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June 29/02 1:29 am - RAAM, Fitchburg

Posted by Editor on 06/29/02

Race Across America

At 5:33 this morning June 28th, Mike Lau of the Ottawa Bicycle Club arrived in Pensicola, Florida to become only the second Canadian to finish the Race Across America. He completed the 2,991 mile route in 11 days 20hrs 33 minutes. Mike was the 9th solo rider to finish before today's noon cut off time.

Avery Burdett
Ottawa Bicycle Club

Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic

Saturn Report

The second stage of the Fitchburg - Longsjo Classic was a circuit race held on a 3.5 mile loop with a steep climb at the start finish line.

The 13 lap women's race got off to a quick start with early attacks from the Saturn Team. With only one-second separating race leader Lyne Bessette and Saturn's Kimberly Bruckner, Bessette had no choice but to shadow the Saturn rider. An early break with Saturn's Jessica Phillips, Laura Van Gilder and Clara Hughes was brought back after gaining 25 seconds, setting Saturn's Catherine Marsal up nicely for an attack. Marsal's gap opened steadily, with a reaction coming finally from Bessette, who was followed by Bruckner. The two reached Marsal and quickly drove the gap up to over two minutes. On the final time up the hill, it was Bessette coming to the front for her second consecutive stage win, followed by Bruckner and then Marsal for third. Bessette now leads the Tour by 11 seconds over Bruckner. Marsal will move into third overall. Unfortunately, Canadian Genevieve Jeanson will not be at the start line for tomorrow's road race. Jeanson, having just finished second at the HP Women's Challenge, pulled out after a few laps, citing fatigue.

The men's race began aggressively as well. An early break of three with Saturn's Ivan Dominguez and John Hamblin gained sometime but never enough to threaten race leader Phil Zajicek Yellow Jersey. Once the threesome was caught, a series of attacks split the filed, and a group of eleven finally shook itself free of the peloton. Prime Alliance teammates Danny Pate and Chris Horner, both high up in the overall after yesterday's time trial were joined by Navigator's Tom Leaper and Chris Baldwin. Saturn was represented by Tim Johnson. Mercury had two riders in the group including eventual second place Mike Sayers. Zajicek was not in the group, however, the break was working well, and soon the gap reached a minute. With Eric Wohlberg's chance to move into yellow going up the road, Saturn took up the chase, bringing back twenty seconds by the finish. In the final meters it was Horner convincingly for the win over Sayers. Johnson finished in third. Baldwin will be in Yellow tomorrow followed by Horner and then Pate.

Rona Report

RONA's Jeanson retires from race

Fitchburg, Massachusetts, June 28, 2002 - Lyne Bessette, of the Québec Selection, won her second stage in a row and consolidated her lead in the overall standings at the Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic. Geneviève Jeanson, of Team RONA, retired at about mid-stage today.

"I came back just last Monday from Idaho, where I spent a lot of energy in a nine-day race which was aggressive from start to finish", said the 20-year old athlete about her decision. "I started in Fitchburg in spite of André's (Aubut, RONA team manager) advice. But obviously he was right, I had not had enough rest after such a demanding race. And I would rather rest than just ride in the middle of the pack And not race aggressively the way I like to race."

Bessette won the stage after she successfully broke away with Saturn's Kimberly Bruckner and Catherine Marsal. Nicole Freedman, of Team RONA, finished fifth, after ranking second in the peloton's mass sprint behond Laura Van Gilder (USA, Trek). Melissa Holt (NZL) and Manon Jutras (CAN), both of RONA, are respectively 6th and 9th in General Classification.

