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June 16/02 7:48 am - Canada Cup #3: Complete XC Results

Posted by Editoress on 06/16/02

Canada Cup #3 Martock Ski Resort, NS
Courtesy Organizers

Cross Country - Sunday June 16, 2002

Senior Elite Men
1. Hurley, Bill (Chelsea, PQ) West Quebec Wheelers2:12:48.53
2. Leis, Mark (Sheffield, PQ) Hobart Dirt Devils / Giant2:13:16.84
3. Lafontaine, Bruno (Cap-De-La-Madeleine, PQ) Fisher - Manitou2:13:46.49
4. Sneddon, Kris (Sechelt, BC) Kona2:14:37.28
5. Jakomait, Jesse (Sault Ste. Marie, ON) 2:17:16.95
6. Bakker, Osmond (Stittsville, ON) Bianchi Canada2:17:33.92
7. Reain, Greg (Barrie, ON) GearsRacing.com2:21:31.34
8. MacBurnie, Dustin (Halifax, NS) Cyclesmith2:21:56.94
9. Darveau, Mathieu (Quebec, PQ) Oryx2:23:57.32
10. Watson, Andrew (Barrie, ON) Bianchi Canada2:25:23.54
11. Webster, Mark (Calgary, AB) Bicisport2:26:27.18
12. McKeown, Brian (Fredericton, NB) Radical Edge2:26:50.64
13. Tsuji, Yoshito (Victoria, BC) Team MX / Haro2:26:57.76
14. Power, Hilton (Ohope, NZl) Giant2:27:09.33
15. Leishman, Mark (Palmerston North, NZl) MBA2:30:04.21
16. Capela, Carlos-Antonio (Kelowna, BC) Cyclepath2:30:30.21
17. Dennis, Mike (Guelph, ON) GearsRacing.com2:31:29.79
18. Eagles, Jason (Truro, NS) Spokebenders2:33:27.07
19. Sutton, Andre (Edmonton, AB) Hardcore2:34:16.21
20. Hotchin, Nick (NZl) MBA2:34:51.77
21. Fillion, Julien (St-Felicien, PQ) Velo 2 Max / InterSport2:35:05.45
22. Ingham, Ryan (Saskatoon, SK) Olympia Cycle & Ski2:35:29.15
23. Kyle, Andrew (Vancouver, BC) Norco2:36:35.31
24. Burnard, Jeffrey (Beaverton) Marzek / Deschutes Brewery2:37:10.85
25. Foster, Mark (Halifax, NS) Cyclesmith2:38:32.06
26. Caissie, Jeremy (Moncton, NB) Bungay's Bike Shop2:39:46.63
27. Carleton, Timothy (Toronto, ON) Kona / Sport Swap2:41:29.04
28. McNeil, Chris (St. John's, NF) Canary Cycles / Team NF2:42:10.05
DNF . Sauve, Neil (North Bay, ON) Bianchi Canada
DNF . Smit, Roderick (Newmarket, ON)
DNF . Noiles, Kevin (Lower Sackville, NS) Sportwheels
DNF . Matheson, Jamie (Moonstone, ON)
DNF . Dipoce, Justin (Aurora, ON) Aquilacycles
DNF . Sparkes, Jeff (Fredericton, NB) Radical Edge
DNF . Betts, Matt (Rothesay, NB) Radical Edge
Senior Elite Women
1. De Wolfe, Karen (Wolfville, NS) Harpoon Brewery2:12:30.01
2. Parker, Sadie (Waitakere, NZl) Trek / Pack 'N Pedal2:16:49.60
3. Sanders, Julie (Beauport, PQ) Oryx / Procycle2:23:28.89
4. Robichaud, Linda (Victoria, BC) Norco2:24:35.56
5. Townsend, Claire (Victoria, BC) Oryx / Procycle2:25:45.25
6. Trimble, Susan (Oakville, ON) GearsRacing.com2:26:53.76
7. Bernier, Marisol (Sherbrooke, PQ) La Randonnee2:28:42.78
