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June 5/02 12:32 pm - First Union Lancaster: Complete Results

Posted by Editoress on 06/5/02

First Union Lancaster Lancaster, PA
Report courtesy Navigators

The opening race of the 3-event First Union series of races was held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The 7-mile circuit of mostly up-and-down terrain is considered a course for the strong men of the peloton, and is usually a good indicator of form as the riders get ready for the big event next Sunday in Philadelphia. With 91 miles of racing on the course, Chris Horner (Prime Alliance) took the first shot with a solo effort on the first lap. Over the next couple of laps, he was joined by Tony Cruz and Dave Zabriskie (both US Postal), Trent Klasna and Eric Wohlberg (both Saturn), and David O'Laughlin (OFoto). Although it appeared to be a high-powered break, they never gained more than 50-seconds on the peloton. Each of the major teams, in turn, would do their part to keep the 6 leaders in check over the next 7 (of 13) laps. Unfortunately for the breakaway, Cruz had to drop back with a mechanical and Klasna eventually stopped working.

As the 5 leaders came back into the fold, a new break of 10 formed with just under 3 laps remaining. Over the next half-lap, several more groups joined up to make it an escape party of 29 riders. However, during all of the excitement, David Clinger (US Postal) and Chris Wherry (Mercury) snuck away from the front and quickly built a gap of over 1-minute on the chasers. Over the next 2 laps, the two leaders held the chasers at bay, until Navigators' Tom Leaper attacked on his own with 1-and a half laps to go. Tom's gap to the leaders hovered at 1:25 while his lead over the chase group climbed to about 1-minute. With 4 miles remaining, Clinger attacked Wherry and pulled himself clear to a 30-second advantage while Leaper was now losing time to the chasers, his gap down to 45-seconds. Digging deep, Tom held his advantage on the chasing group over the final miles of terrain. At the line, it was Clinger followed shortly by Wherry, then Leaper, all arriving alone. Navigators' Oleg Grichkine took the field sprint to make it a 3-4 day for the men in blue.

1. CLINGER David, U.S. Postal Service3:18:52
2. WHERRY Chris , Mercuryat 0:16
3. LEAPER Tom , Navigators 1:40
4. GRISHKINE Oleg, Navigators 1:59
5. PIATEK Zbigniew , Mroz
6. BARRY Michael , U.S. Postal Service
7. MATTOZZA Sbastien , Landbouwkrediet-Colnago
8. VOGELS Henk , Mercury
9. HINCAPIE George , U.S. Postal Service
10. HENDERSON Greg , 7UP-Nutra Fig
11. DIONNE Charles , 7UP-Nutra Fig
12. HORNER Chris , Prime Alliance
13. MCKENZIE David ,
14. CLERC Aurlien , Mapei-Quick Step
15. MCCORMACK Frank , Saturn
16. VAN HEESWIJK Max , Domo-Farm Frites
17. LIESWYN John , 7UP-Nutra Fig
18. GERLACH Chad , Sierra Nevada
19. O'BEE Kirk , Navigators
20. WALTERS Mark , Navigators
21. SAUNDERS Erik , Ofoto-Lombardi Sports
22. ALBERTS Kirk , Jelly Belly
23. GRNQVIST Thomas , Amore & Vita
24. DECANIO Matt , Prime Alliance
25. JOHNSON Tim , Saturn
26. ZIEWACZ Doug , 7UP-Nutra Fig
27. MCCORMACK Mark , Saturn
28. D'HOLLANDER Glenn, Lotto-Adecco
29. O'LOUGHLIN David , Ofoto-Lombardi Sportsall s.t.
30. PATE Danny , Prime Alliance2:28
31. RAPINSKI Viktar , Saturn8:44
32. ZANOTTI Leonardo , Mapei-Quick Step9:03
33. WYRZYKOWSKI Zbigniew, Mroz
34. ERKER Jacob , SCI
35. CRATER Andrew , Ofoto-Lombardi Sports
36. VAN HEEL Jon , Ofoto-Lombardi Sports
37. KNUDSEN Pete , SCI
38. HUNT John , Sierra Nevadaall s.t.
39. PIERCE Colby , Ofoto-Lombardi Sports9:10
40. LARKIN Tim , Ofoto-Lombardi Sportss.t.
41. CREED Michael , Prime Alliance12:09
42. SAYERS Mike , Mercury
43. ZAJICEK Phil , Mercury
44. MCRAE Chann , U.S. Postal Service
45. WADECKI Adam , Mroz
46. FISHER Chris , Saturn
47. WOHLBERG Eric , Saturn
48. SPINELLI Justin , SAE
49. PEPOLI Cristian , SAE
50. FRIEDICK Mariano , Jelly Belly
51. CANDELARIO Alex , Prime Alliance
52. PINEDA Oscar , 7UP-Nutra Fig
53. POWER Ciaran , Navigators
54. CAMPONOGARA Siro , Navigators
55. MCCARTNEY Jason , Jelly Belly
56. ZARATE ESTRADA Jesus , Mercury
57. TUFT Svein , Prime Alliance
59. ROGERS Michael , Mapei-Quick Step
60. KLUCK Damon , Saturn
61. PETERSEN Soren , Saturn
62. GARDEYN Gorik , Lotto-Adecco
63. DE CLERCQ Hans , Lotto-Adecco
65. STOIANOV Plamen , Mercuryall s.t.


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