Results of stage 2

1HORNER ChrisBendORPrime Alliance2:40:43
2SAYERS MikeMercury
3JOHNSON TimSaturn Cycling Teamboth s.t.
4BALDWIN ChrisBoulderCONavigators Cycling T0:04
5LIESWYN John7Up / NutraFig
6PINEDA Oscar7Up / NutraFig
7PATE DannyColorado SpringsCOPrime Allianceall s.t.
8LEAPER TomDenvilleNJNavigators Cycling T0:10
9ZARATE JesusMercurys.t.
10MENARD GeorgeYorkPATeam Snow Valley0:42
11REPINSKI ViktorSaturn Cycling Team0:47
12MCCORMACK MarkSaturn Cycling Team
13MCCORMACK FrankSaturn Cycling Team
14PETERS JohnSanta RosaCAPrime Alliance
15CANDELARIO AlexBoulderCOPrime Alliance
16ZAJICEK PhilMercury
17WOHLBERG EricSaturn Cycling Teamall s.t.
18KLUCK DamonSaturn Cycling Team0:56
19MITCHELL GlenSanta RosaCANavigators Cycling T1:06
20PETERSEN SorenSaturn Cycling Teams.t.
21PAPP JoeGlenn SpeyNYThink Racing2:10
22ERDELYI JonathanBrickNJIdeal Tile / Brielles.t.
23FOLEY SkipLincolnMATrek, East Coast Fa2:14
24DOMINGUEZ IvanSaturn Cycling Team
25YAMAMOTO YasuhiroWarrenPAKissena Cycling Team
26PAGE JonNorthfieldNHWheelworks / Cannond
27WIRSING JonathanGlen AllenVATeam Snow Valley
29JONES MikeHarpersvilleNYWheelworks / Cannond
30BOUCHARD-HALL KevinBurlingtonVTG.S. Mengoni
31HAMBLEN JonManassasVAWheelworks / Cannond
32BAKER PeterBrookfieldCTWest Virginia / Goma
33RAISIN SaulDaltonGAThe People's Cycling
34LOPINTO PeterMadisonNJOFOTO - Lombardi Spo
35ZIMMERMAN ZachRichmondVATrek / Volkswagen /
36PANTASTICO AdamN. PlainfieldNJWatchung Wheelmen
37ALBERS KirkRoslindaleMAJelly Belly / Carlsb
38HOLDER Joshwichita fallsTXHotter-n-Hell Hundre
39RYTLEWSKI JakeBay CityMITri City Cyclist
40DIONNE Charles7Up / NutraFig
41DESROSEIRS Jean PaulWestportMAHawley - Racksmith.c
42HERRIOTT ToddNew YorkNYThink Racing
43GODFREY Hayden7Up / NutraFig
44WILLIAMSON BretKillingtonVTHawley / Racksmith.c
45CHASE KindlerAvonCOunattached
46HUGHES CameronBrisbaneKissena
47HAWKINS MattCumberlandMEKissena Cycling Team
48THOMAS DarbyEast MontpelierVTWheelworks / Cannond
49BARTON MikeGranthamNHSunapee / Banagan's
51PINEDA Juan7Up / NutraFig
52GARLAPOW AdamBuffaloNYShickluna
53ASPHOLM RogerPark RidgeNJThink Racing
54EARLY BenCharlotteNCEvergreen / Easton
55FINKBEINER MaxSmyrnaGAJittery Joe's Pro Cy
57ANTHONY JoshBeverlyMASaturn Development C
58SEINIEWICZ Gregnorth easthamMAOfoto-lombardis
59SBEIH AdhamMercury
60ALACHOYAN JosephAmherstMAIdeal Tile / Brielle
61CREED MichaelColorado SpringsCOPrime Alliance
62LETENDRE, JR. WillNorwichVTBoston Road Club
63HEKMAN MarkGrand RapidsMIFinger Lakes Cycling
64STOCKWELL LukeBrisbaneJittery Joe's Pro Cy
65INNES WilliamRedwood CityCAKissena Cycling Team
66BAER JasonBurlingtonVTGS Mengoni USA
67WREN TylerMercury
68REINHART TimmacungiePASaturn Development
69YOUNG DavidKillingtonVTNCC
70PRADONETO HugoColorado SpringsCOCody Racing
