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June 1/02 6:30 am - Canada Cup #2: Results from Elite Men's XC

Posted by Editoress on 06/1/02

Canada Cup #2 Hardwood Hills, Ontario

Elite Men

1. Geoff Kabush (BC) Kona18:14.1
2. Mathieu Toulouse (PQ) Gears Racingat 1:21.7
3. Peter Wedge (NB) Kona3:23.1
4. Kris Sneddon (BC) KONA4:42.8
5. Bill Hurley (PQ) West Quebec Wheelers5:12.7
6. Ricky Federau (BC) Gears Racing6:31.4
7. Greg Reain (Ont) Gears Racing8:49.9
8. Bruno Lafontaine (PQ) Fisher-Manitou9:29.6
9. Jesse Jakomait (Ont) Ind.10:08.1
10. Ryan Ingham (SK) Olympia Cycle & Ski10:28.7
11. Benjamin Moody (NY) Harpoon Brewery10:39.9
12. Matt Patterson (Ont) Bay Cycle Racing10:48.4
13. Julian Hine (Ont) Gears Racing11:21.8
14. Ian Carbonneau (PQ) Saturn11:22.3
15. Rod Smit (Ont) Ruthless Cycle11:50.3
16. Andrew Kyle (BC) Norco Factory Team12:04.5
17. Mike Garrigan (Ont) Hardwood Hills14:05.9
18. Roddi Lega (AB) Trek14:11.3
19. Shawn Bunnin (SK) Oakley Factory/Cycledelta15:12.5
20. Mark Webster (AB) BicisportSpecializedRudy Proj15:56.5
21. Chris Isaac (Ont) Gears Racing16:54.5
22. Jonathan Barnes (Ont) Team Hardwood17:00.0
23. Will Routley (BC) Rocky Mntn Bicycles17:56.2
24. Mark Leishman (NZ) NZMBA18:36.1
25. Thomas Skinner (Ont) KHS Bicycles18:50.4
26. Vincent Meunier (PQ) Durand Sport18:55.4
27. Dustin MacBurnie (NS) Cyclesmith18:58.2
28. Mathieu Darveau (PQ) Oryk Procycle20:02.8
29. Michael Dennis (Ont) Gears Racing21:04.7
30. Andrew Watson (Ont) Bianchi Canada21:16.8
31. Ben Sigston (BC) Rocky Mntn Bicycles21:34.0
32. Greg Edgar (Ont) Ecclestone Cycle21:44.6
33. Duane Ashley Myers (AB) Terrascape Racing22:41.4
34. Craig Hawkes (Ont) Gears Racing23:10.9
35. Eric Batty (Ont) Bay Cycle Racing23:34.1
36. J-Philippe Provost (PQ) Pro Ryder Eye Wear24:10.0
37. Martin Lafontaine (PQ) Commencal-Stripem25:01.5
38. Osmond Bakker (Ont) Bianchi Canada25:23.8
39. Jamie Matheson (Ont) Ind.25:41.6
40. Justin Faulkner (Ont) KHS Bicycles26:42.5
41. Adam Bucklin (NH) Harpoon Brewery26:56.4
42. Mike Larochelle (Ont) KHS Bicycles27:40.8
43. Matt Douglas (Ont) Bay Cycle Racing27:53.9
44. Alan Reain (Ont) Full Cycle28:40.7
45. Chris McNeil (NF) Carary Cycles/Team NF29:00.4
46. Menno Hubregtse (SK) Cycledelta30:26.0
47. Daniel Skinner (Ont) Bay Cycle Racing30:37.3
48. Joel Lepine (Ont) Bicycles Plus30:44.6
49. Timothy Carleton (Ont) Kona/Sportswap34:48.9
50. Hilton Power (NZ) NZ Giant/Kaenon34:49.3
51. Andre Sutton (AB) Hardcore/Moulden35:36.6
52. Cedric Lajeunesse (PQ) Equipe Record39:02.4
53. David Dionne (PQ) Ind.39:49.8
54. Matthew Richter (Ont) Ecclestone Cycle40:18.8
55. Justin DiPoce (Ont) Aquila Cycles41:28.6
56. Imad El-Ghazal (Ont) Ind.41:29.0
57. Chris Ivey (Ont) Bianchi49:05.2
58. Duane Epp (Ont) Boyd's Source for Sports50:32.5
59. Greg Kerr (NS) Ind.52:32.5
DNF Carter Hovey (BC) Bianchi
DNF Tim Oliver (Ont) Independent Bikes
DNF Julien Fillion (PQ) Intersport/Colaber/Bowater
DNF Ryan Smith (Ont) KHS Bicycles
DNF Neil Sauve (Ont) Bianchi Canada
DNF Danny Souter (Ont) Ind.
DNF Drew MacKenzie (BC) Roach/Race Face
DNF Lucas Curran (BC) Rocky Mntn Bicycles
DNF Carlos Capela (BC) Cyclepath/Kelowna
DNF Dave Vunic (BC) Trek VW
DNF Jaimie Douglas (BC) Grant Bicycles
DNF Jonathan Palframan (Ont) Pedal Performance
DNF Blair Purvis (Ont) KHS Bicycles
DNF Mark Leis (AUS) Hobart Wheelers
DNF Thomas Freure (Ont) Liberty/Kona
DNF Colin Campbell (Ont) Ind.
DNF Adam Wade (Ont) Ind.
DNF Yoshito Tsuji (BC) Haro,IRC,OGK


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