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June 1/02 5:50 am - Montreal World Cup: Complete Results

Posted by Editoress on 06/1/02

Montreal World Cup: Results

This report made possible through the sponsorship of Northwave Canada

1. DEMET-BARRY Deirdre (USA) TalgoAmerica.com2:58:16.0
2. MILLWARD Anna (AUS) SATURNat 0:39
3. JEANSON Geneviève (CAN) RONA1:02
4. MELCHERS Mirjam (NED) Dutch National team1:04
5. ARNDT Judith (GER) SATURNs.t.
6. BESSETTE Lyne (CAN) Sélection Provinciale du Québec1:06
7. DOPPMANN Priska (SUI) OPUS Bike1:07
8. SYMINGTON Sara (GBR) Great Britain National Team1:11
9. CAMBOULIVES Aline (FRA) Equipe Nationale de France1:13
10. NEBEN Amber (USA) Team T-Mobile1:14
11. MARCUZ Sandrine (FRA) Equipe Nationale de France1:16
13. LUPERINI Fabiana (ITA) Edilsavino - Vlaanderen Equipe Mixteboth s.t.
14. ALEXANDER Caroline (GBR) Great Britain National Team1:19
15. VERONESI Daniela (SMR) Edilsavino - Vlaanderen Equipe Mixte1:24
16. SUNDSTEDT Pia (FIN) Team Sponsor Service 1:28
18. BRAVO SOBA Rosa (ESP) Spain National Team
19. PRYDE Susy (NZL) TalgoAmerica.comall s.t.
20. PALMER-KOMAR Susan (CAN) TalgoAmerica.com1:47
21. RUTHVEN Lara (USA) Team T-Mobile
22. OKI Miho (JPN) CA Mantes la Ville 78 both s.t.
23. EICHER-VOUETS Marcia (SUI) CA Mantes la Ville 78 1:52
24. DEMARS Nicole (CAN) Sélection Provinciale du Québec1:58
25. HEAL Rachel (GBR) Great Britain National Team2:08
26. CHEVANNE-BRUNEL Elisabeth (FRA) CA Mantes la Ville 78 2:12
27. ANDERSON Kimberly (USA) Team T-Mobile2:13
28. VANGILDER Laura (USA) Trek Plus Volkswagen2:15
29. BERGER Katrina (USA) Team T-Mobile2:18
30. PHILLIPS Jessica (USA) SATURN2:20
31. WILSON Joan (USA) TalgoAmerica.com2:45
32. EMMETT Kelli (USA) Team T-Mobile2:52
33. FLATAAS Solrun (NOR) Team Sponsor Service 4:11
34. KVALÖ Jorunn (NOR) Team Sponsor Service 5:12
35. MORENO ALLUE Maribel (ESP) Spain National Team5:39
36. WILLOCK Erinne (CAN) Verizon Wireless Cycling Club6:11
37. ST-JACQUES Sophie (CAN) Trek Plus Volkswagen
38. JUTRAS Manon (CAN) RONAboth s.t.
39. HANSEN Trine (DEN) Team Grace Cycling7:47
40. JARVIS Amy (CAN) RONA7:51
41. KHODTCHENKOVA Marina (RUS) Edilsavino - Vlaanderen Equipe Mixte11:07
42. BOSMAN Andrea (NED) Dutch National team
43. WAGNER Anne (DEN) Team Grace Cyclingboth s.t.
44. VILAJOSANA ANDREU Marta (ESP) Spain National Team11:11
46. WYNTER Iona (JAM) Fulton Flyers Cycling Clubs.t.
47. TRAHAN Giselle (CAN) Fulton Flyers Cycling Club11:20
48. ELORRIAGA DERTEANO Agurtzane (ESP) Spain National Team11:21
49. GUERRERO MENDEZ Belem (MEX) Mexique/Costa-Ricas.t.
50. MILLER Ann Marie (USA) Verizon Wireless Cycling Club11:24
51. FORD Petra (USA) Verizon Wireless Cycling Club11:27
52. GAGNON Isabelle (CAN) Sélection Provinciale du Québec11:30
53. ST LAURENT Katy (CAN) Sélection Provinciale du Québec11:36
54. SHIMADA Hiroko (JPN) Verizon Wireless Cycling Club11:39
55. MILLER Meredith (USA) TalgoAmerica.com11:44
56. VARGAS Angela (USA) Fulton Flyers Cycling Club11:49
57. KROEPSCH Lara (USA) Trek Plus Volkswagen12:06
58. PETERS Stacey (USA) Team T-Mobile12:34
59. DAVIS Katrina (USA) Trek Plus Volkswagens.t.
60. THOMAS Béatrice (FRA) Equipe Nationale de France14:39
61. BLADON Diana (CAN) OPUS Bike14:39

Number of Participants/Nombre de Partants: 105
DNF/Abandons: 11
Outside Time/Hors delai: 33


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