71WALTERS MarkMilfordPANavigators Cycling T
72BECK ChristopherbaltoMDLSV/Trek/VW
73STEVENSON RussellSeattleWAPrime Alliance
74BORONOW EugeneJamaicaNYCentury-SBCG
76ANDERSON MarcJupiterFLCyclescience/Trek/Vo
77WHERRY ChrisMercury
78WOLF GregwestonCTCC Etupe
79KETCHELL RobbyWilmingtonNYUPMC / Fuji Cycling
80FLEMING EricWatertownMAPro Cycles - Giant
81GUAY RyanBoulderCONavigators Cycling T
82WILCOX CraigPort AngelesWASaturn Development
83RETO LauperSan FranciscoCA
84SWINDLEHURST BurkeLaverkinUTNavigators Cycling T
85SHEEHAN Clark7Up / NutraFig
86JONES BriceMercury
87REID ForestProvidenceRIProvidence Velo Club
88MCLERAN IanDanburyCTStage 1 / Cannondale
89PECK ChrisSouthburyCTWheelworks / Cannond
90WHITE FritzColorado SpringsCORage Racing/Titus
91ROTH GregbrightOntario/McMaster
92AUER KristopherbaltimoreMDLSV/Trek/VW
93MCCORMACK ShawnLeicesterMATrek / Volkswagen /
94TUFT SveinLangleyBrPrime Alliance
95FAULKNER NatBracebridgeKissena Sports
96MUELLER MichaelNorthfieldNHWheelworks / Cannond
97BEILBY IanSlingerlandsNYGMBC / Invensys
99ROTH RyanBrightOntario
100MILLS DonExeterNHWheelworks / Cannondall s.t.
101RANDELL AndrewTorontoKissena Cycling Team2:59
102ZIEWACZ Doug7Up / NutraFig
103PINKHAM RyanMarshfieldMAGS MENGONI USAboth s.t.
104WHITE MichaelBurkeVANational Capitol Vel4:37
105ST. MARTIN IsaacCandiaNHNHCC / Team NH6:42
106MILLINGTON SteveHamiltonWinners Edges.t.
107LANGLEY RussellWashingtonDCTeam Snow Valley6:46
108PERERA LarryCCB / Volkswagen6:50
109ROSZKO SteveNorthamptonMANCC /
110BRUMBLE AmosCCB / Volkswagenboth s.t.
111JONES JasonAtlantaGAJittery Joe's Pro Cy6:56
112MONAHAN Kevin7Up / NutraFigs.t.
113TAYLOR DylanBooneNCASU7:06
114SACRAMONE ChrisLeominsterMAProCycles/Giant7:44
115ZWIZANSKI ScottSpring CityPATeam Snow Valley
117APPLEGATE AndyAshevilleNCCane Creek / Subaru
118DENNIS NilsEllicott CityMDBike Doctor
119SULLIVAN PatrickBoulderCOGS Ciao
120SVATEK MatthewCarllisleMAWheelworks / Cannond
121INCONIGLIOS MattStamfordCTStage 1
122HEDGES KrisBaltimoreMDTeam Snow Valley
123MORAN HughCitraFLCyclescience/Trek/VW
124AUSTTIN JeffreyPhoenixAZPCT
125BRINKEN MariuszFranklin SquareNYKissena Cycling Team
126KELSEY MarcohackettstownNJWatchung Wheelmen/Hi
127WORDIN JohnMercury
128HARPLE CodyS. DartmouthMAEssex County Velo
129LOPEZ DonnyState CollegePAIdeal Tile / Brielleall s.t.
130SILBERFARB BenNorwichVTEssex County Velo8:56
131SOMMERVILLE DavidBrooklynNYDavidsommerville.com11:14
132BROWN LincolnBurlingtonVTHawley / Racksmith.c11:42
133KUBAS BenKillingtonVTHawley - Racksmith.c
134HUSK JonBarreVTall s.t.
135SILBERMAN MarcMillburnNJWatchung Wheelmen /11:47
136MILLS AndrewSturbridgeMATrek/VW/Goodales12:21
137CRADDOCK JeffCCB / Volkswagens.t.
138BERTUCCO MarcNew YorkNYAthletes By Design13:06
139VIA JeffBaltimoreMDTeam Snow Valley13:10