8. Cote, Marie Helene (Montreal, PQ) Equipe Record2:29:45.57
9. King, Heather (Kiunbrg, ON) GearsRacing.com2:31:00.38
10. Piccone, Cristina (North Vancouver, BC) Dizzy Cycles2:31:18.68
11. Healy, Anna (Fredericton, NB) Radical Edge2:31:27.69
12. Yew, Ann (Edmonton, AB) Bicisport / Trek2:32:18.92
13. Pendrel, Catharine (Smithfield, NB) Radical Edge2:36:56.87
14. Jobin, Anne Marie (Horetteville, NB) Oryx / Procycle2:39:42.96
DNS. Hall-Patch, Claire (Victoria, BC)
Junior Expert Men
1. Bussieres, Frederic (Ste-Foy, PQ) GearsRacing.com1:49:35.24
2. Lamb, Jamie (Shubenacadie, NS) Cyclesmith1:50:52.68
3. Couture, Pierre-Alexandre (Sherbrook, PQ) Equipe Record1:53:24.19
4. Trudel, Jeremy (Montauban, PQ) Club Cycliste Beauport1:54:27.86
5. Crock-Hana, Ben (Charlottetown, PE) Cycling PEI1:59:25.45
6. St. Onge, Justin (Amherst, NS) Spokebenders2:03:33.05
7. Pilote, Jean-Luc (Berersford, NB) Cycleisme Chaleur2:08:21.12
8. De Gier, Craig (Lower Sackville, NS) Cyclesmith2:13:46.79
9. Graham, Chris (Truro, NS) Spokebenders2:18:41.93
10. Swain, Kyle (Whites Lake, NS) Cyclesmith2:27:41.30
DNF. Lazarski, Martin (Toronto, ON)
DNF. Meier, Christian (Sussex, NB) Kings Country Wheelers
DNF. Barry, Grant (Quispamsis, NB) Rudy Project
DNF. Dooley, Ryan (Halifax, NS) Bicycles Plus
Junior / U17 Expert Women
1. Hupin-Debeurme, Mathilde (Broment, PQ) Sportif Bromont1:17:37.80
2. Torresan, Elsie (Alma, PQ) Cyclone1:18:39.49
3. Scallion, Kate Shirley (Wentworth, NS) Spokebenders1:18:47.69
4. Lupien, Marie-Laurence (Quebec, PQ) Equipe Record1:22:45.71
5. Paquin, Claudia (Cap-De-La-Madeleine, PQ) LaFerte V-M1:24:49.39
Senior Expert Men
1. Jones, Mike (Victoria, BC) Norco2:02:34.64
2. Hines, Justin (Niagra Falls, ON) Libersky / Fisher2:10:08.18
3. Bohac, Filip (Kingston, NS) Valley Stove and Cycle2:11:12.43
4. Price, Christopher (Truro, NS) Bianchi Canada2:11:16.77
5. Lawrence, Michael (Halifax, NS) Cyclesmith2:13:22.00
6. Kerr, Greg (Halifax, NS) 2:19:41.53
7. Batstone, Andrew (Cornerbrook, NF) 2:24:25.09
8. Stephenson, Wes (St. Catharines, ON) St. Catharines Cycling Club2:25:06.24
9. Ryan, Charles (Halifax, NS) Team Evil2:32:35.97
10. Mercer, Scott (Lorner Brook, NF) DNF
DNF. Manford, Matthew (Halifax, NS) Team EvilDNF
DNS. Pendrel, Geoff (North Vancouver, BC) Cove Bike ShopDNS
DNS. Goss, Eric (Mazeralle Settlement, NB) Cove Bike ShopDNS
Senior Expert Women
1. Pryse-Phillips, Amy (St. John's, NF) 01:22:04.58
2. Koval, Krista (Halifax, NS) The Bike People1:25:09.48
3. Jardine, Dawn (Stillwater Lake, NS) The Bike People1:26:02.44
4. McInnis, Lisa (Bedford, NS) The Bike People1:34:52.94
