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June 27/02 6:46 am - Geldsetzer Grand Prix Track Meet

Posted by Editor on 06/27/02

Geldsetzer Grand Prix - Calgary, Alberta
Courtesy Sean Huggins-Chan

The Geldsetzer Grand Prix was held June 22-23 at the Glenmore Velodrome in Calgary, AB. The event ran very smoothly. Thanks to the ABA, the CBTL, the Commissaires and all the volunteers who came out to make this event possible.

Seven events were contested over the 2 days. Omnium prizes were awarded to the overall points winners in 4 categories: Open men, Open women, Master men, and Junior men.

10 Lap Scratch Race
1Chris BentleyOlympic OvalOpen Men10
2Mike PattonOlympic OvalOpen Men7
3Bob VerobaBicisportOpen Men5
4Scott WilliamsPul/ForteOpen Men3
5Tom AmberiadisMtn Bike CityNovice Men2
1Lisa BoweOlympic OvalOpen Women10
2Rebecca WilkinsonSynergyOpen Women7
3Anthony StadnykBicisportUnder 175
4Natasha KuzmakSynergyOpen Women3
1Troy DelfsSynergyMaster Men10
2Sean Huggins-ChanBicisportMaster Men7
3cp WalshSynergyMaster Men5
4Alex McCuaigIndepdendentMaster Men3
5Karl WaeldeliIndepdendentMaster Men2
6Reid DalgleishJuventusMaster Men1
7Bob BurdenERTCMaster Men
8Derek MayneIndepdendentMaster Men
9Greg YanickiBicisportMaster Men
10Rob OnoderaIndepdendentMaster Men
1Spencer AtkinsonOlympic OvalJunior Men10
2Eric HollandBow Cycle/CMCJunior Men7
3Andrew DavidsonTrek/VWJunior Men5
4Philippe AbbottOlympic OvalJunior Men3
5Jamie SparlingBow Cycle/CMCJunior Men2
6Jeff SparlingOlympic OvalJunior Men1
7Rene RegimbaldOlympic OvalJunior Men
8Felix HaspelOlympic OvalJunior Men
4000m Pursuit
1Bob VerobaBicisportOpen Men04:47.910
2Chris BentleyOlympic OvalOpen Men04:58.27
3Mike PattonOlympic OvalOpen Men05:11.95
4Scott WilliamsPul/ForteOpen Men05:24.63
5Tom AmberiadisMtn Bike CityNovice Men05:27.62
6Chris HooperBicisportOpen Men05:34.51
7Jeff KlassenERTCOpen Men05:45.6
8Marco AlbinusBicisportOpen Men05:55.8
Points Race
1Jim FisherColnago/CarreraOpen Men2410
2Chris BentleyOlympic OvalOpen Men207
3Mike PattonOlympic OvalOpen Men1852 sprint wins
4Bob VerobaBicisportOpen Men183no sprint wins
5Scott WilliamsPul/ForteOpen Men102
6Chris HooperBicisportOpen Men21
7Tom AmberiadisMtn Bike CityNovice Men0
Neil ThebeauColnago/CarreraOpen Men
Graeme ThomsonBicisportOpen Men
Joe ShanderaJuventusNovice Men
Marco AlbinusBicisportNovice Men
Jeff KlassenERTCOpen Men
1Kathy WhiteJeune CyclismeOpen Women3010
2Lisa BoweOlympic OvalOpen Women137
3Anthony StadnykBicisportUnder 1795one second
4Rebecca WilkinsonSynergyOpen Women93two seconds
5Natasha KuzmakSynergyOpen Women52
1cp WalshSynergyMaster Men2110
2Troy DelfsSynergyOpen Men167
3Sean Huggins-ChanBicisportMaster Men125
4Reid DalgleishJuventusMaster Men113
5Bob BurdenERTCMaster Men52
6Derek MayneIndepdendentMaster Men11
7Alex McCuaigIndepdendentMaster Men0
7Greg YanickiBicisportMaster Men0
7Rob OnoderaIndepdendentMaster Men0
7Karl WaeldeliIndepdendentMaster Men0
1Spencer AtkinsonOlympic OvalJunior Men2710
2Andrew DavidsonTrek/VWJunior Men257
3Jamie SparlingBow Cycle/CMCJunior Men115
4Philippe AbbottOlympic OvalJunior Men83
5Jeff SparlingOlympic OvalJunior Men22
6Felix HaspelOlympic OvalJunior Men01
7Rene RegimbaldOlympic OvalJunior Men41 lap behind Felix
DQEric HollandBow Cycle/CMCJunior Men
1000m Results
1Jim FisherColnago/CarreraOpen Men1.06.6010
2Bob VerobaBicisportOpen Men1.08.367
3Chris BentleyOlympic OvalOpen Men1.10.015
4Neil ThebeauColnago/CarreraOpen Men1.10.313
