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June 6/02 7:46 am - Welland Results, Atlantic Track, Sprockids Report

Posted by Editor on 06/6/02

Welland Rose Festival Criterium, Ontario
Courtesy Organizer

June 2, 2002

Senior 1,2 Men
1st Andrew Pinfold, Atlas Cold Storage/Italpasta
2nd Buck Miller, Sympatico
3rd Jeff Hanson, Atlas Cold Storage/Italpasta
4th Tim Lefebvre, St Catharines CC
5th Joe Giuliano, Sympatico
6th Mike Luther, Team Mercy
7th Adam Garlapow, Schick-Luna
8th Simon Small, Atlas Cold Storage/Italpasta
9th Mike Moore, Gears Racing
10th Bruce Krip, Midweek CC
11th Charlie Squires, LCW
12th Warren Tilbrook, Gears Racing

Master A
1st Greg Cavanagh, Oakville CC
2nd Chris Kiziak, Halton CC
3rd Anthony Simpson, Newmarket Eagles

Master C/D
1st Desi Desrosier, Hamilton CC
2nd Dave Viny, Team Hardwood
3rd David Lee-Shee, Madona Wheelers

1st Merryl Colins, Team Cervelo
2nd Ann Turrin, Amorosa‚s
3rd Lina Simonson, Hamilton CC

Jr Men
1st Brandon Hurley, Midweek CC
2nd Ryan DeBoer, Midweek CC
3rd Kenton Penner, St Catharines CC

Senior 3 Men
1st Jeff Schiller, LCW
2nd Stacy Wall, Independent
3rd Stuart McKay, Mississauga CC
4th Shawn Benard, St Catharines CC

National Cycling Development Centre- Atlantic Canada

DIEPPE- May 23rd 2002- The National Cycling Development Centre-Atlantic Canada will be offering the Jr. track league program this summer. The eight week program will be held on Mondays and Thursdays. The program has been developed for young cyclists between the ages of 12 and 18. The focus will be having fun while riding the Velodrome Caisse populaire Dieppe. This course covers basic to advanced riding skills, pedaling and racing techniques. It is designed to build your confidence for riding and racing.

The program will run on Mondays and Thursdays beginning on June 13th and ending on august 8th 2002. The classes run from 2:30 pm until 4:30 pm with the exception of the first two weeks where the course will begin at 6:00pm. The cost of the course is $100.00 and it includes the bike and the year track pass.

For more information, call 877-7809 or consult the website at

Centre national de développement cycliste-Canada atlantique

DIEPPE, le 10 mai 2002- Le Centre national de développement cycliste-Canada atlantique présente le programme de ligue de piste Junior. Ce programme de huit semaines se déroulera les lundis et les jeudis consécutifs. Développé pour des jeunes cyclistes de 12 à 18 ans, ce programme misera sur le plaisir du vélo sur piste. Ce cours couvre les fonctions débutantes et plus avancées du cyclisme sur piste, dont, entre autres: les habiletés techniques, les quatre phases du pédalage, techniques de course, etc. Le tout, dans le but d‚agrandir la confiance en course de même que les habiletés fondamentales.

Les dates du programme sont les lundis et les jeudis du 13 juin au 8 août 2002. Les cours se donnent de 14 h30 à 16h30 (à l'exception des deux premières semaines où le cours sera offert à partir de 18 h). Le coût est de 100$ et cela inclut le vélo et le laissez-passer annuel. Pour plus de renseignements, veuillez appeler le 877-7809 ou voir le site web au

Sprockids Instructors Descend On Whistler Blackcomb

On Saturday, June 'st over 35 Sprockids instructors, coaches, teachers, and ride leaders from North & West Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast, and Howe Sound traveled up to Whistler Mountain for a day of adventure and discovery in the gravity world of their famous Mountain Bike Park. The purpose of the day was to get the Sprockids coaches off of their XC bikes, suit them up in body armor, put them on a dual suspension machine and guide them through the seemingly dark, mysterious side of our sport; "The World of the Freeride Gravity Adrenaline Junkies". I have always wanted to try out Whistler's Mountain Bike Park, and have even once came within 10 feet of the ticket window, but have always retreated aboard my XC bike into the safety of the surrounding trails. Like a scene from 3the Lord of the Rings,2 the sight of the fully armored, Dark Riders from the Underworld on their downhill rigs made me feel uneasy, and I just could not envision myself surviving in their realm. I wanted to cross over, but like Frodo I needed my Gandalf to guide me.

