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June 20/02 9:04 am - Mississauga Midweek: Results & Report

Posted by Editoress on 06/20/02

La Bicicletta Midsummer Midweek CriteriumsJune 19

The format was different tonight. The 1/2's rode an 82 km race and the riders who normally ride in the handicap group did a 61.5km event.

Although the 1/2's started about a third of a lap ahead of the rest, they never caught them and lap times for the two groups were almost identical. The format was much appreciated by all and seemed to bring out the best for most of the competitors. In fact, the evening was so successful that it will be repeated later on in the series.

Points were awarded for both sets of finishers.

Senior 1/2 race: 82 km
1. Brent Aquino (Pavan/Lindeberg) S21:54:21
2. Ed Makarchuk (HRT) S2s.t.
3. Ed Maset (Pavan/Lindeberg) MA0:02
4. Bruce Krip (Midweek CC) S20:03
5. Peter Morse (Midweek CC) S11:17
6. Gregory Cavanagh (Oakville Cyclepath) MA
7. Chris Gruber (Independent) S3
8. Kevin Speacht (Midweek CC.) S1
9. Don Zuck (Pavan/Lindeberg) S1
10. Carlos Barros (HRT) MAall s.t.
Senior 3 and others race: 61.5 km
1. Rob Goode (Waterloo Flying Dogs) MB1:26:08
2. Mark Shaw (Independent) MBs.t.
3. Derek Koops (MBRC) M0:01
4. Doug Hinan (Peterborough) MA0:02
5. Stuart MacKay (Mississauga BRC) MA0:04
6. Jacques Guenette (St Cath CC) MAs.t.
7. Paul Greene (Chain Reaction) MA0:06
8. Martin Derlacki (Independent) MA
9. Glen Cameron (HRT) MA
10. Hamish Gordon (MBRC) MBall s.t.

Next Monday, Aubrey Bryce of D'Ornellas Racing Club will be conducting a double echelon clinic before the novice races. Come early.


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