5Mike PattonOlympic OvalOpen Men1.11.922
6Scott WilliamsPul/ForteOpen Men1.12.621
7Tom AmberiadisMtn Bike CityNovice Men1.13.73
8Chris HooperBicisportOpen Men1.16.71
1Tim CaulfieldJuventusMaster Men1.16.3810
2Derek MayneIndepdendentMaster Men1.17.427
3Bob BurdenERTCMaster Men1.18.245
4Reid DalgleishJuventusMaster Men1.21.923
5Sean Huggins-ChanBicisportMaster Men1.22.922
6Norm KalmanovitchBow Cycle/CMCMaster Men1.23.521
7Alex McCuaigIndepdendentMaster Men1.25.41
8Greg YanickiBicisportMaster Men1.26.34
9Rob OnoderaIndepdendentMaster Men1.27.35
1Spencer AtkinsonOlympic OvalJunior Men1.13.1010
2Jamie SparlingBow Cycle/CMCJunior Men1.15.997
3Andrew DavidsonTrek/VWJunior Men1.16.085
4Philippe AbbottOlympic OvalJunior Men1.16.833
5Eric HollandBow Cycle/CMCJunior Men1.16.982
6Felix HaspelOlympic OvalJunior Men1.18.901
7Jeff SparlingOlympic OvalJunior Men1.20.26
8Rene RegimbaldOlympic OvalJunior Men1.22.03
500m Results
1Kathy WhiteJeune CyclismeOpen Women4110
2Lisa BoweOlympic OvalOpen Women41.67
3Natasha KuzmakSynergyOpen Women44.85
4Anthony StadnykBicisportUnder 1745.43
5Rebecca WilkinsonSynergyOpen Women45.432
Devil Take the Hindmost
1Bob VerobaBicisportOpen Men10
2Chris BentleyOlympic OvalOpen Men7
3Neil ThebeauColnago/CarreraOpen Men5
4Scott WilliamsPul/ForteOpen Men3
5Graeme ThomsonBicisportOpen Men2
6Joe ShanderaJuventusNovice Men1
7Chris HooperBicisportOpen Men
8Mike PattonOlympic OvalOpen Men
9Marco AlbinusBicisportNovice Men
10Jeff KlassenERTCOpen Men
1Rebecca WilkinsonSynergyOpen Women10
2Lisa BoweOlympic OvalOpen Women7
3Natasha KuzmakSynergyOpen Women5
4Anthony StadnykBicisportUnder 173
1cp WalshSynergyMaster Men10
2Bob BurdenERTCMaster Men7
3Derek MayneIndepdendentMaster Men5
4Reid DalgleishJuventusMaster Men3
5Alex McCuaigIndepdendentMaster Men2
6Sean Huggins-ChanBicisportMaster Men1
7Karl WaeldeliIndepdendentMaster Men
8Greg YanickiBicisportMaster Men
9Rob OnoderaIndepdendentMaster Men
1Jamie SparlingBow Cycle/CMCJunior Men10
2Eric HollandBow Cycle/CMCJunior Men7
3Andrew DavidsonTrek/VWJunior Men5
4Jeff SparlingOlympic OvalJunior Men3
5Rene RegimbaldOlympic OvalJunior Men2
6Felix HaspelOlympic OvalJunior Men1
7Phil AbbottOlympic OvalJunior Men
8Spencer AtkinsonOlympic OvalJunior Men
Flying 200m Results
1Jim FisherColnago/CarreraOpen Men11.0410
2Neil ThebeauColnago/CarreraOpen Men11.297
3Graeme ThomsonBicisportOpen Men11.455
4Mike PattonOlympic OvalOpen Men11.883
5Bob VerobaBicisportOpen Men11.942
6Joe ShanderaJuventusNovice Men11.961
7Scott WilliamsPul/ForteOpen Men12
8Tom AmberiadisMtn Bike CityNovice Men12.24
9Marco AlbinusBicisportNovice Men12.84
10Chris HooperBicisportOpen Men12.98
1Lisa BoweOlympic OvalOpen Women13.5810
2Natasha KuzmakSynergyOpen Women14.897
3Rebecca WilkinsonSynergyOpen Women15.085
4Anthony StadnykBicisportUnder 1715.433
1Tim CaulfieldJuventusMaster Men12.1610
2cp WalshSynergyMaster Men12.257
3Brad RemendaJuventusMaster Men12.295
4Derek MayneIndepdendentMaster Men12.433
5Bob BurdenERTCMaster Men13.212
6Norm KalmanovitchBow Cycle/CMCMaster Men13.271
7Sean Huggins-ChanBicisportMaster Men13.43
8Karl WaeldeliIndepdendentMaster Men13.46
9Greg YanickiBicisportMaster Men14.21
10Alex McCuaigIndepdendentMaster Men14.35
11Rob OnoderaIndepdendentMaster Men14.52
1Spencer AtkinsonOlympic OvalJunior Men12.2510
2Felix HaspelOlympic OvalJunior Men12.397
3Jamie SparlingBow Cycle/CMCJunior Men12.545
4Jeff SparlingOlympic OvalJunior Men12.93
5Eric HollandBow Cycle/CMCJunior Men12.952
