. Despite the cold weather the event hosted record numbers of attendants with an amazing 59 people on hand during Saturday's clinic. The entire Ontario Fly Gurlz CCA Trade Team was on-site for the weekend, making an unbelievable 1:5 student to instructor rider ratio. It was thrilling to have such a broad demographic of female riders out for the day - our youngest clinic attendant was 17 and our most senior rider of the weekend was in her fifties!

Special thanks go out to Blue Mountain Resorts, Squire John's, Specialized, Southpaw Promotional Products, Blast Protein Bars, E-Load, Smith, Louis Garneau, OGC, Camelback, Pedro's, Yodobike, Starbucks Coffee Company and The Adventure Mountain Bike School. Each of you help to keep the Fly Gurlz dream alive!

More exciting events are on the table for the 2002 season, please go to our website for details.

Up next - "Women's Learn to Downhill Clinic" with Cecile Gambin, May 25, 2002 - Blue Mountain Resorts, Ontario.


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