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May 22/02 10:15 am - Hamilton Cycling Club's Criterium, Iron Lung Results

Posted by Editoress on 05/22/02

b>Hamilton Cycling Club's Tuesday Evening Criterium May 21, 2002
Courtesy Sandy Chesky

We had a total of 35 participants on this partly cloudy, cool, breezy evening.
This week saw Michael Moore win the $5.00 prime and Sean Scott win the 3-point prime. A six-man group broke away early on in the ride and stayed away 'til the end finishing thus: Sean Scott, Paul Rego, Mirek Mazur, Paul Hornak, Piers Davidge and Jason Valenti. Sean Scott's move to escape this group paid off as he managed to stay away for the win. This was an exciting ride to watch and cheer for! Way to go guys!

Overall Standings

1. Mirek Mazur - 20 points
2. Sean Scott - 11 points
3. Ryan DeBoer - 8 points
4. Paul Rego
   Jeff Sharafbayani - 7 points
5. Desi Desrochers - 5 points

Pedalhead Iron Lung MTB Calgary Olympic Park, Calgary Alberta - May 19th
Courtesy CODA

Unknown Category
1. Pauly, Matt 01:00.6
2. Adamson, Shaun (United Cycle)01:01.2
3. Wriley, Bell 01:05.6
4. Magee, Eric (Independent)01:08.5
5. Roles, Matt 01:12.5
6. Jepson, Mike (Independent)01:23.4
Senior Beginner Men
1. Erfle, Devin (Deadgoat Racing)00:56.4
2. Brown, Dexter (Headwinds)01:03.0
3. Louis, Stewart (Single Track Cycle)01:06.1
4. Allan, Jeremy (Mountain Bike City)01:06.3
5. Smith, Kurt (Deadgoat Racing)01:09.1
6. Linton, Curtis (Independent)01:33.4
7. Panas, Trevor (Independent)01:51.2
Master Men 40+
1. Gilchrist, John (MBC Tatonka)01:26.6
2. McPhalen, Don (Dynamic Cycle)01:30.3
3. Fraser, Craig (Single Track Cycle)01:30.4
4. Cockshutt, Dean (Soma Cycle)01:32.4
5. Mak, Tommy (Crankmasters)01:34.1
6. Armstrong, Whitney (Pedalhead Racing)01:35.0
7. Yau, Henry (Deadgoat Racing)01:40.5
8. Zelensky, Michael (Pedalhead Racing)01:45.6
9. Fox, Don (Juventus)01:51.1
10. Stretch, David (Single Track Cycle)02:00.6
11. Dearing, Gary (Bow Cycle / CMC)DNS
12. Magee, Stan (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)DNS
Senior Sport Women
1. Johnson, Kathryn (United Cycle)01:06.0
2. Allan, Tara (Tatonka )01:07.3
3. Francis, Angie (United Cycle)01:07.6
4. Proulx, Debbie (Tatonka / MBC)01:11.4
5. Martinuk, Karen (Pedalhead Racing)01:13.0
6. Williamson, Carrie (Spokes & Attire)01:23.4
7. Dittman, Dawn (Soma Cycle)01:26.5
8. Peterson, Kim (Dirt Girl)01:30.3
9. Angus, Tina (Hardcore Racing)01:35.2
10. Turetsky, Merritt (Independent)DNS
Senior Beginner Women
1. Milke, Michelle (Independent)00:47.2
Master Sport Women 30+
1. Davey, Lynda (Rundle Mountain )01:14.2
2. Jabs, Deanne (BICI Sport)01:16.6
3. Check, Lara (Pedalhead Racing)01:17.2
4. Green, Linda (Deadgoat Racing)01:21.1
5. Coderre, Annette (Pedalhead Racing)01:28.6
Junior Expert/Sport Women
1. Morris, Rebecca (Bow Cycle / CMC)01:12.2
2. Harlton, Pepper (Dirt Girls)DNF
3. Churchill, Kim (Pedalhead Racing)DNF
U15 Men
