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June 16/02 5:46 am - HP Stage 2 Results & Report

Posted by Editor on 06/16/02

HP Women's Challenge

Stage 2 - Lowman to Stanley 93.6 km

PositionNameCountryTeamTime / Time Behind
1Anna MillwardAustraliaSaturn2:35:29
2Rasa PolikeviciuteLithuaniaLithuanian National
3Valentina PolkhanovaRussiaItera
4Kristin ArmstrongUnited StatesGoldy'sall s.t.
5Genevieve JeansonCanadaRonaat 0:04
6Kimberly BrucknerUnited StatesSaturn0:06
7Amber NebenUnited StatesT Mobile0:08
8Lyne BessetteCanadaCanadian National0:22
9Diana ZiliuteLithuaniaLithuanian National0:51
10Jolanta PolikeviciuteLithuaniaLithuanian National
11Judith ArndtGermanySaturn
12Priska DoppmannSwitzerlandGoldy's
13Anita ValenNorwaySponsor Services
14Sarah KonradUnited StatesMercy Fitness Center
15Alison LittlefieldUnited StatesContender/
16Pia SundstedtFinlandSponsor Services
17Rachel HealGreat BritainBritish National
18Sue Palmer-KomarCanadaCanadian National
19Petra RossnerGermanySaturn
20Cybil DiGuistiniCanadaCanadian National
21Roz Reekie-MayNew ZealandMercy Fitness Center
22Sarah UlmerNew ZealandNew Zealand
23Barbara LancioniItalyItera
24Manon JutrasCanadaRona
25Leah GoldsteinCanadaBOISE
26Lara RuthvenUnited StatesT Mobile
27Mari HoldenUnited StatesT Mobile
28Kim AndersonUnited StatesT Mobile
29Caroline AlexanderGreat BritainBritish Nationalall s.t.
30Modesta VzisnauskaiteLithuaniaLithuanian National3:04
31Monica ValenNorwaySponsor Services
32Mary McLaurinUnited StatesMercy Fitness Center
33Dotsie CowdenUnited StatesT Mobile
34Zita UrbonaiteLithuaniaLithuanian National
35Solrun FlataasNorwaySponsor Services
36Rydeen StevensUnited StatesContender/
37Sara SymingtonGreat BritainBritish National
38Heather AlbertUnited StatesGoldy's
39Katrina BergerUnited StatesT Mobile
40Johanna BuickNew ZealandNew Zealand
41Gail LongeneckerUnited StatesRona
42Andrea HannosCanadaRona
43Wenche StensvoldNorwaySponsor Services
44Jenny TobinUnited StatesRichard's/NIFC
45Svetlana SamokhvalovaRussiaItera
46Amy JarvisCanadaRona
47Joan WilsonUnited StatesBOISE
48Nicole DemarsCanadaBOISE
49Sandy EspesethCanadaCanadian National
50Catherine MarsalFranceSaturnall s.t.
51Susie WoodNew ZealandNew Zealand10:43
52Liza RachettoUnited StatesIntermountain Orthopedic
53Erika ViliunaiteLithuaniaLithuanian National
54Brooke BabbittUnited StatesGoldy's
55Vera CarraraItalyItera
56Kym ShirleyAustraliaItera
57Meredith MillerUnited StatesIntermountain Orthopedic
58Mary Ann FleckensteinUnited StatesGoldy's13:10
59Maria Molino de OrtizGuatemalaMercy Fitness Center
60Robyn WongNew ZealandNew Zealand
61Sima TrappUnited StatesGoldy's
62Melissa SanbornUnited StatesIntermountain Orthopedic
63Jenny EyermanUnited StatesBOISE
64Nicky SolomonNew ZealandNew Zealand
65Melissa HoltNew ZealandRona
66Stacey PetersUnited StatesBOISE
67Christy KopaszUnited StatesRichard's/NIFC
68Lorien LightfieldUnited StatesRichard's/NIFC
69Lisa MagnessUnited StatesIntermountain Orthopedic
70Melanie SearsGreat BritainBritish National
71Jorunn KvaloeNorwaySponsor Services
72Ina-Yoko TeutenbergGermanySaturnall s.t.
73Emma DaviesGreat BritainBritish National13:20
74Silvia ValsecchiItalyIteras.t.
75Naomi GolloglyUnited StatesLSV/Trek/VW15:18
76Emily WestbrookUnited StatesRichard's/NIFC
77Janelle SmithUnited StatesRichard's/NIFC
78Gina GrainCanadaBOISE
79Patty DavisUnited StatesLSV/Trek/VW
80Anne SamploniusCanadaCanadian National
81Toni BradshawNew ZealandNew Zealand
82Megan ElliottUnited StatesMercy Fitness Center
83Susan HeflerUnited StatesLSV/Trek/VW
84Karen DodgeUnited StatesContender/Optygen.comall s.t.
85Maatje BenassiNetherlandsContender/Optygen.com25:35
86Kasey RoseUnited StatesRichard's/NIFCs.t.
87Mary KneelandUnited StatesLSV/Trek/VW26:54
88Gabriela CastanedaGuatemalaMercy Fitness Center33:18
89Crystal YapUnited StatesIntermountain Orthopedic37:27
DNFBrenda BlackUnited StatesIntermountain Orthopedic