140BORNHOLT Nicholas14:14
141NORTON MichaelGoshenNYUPMC / Fuji Cyclings.t.
142YU JeraldSmithvilleNJTeam Express/Pro Ped14:53
143VERHEUL JohnNorthamptonMAIdeal Tile / Brielles.t.
144MORRELL JohnMarbleheadMDHawley - Racksmith.c14:59
146BEAMON EdDenvilleNJNavigators Cycling Tboth s.t.
147KINGS MatthewBrantfordGearsRacing.com15:15
149HACKLER KurtCCB / Volkswagen18:21
150KRAUSE RossAmherstMAGS Mengoni USA20:14
151PETERS BenjaminShelburneVTNECSA/FUJI/Fraysee's21:27
152DAVIS ChadbronxNYThink Racing21:58
DNFSHEEDY BrianWhite CloudMINavigators Cycling T
DNFDECANIO MattTusconAZPrime Alliance
DNFMILNE ShawnGloucesterMAWheelworks / Cannond
DNFDAVIS CurtBethelCTWheelworks / Cannond
DNFDITTERICH KirkGrand RapidsMIAda Bike Club
DNFBENOIT ChristopherBeverlyMAEssex County Velo
DNFRACE NathanMonument BeachMAFitness First / MBRC
DNFMYERSON AdamNorthamptonMAGS Mengoni USA
DNFSTAFFORD BenStanfordCAKissena Cycling Team
DNFSOUTHERLAND PhilAthensGAPeople's Cycling
DNFSCHNEIDER JasonMerrickNYThink Racing
DNFNELESSEN GuillaumePrincetonNJUPMC Fuji Cycling
DNFLANE LaurenceWashingtonDCBike Doctor/Cannonda
1BALDWIN ChrisBoulderCONavigators Cycling T2:57:21
2HORNER ChrisBendORPrime Allianceat 0:00:11
3PATE DannyColorado SpringsCOPrime Alliance0:00:24
4ZAJICEK PhilMercury0:00:28
5SAYERS MikeMercury0:00:29
6WOHLBERG EricSaturn Cycling Team0:00:35
7LIESWYN John7Up / NutraFig0:00:39
8JOHNSON TimSaturn Cycling Team0:00:46
9REPINSKI ViktorSaturn Cycling Team0:00:48
10ZARATE JesusMercury0:00:50
11LEAPER TomDenvilleNJNavigators Cycling T0:00:51
12MCCORMACK MarkSaturn Cycling Team0:01:11
13PINEDA Oscar7Up / NutraFig0:01:17
14MCCORMACK FrankSaturn Cycling Team0:01:20
15KLUCK DamonSaturn Cycling Team0:01:33
16MITCHELL GlenSanta RosaCANavigators Cycling T0:01:36
17MENARD GeorgeYorkPATeam Snow Valley0:01:46
18CANDELARIO AlexBoulderCOPrime Alliance0:01:59
19PETERS JohnSanta RosaCAPrime Alliance0:02:07
20WHERRY ChrisMercury0:02:08
21PETERSEN SorenSaturn Cycling Team0:02:11
22SBEIH AdhamMercury0:02:26
23CREED MichaelColorado SpringsCOPrime Alliance0:02:33
24SEINIEWICZ Gregnorth easthamMAOfoto-lombardis0:02:41
25INNES WilliamRedwood CityCAKissena Cycling Team0:02:46
26GODFREY Hayden7Up / NutraFig0:02:47
27WALTERS MarkMilfordPANavigators Cycling T0:02:57
28HAMBLEN JonManassasVAWheelworks / Cannond0:03:01
29DOMINGUEZ IvanSaturn Cycling Team0:03:06
30RETO LauperSan FranciscoCA0:03:07
31TUFT SveinLangleyBrPrime Alliance0:03:08
32JONES MikeHarpersvilleNYWheelworks / Cannond0:03:09
33JONES BriceMercury0:03:10
34PAGE JonNorthfieldNHWheelworks / Cannond0:03:12
35WIRSING JonathanGlen AllenVATeam Snow Valley0:03:12
36DIETRICH MikeNorwoodMAFuji UPMC0:03:14
37GUAY RyanBoulderCONavigators Cycling T0:03:17
38THOMAS DarbyEast MontpelierVTWheelworks / Cannond0:03:18