1. Bidniak, Michael (Juventus)00:28.6
2. MacDonald, Paul (SportChek)00:30.4
3. Lacourciere, Leo (Rundle Mountain)00:31.1
4. McPhalen, Robert (Dynamic Cycle)00:35.6
5. Kennedy, Peter (Rocky Mountain Bike n Board)00:39.3
6. Hazlett, Mark (Independent)00:42.2
7. Fox, Kevin (Juventus)00:45.6
8. Monteath, William (Hindgrinders)00:54.0
U15 Women
1. Grant, Torie (St Albert Trial Raiders)00:45.1
2. Walker, Lindsay (St Albert Trial Raiders)00:45.1
Senior Sport Men
1. Francis, Brys (United Cycle)01:45.1
2. Giberson, Rick (Pedalhead Racing)01:47.1
3. Batstone, Keith (Rundle Mountain)01:47.3
4. Bautista, Manrique (Pedalhead Racing)01:58.2
5. Johnson, Darin (United Cycle)02:00.1
6. Riphagen, Neil (Rundle Mountain)02:01.5
7. Saranchuk, Ryan (Pedalhead Racing)02:01.6
8. Kane, Brad (Deadgoat Racing)02:02.0
9. Sutherland, Trevor (Deadgoat Racing)02:02.1
10. Twells, John (Pedalhead Racing)02:03.3
11. Abdai, Alistair (Deadgoat Racing)02:04.5
12. McClean, Jamie (Pedalhead Racing)02:06.3
13. Sarnoski, Keith (Pedalhead Racing)02:14.3
14. Bryant, Jason (Independent)02:16.3
15. Robertson, Paul (Terrascape Racing)02:19.0
16. Adler, David (Synergy Racing)02:20.3
17. Williams, Justin (Single Track Cycle)02:21.3
18. Aksomitis, Kris 02:55.1
19. Archibald, Michael (Deadgoat Racing)03:11.3
DNF Nethery, Robert (Pedalhead Racing)
DSQ Rasmussen, James (United Cycle)
DNF Vande Beek, Davin (Fort McMurray)
DNF Wilson, Travis (Independent)
Master Sport Men 30-39
1. Nadeau, Jason (Crazy Legs Racing)01:47.4
2. Pogson, John (Cochrane Cycle)01:48.6
3. Licis, Brian (Hardcore Racing)01:51.4
4. Bittner, Brent (Rundle Mountain )01:51.5
5. Nickerson, Peter (Independent)01:52.0
6. Dagg, Don (Independent)01:54.1
7. VanDyk, Jack (Terrascape Racing)01:55.2
8. Clark, Geoff (Independent)01:51.4
9. Roch, Douglas (Hardcore Racing)01:55.4
10. Kim, Angus (Synergy Racing)01:57.1
11. Gotta,Jake (Independent)01:57.1
12. Fedoroshyn, Mark (Team Tatonka)01:57.1
13. Kullman, Brian (Synergy Racing)01:58.4
14. Young, Chad (Deadgoat Racing)02:03.2
15. Shoji, Nobuo (Independent)02:03.3
16. Furber, Scott (Deadgoat Racing)02:03.5
17. Down, Patrick (Independent)02:04.5
18. Vantanen, Erik (Terrascape Racing)02:05.2
19. Bladon, Kevin (United Cycle)02:09.6
20. Robert, Brad (Lethbridge Headwinds)02:12.5
21. Zychowicz, Wieslaw (Independent)02:15.0
22. Schiefler, Steve (Calgary Cycle)02:15.2
23. Williams, Terry (River Valley Cycle)02:17.0
24. Gleddie, Doug (Pedalhead Racing)02:22.3
25. Zawadzdki, Alexi (Deadgoat Racing)02:28.2
26. Marcano, Adrian (Calgary Cycle)02:31.4
27. Richardson, Rob (Single Track Cycle)02:33.4
DNF Coyne, Brett (Independent)
DNF Harvey, William (Elbow Valley Cycle)
DNF Lavoie, Daniel (Pedalhead Racing)
DNF McAdam, Andrew (Pedalhead Racing)
DNS Seaborn, Jeff (Titus)
DNS Stolarik, Jiri (Independent)
Junior Sport Men
1. Cochrane, Steve (Pedalhead Racing)01:50.1
2. Haspel, Felix (Olympic Oval)01:59.0
U17 Expert Men