Master 30 - 39 Expert Men
1. Caterini, Lorenzo (Halifax, NS) The Bike People2:00:40.86
2. Rushton, Ed (Hubley, NS) Cyclesmith2:03:29.66
3. Smith, Dan (Halifax, NS) Cyclesmith2:05:59.67
4. MacDonnell, Mike (Halifax, NS) The Bike People2:06:35.82
5. LeBlanc, Michael (Moncton, NB) Mike's Bike Shop2:08:18.54
6. Prolux, Luc (Grand Mere, PQ) Le Yeti2:10:15.81
7. Brown, Andrew (Stratford, PE) Sobeys / Setturman2:14:49.18
8. Bell, Jeff (Halifax, NS) The Bike People2:19:14.84
9. Atwood, James (Woods Harbor, NS) Bicyles Plus2:35:15.62
DNF . Fulford, Brad (Sussex, NB) Kings Country Wheelers
Master Expert 40+ Men
1. Campbell, Peter (Windsor, NS) 1:40:03.75
DNF . Palmer, Robert (Fredericton, NB) Radical Edge
U13 Men
1. Gass, Jeremy (Halifax, NS) The Bike People32:16.83
2. Rushton, Mark (Brookside, NS) Cyclesmith34:53.79
3. Brenton-Gleade, Justin (Truo, NS) 44:04.41
4. Strum, Nic (Bedford, NS) 44:31.96
U15 Men
1. Comeau, Adrien (Digby, NS) Sportwheels27:22.66
2. Pennell, Mark (Dartmouth, NS) Cyclesmith28:03.85
3. O'Toole, Geoff (Dartmouth, NS) Cyclesmith28:16.70
4. Aucoin, Chris (Hilden, NS) Hollis Ford Truro NS29:09.80
5. Gallant, Kyle (Lower Sackville, NS) 29:09.80
6. McLeod, Garrett (Wolfville, NS) Valley Stove and Cycle32:53.31
7. Trussler, Marc (Halifax, NS) Cyclesmith35:11.58
8. Jacquard, Sylvain (Saulneirville, NS) 38:19.86
9. Hannam, Alex (Charlottetown, PE) Schurmans / Sobeys40:56.03
10. Gratto, Jeffery (Debert, NS) 47:58.67
11. Palmer, Jacob (Fredericton, NB) Radical Edge48:24.52
U17 Men
1. Comeau, Daniel (Saint-Martin, NS) Sportwheels1:03:06.10
2. Garland, Zachery (St. John's, NF) Apollo / Canary Cycles1:03:52.52
3. Sweezy, John (Moncton, NB) SE MTB.Club1:09:51.33
4. Atkinson, Liam (Hants County, NS) Spokebenders1:11:14.42
5. Howse, Jonathan (Springdale, NF) 1:11:38.86
6. Leger, Michel (Dieppe, NB) Bungay's Bike Shop1:11:57.58
7. Singleton, Tommy (Hantsport, NS) 1:13:48.49
8. Juteau, Daniel (Digby, NS) The Bike People1:15:03.17
9. Shaw, Jeff (Halifax, NS) Cyclesmith1:20:34.64
10. Chernecki, David. 1:24:25.12
11. Langille, Ian. 1:31:10.46
DNF. Alexander, Liam (Digby, NS)
Junior Sport Men
1. Burgess, Jonathan (Brookside, NS) Bicycles Plus1:09:00.85
2. Kallal, Simon. 1:09:14.65
3. von Kronnenburg, Ryan (Dartmouth, NS) Cyclesmith1:12:24.81
4. Robicheau, Mike (Kentville, NS) Eco Hazards1:29:16.90
5. Billard, Scott (Brookside, NS) Cyclesmith1:36:53.10
DNF. Austin, Martin (Halifax, NS) Cyclesmith
DNF. Martin, Jason Andrew (Halifax, NS) Cyclesmith
Senior Sport Men
1. MacDonald, Richard (St. Peters, NS) Ramasy's Cycle & Sport1:04:46.05
2. Meade, Mickael (Timberlea, NS) Cyclesmith1:05:19.32