6Rene RegimbaldOlympic OvalJunior Men13.051
7Andrew DavidsonTrek/VWJunior Men13.26
Open Men Sprint Results
Round 1: One Ride ONLY
115th seedScott WilliamsPul/Forte
24th seedJoe ShanderaJuventus
226th seedTom AmberiadisMtn Bike City
13rd seedMike PattonOlympic Oval
327th seedMarco AlbinusBicisport
12nd seedGraeme ThomsonBicisport
428th seedChris HooperBicisport
11st seedNeil ThebeauColnago/Carrera
Semi-Final: One Ride ONLY
12Mike PattonOlympic Oval
1Graeme ThomsonBicisport
22Scott WilliamsPul/Forte
1Neil ThebeauColnago/Carrera
Fifth through Eighth: Losers from Round 1
11Joe ShanderaJuventus
DNSTom AmberiadisMtn Bike City
DNSMarco AlbinusBicisport
DNSChris HooperBicisport
Gold Medal Final: Best of Three
12Graeme ThomsonBicisport
1Neil ThebeauColnago/Carrera
Bronze Medal Final: Best of Three
11Mike PattonOlympic Oval
2Scott WilliamsPul/Forte
Final Results
1Neil ThebeauColnago/Carrera10
2Graeme ThomsonBicisport7
3Mike PattonOlympic Oval5
4Scott WilliamsPul/Forte3
5Joe ShanderaJuventus2
8Tom AmberiadisMtn Bike City
8Marco AlbinusBicisport
8Chris HooperBicisport
Open Women Sprint Results
Round 1: One Ride ONLY
15th seed2Rebecca WilkinsonSynergy
4th seed1Natasha KuzmakSynergy
26th seed2Anthony StadnykBicisport
3rd seed1Lisa BoweOlympic Oval
Gold Medal Final: Best of Three
11Lisa BoweOlympic Oval
2Natasha KuzmakSynergy
Bronze Medal Final: Best of Three
11Rebecca WilkinsonSynergy
DNSAnthony StadnykBicisport
Final Results
1Lisa BoweOlympic Oval10
2Natasha KuzmakSynergy7
3Rebecca WilkinsonSynergy5
4Anthony StadnykBicisport3
Master Men Sprint Results
Round 1: One Ride ONLY
15th seed2Bob BurdenERTC
4th seed1Derek MayneIndepdendent
26th seed2Norm KalmanovitchBow Cycle/CMC
3rd seed1Brad RemendaJuventus
37th seed2Sean Huggins-ChanBicisport
2nd seed1cp WalshSynergy
48th seed2Karl WaeldeliIndepdendent
1st seed1Tim CaulfieldJuventus
Semi-Final: One Ride ONLY
12Brad RemendaJuventus
1cp WalshSynergy
22Derek MayneIndepdendent
1Tim CaulfieldJuventus
Fifth through Eighth: Losers from Round 1
11Bob BurdenERTC
2Sean Huggins-ChanBicisport
3Norm KalmanovitchBow Cycle/CMC
4Karl WaeldeliIndepdendent
Gold Medal Final: Best of Three
12cp WalshSynergy
1Tim CaulfieldJuventus
Bronze Medal Final: Best of Three
11Brad RemendaJuventus
2Derek MayneIndepdendent
Final Results
1Tim CaulfieldJuventus10
2cp WalshSynergy7
3Brad RemendaJuventus5
4Derek MayneIndepdendent3
5Bob BurdenERTC2
6Sean Huggins-ChanBicisport1
7Norm KalmanovitchBow Cycle/CMC
8Karl WaeldeliIndepdendent
Junior Men Sprint Results
Round 1: One Ride ONLY
11st seed1Spencer AtkinsonOlympic Oval
4th seed3Jeff SparlingOlympic Oval
6th seed2Rene RegimbaldOlympic Oval
22nd seed2Felix HaspelOlympic Oval
3rd seed1Jamie SparlingBow Cycle/CMC
5th seed3Eric HollandBow Cycle/CMC
Repechage Round
11Rene RegimbaldOlympic Oval
2Eric HollandBow Cycle/CMC
22Jeff SparlingOlympic Oval
1Felix HaspelOlympic Oval
Semi-Final: One Ride ONLY
12Jamie SparlingBow Cycle/CMC
1Felix HaspelOlympic Oval
21Spencer AtkinsonOlympic Oval
2Rene RegimbaldOlympic Oval
5&6 Final
1Eric HollandBow Cycle/CMC
2Jeff SparlingOlympic Oval
Gold Medal Final: Best of Three
12Felix HaspelOlympic Oval
1Spencer AtkinsonOlympic Oval
Bronze Medal Final: Best of Three
11Jamie SparlingBow Cycle/CMC
2Rene RegimbaldOlympic Oval
Final Results
1Spencer AtkinsonOlympic Oval10
2Felix HaspelOlympic Oval7
3Jamie SparlingBow Cycle/CMC5
4Rene RegimbaldOlympic Oval3
5Eric HollandBow Cycle/CMC2
6Jeff SparlingOlympic Oval1