1. Bowser, Kevin (Olympic Oval)01:16.5
2. Anderson, Ryan (Nroco / St Albert Trail Raiders)01:18.2
3. Bain, Brian (Bow Cycle / CMC)01:21.5
4. Grant, Zach (St Albert Trial Raiders)01:23.1
5. Yau, Steven (Bow Cycle / CMC)01:31.4
6. Sherman, Blaine (Hardcore Racing)01:33.5
DNF MacDonald, Mark (Bow Cycle / CMC)
Senior Expert Women
1. Grajczyk, Trish (Deadgoat Racing)02:04.3
2. Blades, Meghan (Soma Cycle)02:11.1
3. Svederus, Annette (United Cycle)02:12.3
4. Ayre, Sandy (Pedalhead Racing)02:19.3
5. Sarnoski, Kristy (Dirt Girls)02:22.4
DNF Whitehead, Laura (Cochrane Cycle)
Master Expert Women 30+
1. Licis, Lisa (Hardcore Racing)02:03.1
2. Eriksen, Anne-Brit (Snakebite Society)02:09.4
3. Slot, Nicole (Independent)02:13.1
4. DaCruz, Maria (Dirt Girls)02:27.5
Senior Elite Men
1. Lega, Roddi (Trek / United)02:17.1
2. Webster, Mark (Specialized / BICI Sport)02:19.4
3. Myers, Duane (Terrascape Racing)02:21.6
4. Cooke, Brian (Bicycle Café)02:22.4
5. Christofferson, Nic (Life Sport)02:23.6
6. Sutton, Andre (Hardcore Racing)02:29.5
7. Michaud, Yannich (BICI Sport)02:30.6
8. Wallace, Wade (Pedalhead Racing)02:33.1
9. Robertson, Dan (Café Racers)02:51.4
DNF Anastasiadis, Sean (Independent)
Junior Expert Men
1. Strom, Per (Terrascape Racing)02:09.6
2. Sieben, Ryan (United Cycle)02:24.4
DNF MacKinnon, Cam (Tatonka / MBC)
Senior Elite Women
1. Starko, Nikola (Rebound Cycle)02:18.6
2. Bouz, Madelaine (Terrascape Racing)02:22.5
3. Tykwinski, Annie (Pedalhead Racing)02:30.6
4. Nicholson, Samantha (Bow Cycle / CMC)02:31.5
5. Rutley, Christine (Calgary Cycle)02:41.5
Master Expert Men 30-39
1. Anderson, Ross (Calgary Cycle)02:03.5
2. Yez, Peter (Juventus)02:04.4
3. Fawcett, Bob (Rebound Cycle)02:05.2
4. Doyle, Pat (Deadgoat Racing)02:11.2
5. Sudlow, Paul (Calgary Cycle)02:12.2
6. Wegerhoff, Rich (BICI Sport)02:13.2
7. Bate, Lonn (Terrascape Racing)02:17.1
8. Tykwinski, Rik (Pedalhead Racing)02:18.5
9. Prinz, Mike (Single Track Cycle)02:20.3
10. Grant, Rob (The Bike Shop)02:22.2
11. Hambleton, Brent (Bicisport Calgary)02:27.3
12. Garvin, Ed (Single Track Cycle)02:32.2
13. Siminiuk, Gil (Hardcore Racing)02:34.1
14. Burke, Stephen (Olympic Oval)02:48.4
DNS Golinoski, Rod (BICI Sport)
Senior Expert Men
1. McKeever, Robin (Independent)01:59.1
2. Lawford, Mike (Pedalhead Racing)02:05.3
3. Snowdon, Dylan (Calgary Cycle)02:08.1
4. Robinson, Andrew (Olympic Oval)02:10.1
5. Martins, Steve (Hardcore Racing)02:12.1
6. Keats, Jonathan (Pedalhead Racing)02:12.5
7. Sherman, Evan (Hardcore Racing)02:13.2
8. Loberg, Kirk (Juventus)02:15.0
9. Robichaud, Konrad (BICI Sport)02:16.0
10. Kennedy, Gordon (Bow Cycle / CMC)02:26.4
11. Kennedy, Dave (Bow Cycle / CMC)02:31.4
DNF Check, Chris (Pedalhead Racing)
DNF Docksteader, Christopher (United Cycle)
DNF Royds, Spencer (Tatonka / MBC)
DSQ Shields, Brian (Independent)
DNS Wright, Graeme (Rocky Mountain Bike 'n' Board)


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