3. Belhumeur, Paul (Halifax, NS) Cyclesmith1:05:37.11
4. Eastwood, Mike (Antigonish, NS) 1:12:03.71
5. Hickey, Bruce (Halifax, NS) Sportwheels1:15:35.04
6. Chambers, Derek (Kona) 1:15:39.86
7. Eller, Brian (Coquitlam, BC) Norco1:15:53.52
8. Wright, Dana (Lawerencetown, NS) The Bike People1:16:15.24
9. Barry, Craig (Quispamsis, NB) Alternatives1:16:30.39
10. Klue, Robert (Halifax, NS) Cyclesmith1:16:48.94
11. Lecopia, Anthony (Cyclesmith) 1:19:32.07
12. Gallagher, Dan (Halifax, NS) Team Evil1:24:15.08
13. Stretch, Jared. Schurmans / Sobeys1:30:57.59
DNF. Hickey, Peter (Halifax, NS) The Bike People
DNF. Mcintyre, Eric (Lawerencetown, NS) Bicycles Plus
DNF. Williams, Todd (Edmonton, AB) Mountain Bike City
DNF. McNair, John (Halifax, NS) Cyclesmith
Senior Sport Women
1. Earle-Bishop, Susan (Ellershouse, NS) Cyclesmith1:04:28.62
2. Ayles, Heather (Charlottetown, PE) Cycling PEI1:15:08.63
3. Fraser, Jennifer (St. Peters, NS) Independent1:16:31.75
4. Kindervater, Laura (Halifax, NS) The Bike People1:25:43.51
DNF . Mader, Gwen (Truro, NS) Spokebenders
Master 30-39 Sport Men
1. Berrington, Scott (Hammonds Plains, NS) The Bike People1:04:20.22
2. Myatt, Andrew (Halifax, NS) The Bike People1:05:33.72
3. Myatt, Simon (Musquidaboit, NS) The Bike People1:08:26.56
4. Comeau, Randy (Porter's Lake, NS) The Bike People1:10:31.62
5. Messenger, Stephen (Centreville, NS) Sea Level Cycle1:15:57.79
6. Strang, Mike (Lower Sackville, NS) Cyclesmith1:26:09.59
7. Deveau, Darrin (St. John, NB) Alternatives1:26:24.54
8. Vardy, Jason (Dartmouth, NS) The Bike People1:28:43.37
9. Jurcina, William (Springhill, NS) 1:30:18.98
10. Gallant, Stephen (Lower Sackville, NS) 1:30:39.19
11. Ozan, Derek (Dartmouth, NS) 1:35:17.11
12. Bezanson, Craig (Dartmouth, NS) 1:36:03.55
13. Jacquard, Earl (Saulneirville, NS) 1:43:16.21
DNF . Bustin, Bob (Halifax, NS) Cyclesmith
DNS. Weeks, Blair. Smooth Cycle
DNS. Pottier, Dan (Wolfville, NS)
DNS. Williams, Terry (Edmonton, AB) River Valley Cycle
DNS. Saulnier, Patrick (New Minas, NS)
Master 30-39 Women
1. Broeren, Willi (NS) Radical Edge1:18:30.55
Master Sport 40+ Men
1. Kavanagh, Tommy 'Boy' (Dartmouth, NS) The Bike People1:16:51.97
2. MacNeil, Lawence (Windsor, NS) 1:22:00.05
3. Juteau, Kevin (Digby, NS) The Bike People1:22:16.61
4. Childerhose, Mark. 1:22:28.29
5. Van Kroonenburg, John (Dartmouth, NS) Cyclesmith1:27:11.85
6. Rasmussen, Roy (Antigonish, NS) 1:32:45.86
7. Carleton, Robert (Toronto, ON) Aches & Pains Sports Clinic1:39:30.47
DNS. Mitchell, Steven (Lawrencetown, NS)
DNS. Luke, Gareth (Halifax, NS) Cyclesmith


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