FinalNameClubCategory200mPursuitDevilSprintsScratchKilo/500Points RaceTotal
1Bob VerobaBicisportOpen Men21010057337
2Chris BentleyOlympic OvalOpen Men0770105736
3Jim FisherColnago/CarreraOpen Men100000101030
4Mike PattonOlympic OvalOpen Men350572527
5Neil ThebeauColnago/CarreraOpen Men7051003025
6Scott WilliamsPul/ForteOpen Men033331215
7Graeme ThomsonBicisportOpen Men502700014
8Tom AmberiadisMtn Bike CityNovice Men02002004
9Joe ShanderaJuventusNovice Men10120004
10Chris HooperBicisportOpen Men01000012
11Marco AlbinusBicisportNovice Men00000000
12Jeff KlassenERTCOpen Men00000000
1Lisa BoweOlympic OvalOpen Women1010710107761
2Rebecca WilkinsonSynergyOpen Women5710572339
3Natasha KuzmakSynergyOpen Women755735234
4Anthony StadnykBicisportUnder 17333353525
5Kathy WhiteJeune CyclismeOpen Women00000101020
1cp WalshSynergyMaster Men710107501049
2Tim CaulfieldJuventusMaster Men100010010030
3Bob BurdenERTCMaster Men277205225
4Derek MayneIndepdendentMaster Men355307124
5Troy DelfsSynergyMaster Men0000100717
6Sean Huggins-ChanBicisportMaster Men001172516
7Reid DalgleishJuventusMaster Men033013313
8Brad RemendaJuventusMaster Men500500010
9Alex McCuaigIndepdendentMaster Men02203007
10Norm KalmanovitchBow Cycle/CMCMaster Men10000102
11Karl WaeldeliIndepdendentMaster Men00002002
12Greg YanickiBicisportMaster Men01000001
13Rob OnoderaIndepdendentMaster Men00000000
1Spencer AtkinsonOlympic OvalJunior Men10301010101053
2Jamie SparlingBow Cycle/CMCJunior Men5710527541
3Andrew DavidsonTrek/VWJunior Men0105055732
4Eric HollandBow Cycle/CMCJunior Men227272022
5Felix HaspelOlympic OvalJunior Men701701117
6Philippe AbbottOlympic OvalJunior Men050033314
7Jeff SparlingOlympic OvalJunior Men313110211
8Rene RegimbaldOlympic OvalJunior Men10230006


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