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June 1/02 6:49 am - Canada Cup #2: Results from Junior Men's XC

Posted by Editoress on 06/1/02

Canada Cup #2 Hardwood Hills, Ontario

Junior Men

1. Frederic Bussieres (QC) Gears Racing51:33.8
2. Derek Zandstra (ON) Bay Cycle Racingat 1:05
3. Ryan Thorpe (ON) Bay Cycle Racing2:38
4. P-Alexandre Couture (QC) Equipe/Subaru/Spec4:39
5. Doug Shankland (ON) Ziggy's CC5:14
6. Jamie Lamb (NS) Cycle Smith Cycling5:18
7. Martin Lazarski (ON) Gears Racing7:06
8. Adam Coates (SK) Gears Racing8:20
9. Matthew Green (BC) Steed Cycles8:45
10. Stefan Widmer (BC) KHS Bicycles9:12
11. Brandon Crichton (ON) Bianchi Canada9:56
12. Jean-Francois Vennes (QC) Record-TVA11:51
13. Jean-Luc Pilote (NB) Cyclisme Chaleur14:05
14. J-Sebastien Perron (QC) Fresh Air Exp.15:38
15. Michael Barylski (ON) KHS Bicycles15:55
16. Peter Glassford (ON) Skiis & Bikes15:55
17. Kevan Cranmer (ON) Freewheel19:51
18. Ryan May (ON) Skiis & Bikes21:02
19. Thomas Flannery (ON) Courtesy Bicycles21:48
20. Andrew Hurst (ON) 27:10
21. Ian Cole (ON) KHS Bicycles32:59
22. Cameron MacKenzie (ON) Gears Racing36:34
23. Scott Kelly (ON) Salsa Cycles39:21
24. Keith Willoughby (ON) Skiis & Bikes48:56
DNS Paul Brown (ON) Gears Racing
DNF Andrew Cartwright (BC) Rocky Mntn Bicycles
DNF Bradley Fairall (BC) Rocky Mntn Bicycles
DNF Justin Tsang (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club
DNF Raphael Gagne (QC) Boom Ski Velo 2000
DNF Matthew Fawcett (ON)
DNF Jeremy Trudel (QC) Beauport/La vie sportive
DNF Joel Cote-Cright (QC) Wolf Bikes/Sports Exp
DNF Charles Cabardos (ON) Silent Sport
DNF Zack Morris (ON) Proform Cycle


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