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April 6/98 8:59 am - Results from Ronde Van Wind-Del

Posted by Editor on 04/6/98

Results from Ronde Van Wind-Del

Sorry to be a bit late in the evening with these results - it was a long day. VERY, VERY successful 2-Day. See us back next year. This race had all the format but none of the formality and was christened the 'Friendly Race'.

There was only one rule - Big Val decides! Seriously, you missed a good one. I hope we get good feedback. We have had a great weekend.

Stage 2 Group A

1. Hans Strasser 11.52 (circa 9km)
2 Desi Derochers 12.08
3. John Powell 12.17
Mike Luther
5. Dan Maggiacomo 12.33
6. Adam Garlapow 12.37
7. Matthias Schmidt 12.40
8. Piers Davidge 12.41
9. Ray Duggan 12.52
10. Sean Kelly 12.54

Stage 3
1. Peter Mazur
2. Patrick Shea
3. Tamas Baumgartner
4. Hans Strasser
5. Steve Narasnek
6. Greg Cavanagh
7. Piers Davidge
8. Josh Lejeunesse
9. Matthias Schmidt
10. Jim Costello

Final GC

1. Desi Derocher 18 pts
2. Piers Davidge 17
Hans Strasser
4. Dan Maggiacoma 14pts
5. Greg Cavanagh 11
Tamas Baumgartner
Peter Mazur
9. Matthias Schmidt
10. John Powell
Mike Luther
Jim Costello
Steve Narasnek

Group B

Stage 2

1. Kevin X 13.08
2. Kevin McCurly 13.49
3. Paul Weaver 14.27
4. Peter Breward 14.32
5. Harold Osborn 15.06
6. Robert Ospina 15.41
7. Gerald Van Dam 15.49
8. Judy Osborne 16.02
9. Rick Neuberger 16.13
10. Debbie Hoffer 16.38

Stage 3

1st. Alex Vaughan
2nd. Craig Scharuk
3rd. Peter Breward
4th Simon Fisher
5th. Mike Cichan
6th. Robert Ospina
7th. Paul Weaver
8th Harold Osborne
9th Rick Neuberger
10th Gerald Van Dam
11th Nick Twydell
12th Judi Osborne
13th Debbie Hoffer
14th Donald Sloan

Final GC

1st. Peter Breward
2nd. Robert Ospina
Paul Weaver
4th Harold Osborne
5th Rick Neuberger

I will do more detailed results later. Interested persons can e-mail me at or phone 905-824-8906 and leave fax # or address.

This 3 stage 2-Day Race became the road season opener in Ontario. It was an unqualified, enormous success. Based on a simple points system, the results were easy to calculate and post quickly although they did not go more than 10 deep.

The courses were challenging, as expected, with the varying wind directions and competition quite hot. The winners were worthy.

This race has been in our (Keith and Val's) minds for several years - a good 2 day stage race early season in tobacco lands. We finally did it. We set things up but the hard work was done by a select group of friends whose team work and panache made the whole race. A big THANK YOU to Wind-Del Community Park for opening their Hall, Toilets, Showers and Food Concessions to the race, the OPP, the Silver Spokes Cycling Club (Delhi) for Marshalling, Wayne and Sandy Langton, Terry and Joe Halliday, Mark Forshaw, Joe De Maeyer, Eleanor and Adrian Mezenber, Kit McCaffery and the three guys I 'roped into' marshalling the last corner for volunteering this entire weekend to officiate, register, drive, service, marshal, etc. etc. As a Citizen's sanction race we can say a great success but not without a lot of giving from a number of caring people.

Thank you, everyone from me and all the riders.


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