39HERRIOTT ToddNew YorkNYThink Racing0:03:19
40PRADONETO HugoColorado SpringsCOCody Racing0:03:20
41STEVENSON RussellSeattleWAPrime Alliance0:03:21
42ROTH RyanBrightOntario0:03:21
43BAILEY RobertWillistonVTHawley-RackSmith.com0:03:22
44HEKMAN MarkGrand RapidsMIFinger Lakes Cycling0:03:24
45ZIEWACZ Doug7Up / NutraFig0:03:25
46WREN TylerMercury0:03:25
47HUGHES CameronBrisbaneKissena0:03:26
48BOUCHARD-HALL KevinBurlingtonVTG.S. Mengoni0:03:27
49RANDELL AndrewTorontoKissena Cycling Team0:03:29
50FAULKNER NatBracebridgeKissena Sports0:03:30
51SHEEHAN Clark7Up / NutraFig0:03:32
52MILLS DonExeterNHWheelworks / Cannond0:03:32
53PAPP JoeGlenn SpeyNYThink Racing0:03:34
54RAISIN SaulDaltonGAThe People's Cycling0:03:34
55MCCORMACK ShawnLeicesterMATrek / Volkswagen /0:03:35
56LOPINTO PeterMadisonNJOFOTO - Lombardi Spo0:03:39
57WILLIAMSON BretKillingtonVTHawley / Racksmith.c0:03:43
58REINHART TimmacungiePASaturn Development0:03:43
59FINKBEINER MaxSmyrnaGAJittery Joe's Pro Cy0:03:44
60SANOWAR PeterSudburyGearsRacing.com0:03:46
61BAKER PeterBrookfieldCTWest Virginia / Goma0:03:47
62CHASE KindlerAvonCOunattached0:03:47
63DIONNE Charles7Up / NutraFig0:03:49
64BORONOW EugeneJamaicaNYCentury-SBCG0:03:53
65ZIMMERMAN ZachRichmondVATrek / Volkswagen /0:03:55
66PINEDA Juan7Up / NutraFig0:03:55
67WILCOX CraigPort AngelesWASaturn Development0:03:57
68ALACHOYAN JosephAmherstMAIdeal Tile / Brielle0:04:02
69PECK ChrisSouthburyCTWheelworks / Cannond0:04:02
70ALBERS KirkRoslindaleMAJelly Belly / Carlsb0:04:03
71ASPHOLM RogerPark RidgeNJThink Racing0:04:06
72HOLDER Joshwichita fallsTXHotter-n-Hell Hundre0:04:10
73DESROSEIRS Jean PaulWestportMAHawley - Racksmith.c0:04:14
74BAER JasonBurlingtonVTGS Mengoni USA0:04:15
75ERDELYI JonathanBrickNJIdeal Tile / Brielle0:04:16
76GARLAPOW AdamBuffaloNYShickluna0:04:21
77WOLF GregwestonCTCC Etupe0:04:21
78REID ForestProvidenceRIProvidence Velo Club0:04:21
79RYTLEWSKI JakeBay CityMITri City Cyclist0:04:23
80ANDERSON MarcJupiterFLCyclescience/Trek/Vo0:04:23
81BARTON MikeGranthamNHSunapee / Banagan's0:04:23
82HAWKINS MattCumberlandMEKissena Cycling Team0:04:24
83BEILBY IanSlingerlandsNYGMBC / Invensys0:04:24
84WHITE FritzColorado SpringsCORage Racing/Titus0:04:28
85YAMAMOTO YasuhiroWarrenPAKissena Cycling Team0:04:30
86FLEMING EricWatertownMAPro Cycles - Giant0:04:34
87WEBER JeffWaterlooGearsRacing.com0:04:36
88STOCKWELL LukeBrisbaneJittery Joe's Pro Cy0:04:38
89BECK ChristopherbaltoMDLSV/Trek/VW0:04:40
90KETCHELL RobbyWilmingtonNYUPMC / Fuji Cycling0:04:40
91MCLERAN IanDanburyCTStage 1 / Cannondale0:04:41
92PANTASTICO AdamN. PlainfieldNJWatchung Wheelmen0:04:42
93LETENDRE, JR. WillNorwichVTBoston Road Club0:04:43
94MUELLER MichaelNorthfieldNHWheelworks / Cannond0:04:59
95ROTH GregbrightOntario/McMaster0:05:03