If there is such a thing as "Good Karma" it was definitely with the Sprockids that day. It has been an extremely wet spring out here on the West Coast and hasn't provided riders many opportunities to shed the layers of clothing and work on their tans. However, three days prior to this event, the clouds parted and the trails started to dry up. Saturday was a glorious sunny day and Whistler was definitely the place to be. We all met at the base of the Whistler Gondola where Mark Dobson, Whistler Youth Program Coordinator and organizer of this event, greeted us then directed us into the bike rental shop where we were fitted for our dual suspension bikes, protective gear, and helmets. I emerged from the dark cavern looking like the warriors that I had always wondered about. Many of the group were like me, excited about what lay ahead, but also somewhat nervous about stepping out of their comfort zone. From here we were introduced to our guides/instructors, who would guide the groups through the various trails that the park had to offer. We jumped onto the gondola and headed up to mid-station. After some basic instruction in braking, cornering, weight distribution, and trail etiquette before hearing down "B Line" which represented the beginner/intermediate system of trails. It took less than a minute to forget about any apprehension that I had, and I instantly understood the attraction of the world of downhill riding. Before I knew it, our group had descended the mountain and were back on the gondola, eager to challenge another trail. While we were being indoctrinated into the world of the freerider the other, more advanced, group was exploring the "A-Line" system of trails. This side of the park was made up of trails that would thrill even the most experience and demanding rider. The beauty of the park is that it is set up to allow riders of various abilities to ride trails that are designed to challenge their specific level of skills. The trails are marked in a similar fashion as the ski hills. Green represents the beginning runs, blue is intermediate, and black is advanced. Like all good things, our day ended far too quickly. After a morning of downhilling one builds up quite an appetite. Once again we found ourselves on the gondola, this time heading up to the top of the mountain for a fantastic lunch, as well as learn more about the youth programs offered by Whistler. Sitting out on the deck, watching the skiers and boarders perform their magic sliding down the mountain was a great way to end a perfect day. But this is Whistler, and being Saturday night, many of us took our downhill energy into the night.

Did this event accomplish what it set out to do? You bet it did. All of the riders were totally turned on by the park and everyone vowed to return with their respective student groups in the future. As instructors and coaches of young riders we recognized that the staff were knowledgeable, friendly, and very capable instructors. All of us felt confident about bringing our young riders up to Whistler to experience the programs that they offer. Whistler Blackcomb offers a variety of programs and Mark Dobson can help design a program to suit any group's needs. I woke up Sunday morning to brilliant sunshine, ready to hit the slopes for another day of descending. As I headed out the door I glanced over at my skis, feeling rather guilty that I wasn't grabbing them for a few more turns, but I had tasted to sweet nectar of the freerider and was hooked. Raun Desharnais, who does our web site, and I had stayed another day and were going to spend it with Mark who had volunteered to be our personal guide for the day. After a warm up run down "B-Line", it was off to the other side to really learn about what the "gravity crowd" is all about. Here we found runs like "A-Line, After Atlantis, Rippin Rutabaga, Ho Chi Min, and the Bike Cross Course". Winding my way through the deeply bermed tunnels I realized that I had found my Gandalf! Mark successfully guided Raun and I through the maze of trails and offered us invaluable advice on a variety of techniques that would help us navigate these trails. One has to be very careful not to become complacent, for once you lower your concentration and start to think that you have everything "dialed in", the next table top teaches you a lesson in reality and humility. The body armor that you thought was just for the "Poser", becomes invaluable.

As the afternoon wore on, so did my body. Around 3:00 PM my body was telling me that it was time to pack it in. We retired to the comfort of a lounge chair located on the deck of one of Whistler's finer establishments. It had been an incredible day, full of personal accomplishments and discoveries. Whistler's Mountain Bike Park is truly unique in the world of mountain biking and represents another segment of the mountain biking life style. After two days of riding the park I am totally hooked. The world of the "Gravity Crowd" isn't dark at all! It is a world of excitement, where a rider of any age, with some basic riding skills and an adventurous heart, can have a fabulous time. For the Sprockids Programs here on the West Coast of Canada we have found the ultimate field trip for our young riders. Mark Dobson has put together a number of programs and group packages that will make it easy for any group to come and discover the park. If you are a coach of young riders and are looking for that unique riding experience, you should definitely give Mark a call. Set out of your comfort zone, find your own Gandalf, and head to Whistler for an experience that will definitely get your adrenaline pumping.

Doug Detwiller Sprockids Coastriders


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