1Anna MillwardAustraliaSaturn5:24:50
2Rasa PolikeviciuteLithuaniaLithuanian Nationals.t.
3Valentina PolkhanovaRussiaIteraat 0:06
4Genevieve JeansonCanadaRona0:07
5Kristin ArmstrongUnited StatesGoldy's0:09
6Kimberly BrucknerUnited StatesSaturn0:16
7Amber NebenUnited StatesT Mobile0:18
8Lyne BessetteCanadaCanadian National0:28
9Petra RossnerGermanySaturn0:51
10Diana ZiliuteLithuaniaLithuanian National0:55
11Jolanta PolikeviciuteLithuaniaLithuanian National0:57
12Sarah UlmerNew ZealandNew Zealand0:58
13Judith ArndtGermanySaturn1:01
14Rachel HealGreat BritainBritish National1:01
15Anita ValenNorwaySponsor Services1:01
16Mari HoldenUnited StatesT Mobile1:01
17Roz Reekie-MayNew ZealandMercy Fitness Center1:01
18Cybil DiGuistiniCanadaCanadian National1:01
19Barbara LancioniItalyItera1:01
20Lara RuthvenUnited StatesT Mobile1:01
21Caroline AlexanderGreat BritainBritish National1:01
22Alison LittlefieldUnited StatesContender/Optygen.com1:01
23Kim AndersonUnited StatesT Mobile1:01
24Pia SundstedtFinlandSponsor Services1:01
25Sarah KonradUnited StatesMercy Fitness Center1:01
26Sue Palmer-KomarCanadaCanadian National1:01
27Leah GoldsteinCanadaBOISE1:01
28Manon JutrasCanadaRona1:01
29Heather AlbertUnited StatesGoldy's3:10
30Priska DoppmannSwitzerlandGoldy's3:12
31Modesta VzisnauskaiteLithuaniaLithuanian National3:14
32Monica ValenNorwaySponsor Services3:14
33Svetlana SamokhvalovaRussiaItera3:14
34Gail LongeneckerUnited StatesRona3:14
35Dotsie CowdenUnited StatesT Mobile3:14
36Katrina BergerUnited StatesT Mobile3:14
37Amy JarvisCanadaRona3:14
38Rydeen StevensUnited StatesContender/Optygen.com3:14
39Joan WilsonUnited StatesBOISE3:14
40Solrun FlataasNorwaySponsor Services3:14
41Wenche StensvoldNorwaySponsor Services3:14
42Andrea HannosCanadaRona3:14
43Nicole DemarsCanadaBOISE3:14
44Sandy EspesethCanadaCanadian National3:14
45Sara SymingtonGreat BritainBritish National3:33
46Catherine MarsalFranceSaturn3:38
47Jenny TobinUnited StatesRichard's/NIFC5:25
48Mary McLaurinUnited StatesMercy Fitness Center5:25
49Zita UrbonaiteLithuaniaLithuanian National6:41
50Johanna BuickNew ZealandNew Zealand6:41
51Vera CarraraItalyItera10:53
52Susie WoodNew ZealandNew Zealand10:53
53Kym ShirleyAustraliaItera10:53
54Erika ViliunaiteLithuaniaLithuanian National10:53
55Brooke BabbittUnited StatesGoldy's10:53
56Liza RachettoUnited StatesIntermountain Orthopedic13:04
57Melissa HoltNew ZealandRona13:19
58Ina-Yoko TeutenbergGermanySaturn13:20
59Jenny EyermanUnited StatesBOISE13:20
60Stacey PetersUnited StatesBOISE13:20
61Jorunn KvaloeNorwaySponsor Services13:20
62Gina GrainCanadaBOISE15:28
63Anne SamploniusCanadaCanadian National15:28
64Mary Ann FleckensteinUnited StatesGoldy's15:31
65Robyn WongNew ZealandNew Zealand15:31
66Nicky SolomonNew ZealandNew Zealand15:31
67Maria Molino de OrtizGuatemalaMercy Fitness Center15:31
68Christy KopaszUnited StatesRichard's/NIFC15:31
69Lisa MagnessUnited StatesIntermountain Orthopedic15:31
70Melanie SearsGreat BritainBritish National15:31
71Emma DaviesGreat BritainBritish National15:41
72Silvia ValsecchiItalyItera15:41
73Karen DodgeUnited StatesContender/Optygen.com17:39
74Sima TrappUnited StatesGoldy's18:27
75Lorien LightfieldUnited StatesRichard's/NIFC18:27
76Melissa SanbornUnited StatesIntermountain Orthopedic25:13
77Meredith MillerUnited StatesIntermountain Orthopedic26:42
78Emily WestbrookUnited StatesRichard's/NIFC27:21
79Naomi GolloglyUnited StatesLSV/Trek/VW27:21
80Patty DavisUnited StatesLSV/Trek/VW27:21
81Toni BradshawNew ZealandNew Zealand27:21
82Susan HeflerUnited StatesLSV/Trek/VW27:21
83Megan ElliottUnited StatesMercy Fitness Center27:21
84Janelle SmithUnited StatesRichard's/NIFC34:02
85Mary KneelandUnited StatesLSV/Trek/VW38:57
86Kasey RoseUnited StatesRichard's/NIFC45:44
87Maatje BenassiNetherlandsContender/Optygen.com50:04
88Gabriela CastanedaGuatemalaMercy Fitness Center53:09
89Crystal YapUnited StatesIntermountain Orthopedic1:01:56