96EARLY BenCharlotteNCEvergreen / Easton0:05:16
97PINKHAM RyanMarshfieldMAGS MENGONI USA0:05:17
98AUER KristopherbaltimoreMDLSV/Trek/VW0:05:23
99FOLEY SkipLincolnMATrek, East Coast Fa0:05:54
100WHITE MichaelBurkeVANational Capitol Vel0:06:36
101YOUNG DavidKillingtonVTNCC Bikereg.com0:07:12
102MONAHAN Kevin7Up / NutraFig0:07:50
103PERERA LarryCCB / Volkswagen0:08:03
105LANGLEY RussellWashingtonDCTeam Snow Valley0:08:25
106ANTHONY JoshBeverlyMASaturn Development C0:08:32
107SWINDLEHURST BurkeLaverkinUTNavigators Cycling T0:08:32
108SVATEK MatthewCarllisleMAWheelworks / Cannond0:08:35
109APPLEGATE AndyAshevilleNCCane Creek / Subaru0:08:37
110WORDIN JohnMercury0:08:45
111ZWIZANSKI ScottSpring CityPATeam Snow Valley0:08:45
112ST. MARTIN IsaacCandiaNHNHCC / Team NH0:08:46
113HEDGES KrisBaltimoreMDTeam Snow Valley0:08:52
114SULLIVAN PatrickBoulderCOGS Ciao0:09:00
115TAYLOR DylanBooneNCASU0:09:26
116TILBROOK WarrenFonthillGearsRacing.com0:09:27
117BRUMBLE AmosCCB / Volkswagen0:09:28
118MORAN HughCitraFLCyclescience/Trek/VW0:09:31
119ROSZKO SteveNorthamptonMANCC / BikeReg.com0:09:39
120JONES JasonAtlantaGAJittery Joe's Pro Cy0:09:41
121DENNIS NilsEllicott CityMDBike Doctor0:09:49
122AUSTTIN JeffreyPhoenixAZPCT0:09:53
123SACRAMONE ChrisLeominsterMAProCycles/Giant0:09:56
124KELSEY MarcohackettstownNJWatchung Wheelmen/Hi0:10:05
125MILLINGTON SteveHamiltonWinners Edge0:10:20
126HARPLE CodyS. DartmouthMAEssex County Velo0:10:23
127BRINKEN MariuszFranklin SquareNYKissena Cycling Team0:10:43
128INCONIGLIOS MattStamfordCTStage 10:10:45
129LOPEZ DonnyState CollegePAIdeal Tile / Brielle0:11:29
130SILBERFARB BenNorwichVTEssex County Velo0:11:31
131HUSK JonBarreVT0:13:01
132BROWN LincolnBurlingtonVTHawley / Racksmith.c0:13:30
133SILBERMAN MarcMillburnNJWatchung Wheelmen /0:14:18
134SOMMERVILLE DavidBrooklynNYDavidsommerville.com0:14:29
135MILLS AndrewSturbridgeMATrek/VW/Goodales0:14:37
136KUBAS BenKillingtonVTHawley - Racksmith.c0:14:57
137CRADDOCK JeffCCB / Volkswagen0:15:13
138VIA JeffBaltimoreMDTeam Snow Valley0:15:19
139NORTON MichaelGoshenNYUPMC / Fuji Cycling0:15:32
140BEAMON EdDenvilleNJNavigators Cycling T0:16:04
141BERTUCCO MarcNew YorkNYAthletes By Design0:16:12
142KINGS MatthewBrantfordGearsRacing.com0:16:44
143VERHEUL JohnNorthamptonMAIdeal Tile / Brielle0:17:19
144MORRELL JohnMarbleheadMDHawley - Racksmith.c0:17:22
145YOUNGBLOOD DavidMontagueMANCC/Bikereg.com0:17:22
146YU JeraldSmithvilleNJTeam Express/Pro Ped0:17:39
147BORNHOLT Nicholas0:17:41
148MISICKI IgorBrooklynNYCRCA-E-CAPS.COM0:17:53
149HACKLER KurtCCB / Volkswagen0:19:47
150KRAUSE RossAmherstMAGS Mengoni USA0:22:30
151PETERS BenjaminShelburneVTNECSA/FUJI/Fraysee's0:23:17
152DAVIS ChadbronxNYThink Racing0:24:26
1BESSETTE LyneLac BromeQuQuebec Selection Tea1:33:46
