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May 21/02 3:14 am - Housatonic Valley Classic: More Results

Posted by Editoress on 05/21/02

Housatonic Valley Classic Danbury, CT
Courtesy Sparta Cycling

More Results for the Men's Race

1. Vassili DAVIDENKO, Russia, Navigators Cycling Team
2. Henk VOGELS, Australia, Mercury Cycling Team
3. John PETERS, USA, Prime Alliance
4. Charles DIONNE, Canada, 7 UP/Nutra Fig
5. Plamon STOYANOV, Bulgaria, Mercury Cycling Team
6. Frank McCormack, USA, Saturn Cycling Team
7. Andrew PINFOLD, Canada, Atlas Gold Storage/ItalPasta
8. Luke STOCKWELL, Australia, Jittery Joeís
9. Jonathan PAGE, USA, Wheelworks/Cannondale
10. Martin GILBERT, Canada, Volkswagen/Trek
11. Vandevelde CHRISTIAN, USA, US Postal Service
12. Rogers PETE, Australia, Jittery Joesís
13. Calle CESAR, Colombia, Jittery Joesís
14. Clarke Hilton, Australia, Schroeder Iron
15. Karl ZOETEMELK, France, Le Chateau/France
16. Kirk ALBERS, USA, Jelly Belly,
17. Eric WOHLBERG, Canada, Saturn
18. Mariano FRIEDICK, USA, Jelly Belly
19. Dylan CASEY, USA, US Postal Service
20. Andrew BAJADALI, USA, Stage 1/Cannondale
21. John HUNT, USA, Sierra Nevada Cycling Team
22. Scottie Weiss, USA, Gomart Cycling
23. Bryce SHAPLEY, New Zealand, Valley Presbyterian Church/Hol
24. John VAN HEEL, USA, OFOTO/Lombardi Sports
25. Doug ZIEWACZ, USA, 7UP/Nutra Fig
26. Chris MCGOVERN, USA, Jelly Belly
27. Gord FRASER, Canada, Mercury Cycling Team
28. Chris WHERRY, USA, Mercury Cycling Team
29. Kirk O'BEE, USA, Navigators Cycling Team
30. Matthew TOULOUSE, Canada, GearsRacing Teamall s.t.
31. John HAMBLEN, USA, Wheelworks/Cannondaleat 17.9 secs
32. Viktar RAPINKI, ???, Saturn Cycling Teams.t.
33. Danny PATE, USA, Prime Alliance 23.8 secs
34. Chris HORNER, USA, Prime Alliances.t.
35. Mark WALTERS, Canada, Navigators Cycling Team29 secs
36. Kyle WAMSLEY, USA, T.E.A.M. Fuji43.8 secs
37. Scott MONNINGER, USA, Mercury Cycling Teams.t.
38. Jamie PAOLINETTI, USA, Schroeder Iron1:02 secs
39. Ted Huang,USA, Webcor/Alto Velo,1:36 secs
40. Pieter GHYLLEBERT, BEL, Lombarden/Michel Pollentier5:07 secs
41. Hugh MORAN, USA, Webcor/ Alto Velo
42. Michael VOIGHT, USA, Beans/Lite Bite
43. Steven CATE, USA, Mattis Bros Cycling Team
44. Frank DIERKING, USA, Saturn Development
45. Todd HERRIOT, USA, CRCA/Think
46. Cameron EVANS, Canada, Broadmark Capital
47. James MATTIS, USA, Webcor/ Alto Velo
48. Benjamin SHARP, USA, Pharmacia Cycling Team
49. Mike JONES, USA, Wheelworks/Cannondale
50. Jason BAUSCH, USA, Schroeder Iron
51. Cameron HUGHES, Australia, Pharmacia
52. Peter WEDGE, Canada, Stage 1/ Cannondale
53. Greg Wolf, USA, Stage 1/ Cannondale
54. Siro CAMPOGNARA, Italy, Navigators Cycling Team
55. Trent Klasna, USA, Saturn Cycling Team,
56. Chad GERLACH, USA, Sierra Nevada Cycling Team
57. Oscar PINEDA, Guatemala, 7UP/ Nutra Fig
58. Derek BOUCHARD-HALL, USA, Mercury Cycling Teamall s.t.
1. Henk VOGELS, Mercury Cycling Team
2. Mark MCCORMACK, Saturn Cycling Team
3. Ben JACQUES-MAYNE, Sierra Nevada Cycling Team
4. Erik SAUNDERS, OFOTO/Lombardi Sports
5. Vassili DAVIDENKO, Navigators Cycling Team
6. Danny PATE, Prime Alliance
7. Jim BALDESARE, Gomart Cycling
8. Jason MCCARTNEY, Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothing
9. Frank MCCORMACK, Saturn Cycling Team
10. Chad GERLACH, Sierra Nevada Cycling Team
11. Kirk ALBERS, Jelly Belly/Carlsbad Clothing
12. Antonio CRUZ, United States Postal Service
13. Peter LOPINTO, OFOTO/Lombardi Sports
14. Ryan O'CONNOR, Gomart Cycling
15. Gord FRASER, Mercury Cycling Team
16. Matt DECANIO, Prime Alliance
17. Fabrice PAUMIER, Le Chateau/France
18. Luke STOCKWELL, Jittery Joe's
19. Thomas LEAPER, Navigators Cycling Team
1. Mark MCCORMACK, Saturn Cycling Team
2. Henk VOGELS, Mercury Cycling Team
3. Chad GERLACH, Sierra Nevada Cycling Team
4. Ben JACQUES-MAYNE, Sierra Nevada Cycling Team
5. Brian SHEEDY, Navigators Cycling Team
6. Thomas LEAPER, Navigators Cycling Team
7. Viktar RAPINSKI, Saturn Cycling Team


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