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June 1/02 6:40 am - Canada Cup #2: Results from Elite Women's XC

Posted by Editoress on 06/1/02

Canada Cup #2 Hardwood Hills, Ontario

Elite Women

1. Marie-Helene Premont (QC) Oryx Procycle03:26.9
2. Kiara Bisaro (BC) Gears Racingat 3:40.20
3. Trish Sinclair (BC) Gears Racingat 3:57
4. Lesley Tomlinson (BC) Rocky Mountain4:04
5. Karen DeWolfe (NS) Rage/Harpoon5:49
6. Erica Drew (BC) Team KAPPA10:44
7. Sue Trimble (ON) Gears Racing10:50
8. Melanie McQuaid (BC) Saucony/Fisher/Powerbar/Sundog11:00
9. Sandra Walter (BC) KAPPA/ALPHA TECH11:55
10. Claire Townsend (BC) Oryk Procycle14:30
11. Ann Yew (AB) Bicisport Calgary15:32
12. Marisol Bernier (QC) La Randonnee17:17
13. Julie Sanders (QC) Oryx Procycle17:34
14. Angela Mawdsley (ON) Bay Cycle Racing17:35
15. Lisa Holmgren (ON) Bay Cycle Racing19:15
16. Stephanie Martinek (ON) Flygurlz19:33
17. Linda Robichaud (BC) Norco Factory Team19:50
18. Marie-Helene Cote (QC) Specialized/Equipe Record20:31
19. Heather King (ON) Gears Racing20:50
20. Leslie Greene (ON) Bianchi Canada22:08
21. Danelle Kabush (ON) Gears Racing22:45
22. Anne-Marie Jobin (QC) Oryx-Procycle TTN27:02
23. Jacquie van Ierssel (ON) Bay Cycle Racing28:55
24. Karley Cunningham (ON) Fly Gurlz29:58
25. Sarah Martin (ON) Muskoka Woods30:57
26. Clare Hall-Patch (BC) Gears Racing31:52
27. Nancy Austin (BC) 34:03
28. Lisa Hoskins (ON) Team Hardwood37:28
29. Kerri Graham (ON) Woodstock CC37:58
30. Celine Foreht (ON) Skiis & Bikes43:13
DNF Cydney Galbraith (ON) Bicycle Works/KONA
DNF Michelle Scheiber (BC)
DNF Nikola Starko (AB) Rebound Cycle
DNF Jen Moss (ON) Flygurlz
DNF Joanne Uhlmann (ON) Gears Racing


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