2BRUCKNER KimberlySaturn Cycling Teamat 0:06.0
3MARSAL CatherineSaturn Cycling Team00:29.0
4VANGILDER LauraCrescoPATrek Plus03:04.0
5FREEDMAN NicoleQuRona Cycling Team03:04.0
6GOLLOGLY NaomiPortlandORBike Gallery/Trek/VW03:04.0
7STALEY LarssynBeavertonORSaturn Development03:04.0
8MAYOLO-PIC TinaDahlonegaGADiet Rite03:04.0
9HUGHES ClaraGlen SuttonQuQuebec Selection Tea03:04.0
10DAVIDGE KimSaturn Cycling Team03:04.0
11ST. LAURENT KatySt AugustinQuQuebec Selection Tea03:04.0
12SCHMIDT LauraSyracuseNYTerry Precision03:04.0
13COX AndreaHaverhillMACCB/Volkswagen03:04.0
14BISARO IvanaSerotta Women's Cycl03:04.0
15TRAHAN GiselleAthensGAGenesis Scuba/FFCC03:04.0
16FRANGES LaurenBartoPAAmoroso's / HH Racin03:04.0
17PIZZINI MinaDallasTXDiet Rite03:04.0
18WYNTER IonaAtlantaGAGenesis Scuba/FFCC03:04.0
19CLAUDE MelanieHamiltonBermuda National Tea03:04.0
20ELLIOTT MeganTamaIAMercy Cycling Team03:04.0
21ROSZKO KathrynNorthamptonMADansko / Wheelworks03:04.0
22FARELL JuliaTorontoOnVerizon Wireless - C03:04.0
23MORSE MeghanSerotta Women's Cycl03:04.0
24HOLT MelissaQuRona Cycling Team03:04.0
25PRYDE SusyTalgoAmerica03:04.0
27SCHWARZ Erikawest LACARed 5 Racing03:04.0
28HUIZING MarjanMontgomery VillageMDTeam Snow Valley03:04.0
29DAVIS PattyLos Gatos Bicycle Cl03:04.0
30SHIRLEY MargaretathensGAGenesis Scuba/FFCC03:04.0
31COOPER JenniferSmyrnaGAGenesis Scuba/FFCC03:04.0
32PHILLIPS JessicaSaturn Cycling Team03:04.0
33VAN ABBEMA Julicomstock parkMILippert Sports Cycli03:04.0
34MARTINEZ GracielaAllentownPAAmoroso's / HH Racin03:04.0
35BEGOSH LizMillvillePAunattached03:04.0
36HUFF ChristineBaltimoreMDLateral Stress Velo-03:04.0
37FOULKES SarahDeerfieldNHNHCC03:04.0
38WILLOCK ErinneVictoriaBCVerizon Wireless - C03:04.0
39LASASSO KristenNew YorkNYDansko / Wheelworks03:04.0
40TOFFOLON LeahLisbonNYMike Fraysse's Sport03:04.0
41HAWLEY JuliaSmithsBermuda National Tea03:04.0
42JUTRAS ManonQuebecQuRona Cycling Team03:04.0
43BROWN AlisonAlpharettaGAGenesis Scuba/FFCC03:04.0
44GRASSGOFF KirstenDanslo/Wheelworks/IF03:04.0
45BLACK ChloePeterboroughOnTerry Precision03:04.0
46SKELLEY TinaAltoonaPATalgoAmerica03:04.0
47LEBLANC GenevieveCap RougeQuQuebec Selection Tea03:04.0
48TAYLOR GraceSerotta Women's Cycl03:04.0
49ST. JACQUES SophieBouchervilleQuTrek Plus03:04.0
50MILKOWSKI AnnaPutneyVTGearworks / SRP03:04.0
51GAGNON IsabelleSie-FoyQuQuebec Selection Tea03:04.0
52MILLER Ann MarieNew YorkNYVerizon Wireless - C03:04.0
53POWERS CatherineNew YorkNYTerry Precision03:04.0
54SHIMADA HirokoMilfordCTVerizon Wireless - C03:04.0
55MAXWELL LisaWindhamMEDansko / Wheelworks03:04.0
56BEARCE CatherineChelmsfordMACCB/Volkswagen03:04.0
57MILLER ChristineLisleILMercy Cycling Team03:04.0
58SCHEFFENACKER KristybaltimoreMDTeam Snow Valley03:04.0
59GALE CarylHOBOKENNJSan Diego Cyclo Vets03:29.0