Saturn Team Report

The second stage of the HP Women's Challenge featured a ten mile climb over Banner Pass. With a bright blue sky and cooler temperatures gracing the field of 90 competitors, the field headed out for their first true test of the nineteenth HP Women's Challenge.

Saturn's Petra Rossner began the day in blue, but many were keen to throw down a challenge they speculated could not be answered by the Saturn sprinter. As the field approached the climb, Genevieve Jeanson's team picked up the pace, setting a hard but steady temp for the Canadian phenom. Marked by fellow country woman, Lyne Bessette, as well as Valentina Polkhanova, the Lithuanian twins Rasa and Jolanta Polikeviciute and Amber Neben, Jeanson could not establish a gap over the top of the climb, but did manage to splinter a group of 12 off the front. Saturn's Kimberly Bruckner and Judith Arndt soon joined the group, and from there the gap began to increase. However, not far behind a motivated group of chasers formed and began the hunt. Within 25 kilometers of the finish the two groups joined and the attacks began yet again.

Saturn now had four riders in the main group, Rossner, Arndt, Millward and Bruckner, however, many other teams including the strengthening T-Mobile Team, had good representation as well. After several attacks a group of eight formed that pleased all the major teams. In it were Bruckner and Millward, Polkhanova, Jeanson, Bessette, Rasa, Kristen Armstrong, and Diana Ziliute. This group worked cohesively, opening a maximum gap of 46 seconds. With five kilometers to go, Saturn Bruckner threw down the gauntlet, charging off the front into a severe cross wind. Jeanson and Bessette would not have it, and were able, after four kilometers to come back on terms with her. Jeanson then tried her hand, but it was too close to the finish, and with the sprint heating up, she was unable to break free. With only a few hundred meters left, Millward charged up the left side, coming around Armstrong who was leading out the sprint. Millward took the win by two bike lengths over Rasa Polikeviciute. Polkhanova was third. Bruckner finished in fifth.

So for the second consecutive stage, Saturn has topped the podium. The blue leader's jersey moving from the shoulders of Rossner to teammate Millward almost seamlessly, however with tomorrow's 40 kilometer test of truth, the Saturn Team will have their work cut out for them defending the jersey from the likes of Jeanson, Bessette, Neben and Polkhanova.


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