60GENEST AlliciaJamestownRITrek Plus03:33.0
61SONYE SuzanneSaturn Cycling Team03:34.0
62DAVIS KatrinaBethelCTTrek Plus03:50.0
63KELLY KoriLouisvilleCODiet Rite03:53.0
64LAWRENCE Amandagates millsOHYale University05:02.0
65GAFFNEY LaurenNashvilleTNTerry Precision06:12.0
66ILTON YvonneCambridgeMAVerizon Wireless - C07:07.0
67OSORIO OdessaFlorenceSCTrek Plus07:07.0
68GAGNON ElisaChicoutimiQuTrek Plus07:07.0
69SUMMERS LauraPlantsvilleCTWebevent.com07:07.0
70KOSINSKI JodyMariettaGAGenesis Scuba/FFCC07:07.0
71MONAGLE JulieWatertownMAVerizon Wireless - C07:16.0
72TREMELLING AmyazellieKenoshaWITREK / Volkswagen07:16.0
73MCCLINTOCK RebeccaSerotta Women's Cycl07:16.0
74SCRYMEGOUR KristySaturn Cycling Team07:16.0
75TURRIN AnnBramptonOnAmoroso's / HH Racin10:04.0
76KELLY HelenWatertownMAVerizon Wireless - C10:04.0
77CURI KatherynBurlingtonVT10:04.0
78MARTINEZ VeronicaAllentownPAAmoroso's / HH Racin10:04.0
79BAHNSON BrendaGreat BerringtonMADansko / Wheelworks10:26.0
80HARDING ChristineMiddletownMDABRT / Team Snow Val10:26.0
81BOTE' MicheleLancasterPALateral Stress Velo-10:38.0
82BILYEAU KristineNaplesFLNaples Velo10:43.0
83MAYER AliciaAnn ArborMIAAVC/Specialized10:50.0
84ROBBINS KirstenOntarioOnAmoroso's / HH Racin14:16.0
85RICHARDSON DawnProvidenceRIVerizon Wireless - C14:16.0
86NASH KarenNorth HamptonNHVerizon Wireless - C14:32.0
87SMITH MicheleMedfordMADansko / Wheelworks15:18.0
88FELKER LenoraBartoPAAmoroso's / HH Racin15:18.0
DNFJEANSON GenevieveQuebecQuRona Cycling Team
1BESSETTE LyneLac BromeQuQuebec Selection Tea1:51:25
2BRUCKNER KimberlySaturn Cycling Teamat 0:12
3MARSAL CatherineSaturn Cycling Team0:01:28
4HUGHES ClaraGlen SuttonQuQuebec Selection Tea0:04:01
5PIZZINI MinaDallasTXDiet Rite0:04:17
6HOLT MelissaQuRona Cycling Team0:04:18
7MAYOLO-PIC TinaDahlonegaGADiet Rite0:04:21
8JUTRAS ManonQuebecQuRona Cycling Team0:04:25
9DAVIDGE KimSaturn Cycling Team0:04:29
10WYNTER IonaAtlantaGAGenesis Scuba/FFCC0:04:44
11PHILLIPS JessicaSaturn Cycling Team0:04:45
12VANGILDER LauraCrescoPATrek Plus0:05:03
13SKELLEY TinaAltoonaPATalgoAmerica0:05:05
14BEARCE CatherineChelmsfordMACCB/Volkswagen0:05:06
15FREEDMAN NicoleQuRona Cycling Team0:05:07
16POWERS CatherineNew YorkNYTerry Precision0:05:09
17HUIZING MarjanMontgomery VillageMDTeam Snow Valley0:05:15
18STALEY LarssynBeavertonORSaturn Development0:05:16
19SONYE SuzanneSaturn Cycling Team0:05:19
20TAYLOR GraceSerotta Women's Cycl0:05:24
21SHIRLEY MargaretathensGAGenesis Scuba/FFCC0:05:26
22SCHWARZ Erikawest LACARed 5 Racing0:05:29
23PRYDE SusyTalgoAmerica0:05:30
24COX AndreaHaverhillMACCB/Volkswagen0:05:32
25MILLER ChristineLisleILMercy Cycling Team0:05:32
26COOPER JenniferSmyrnaGAGenesis Scuba/FFCC0:05:34
27MILLER Ann MarieNew YorkNYVerizon Wireless - C0:05:36
28TRAHAN GiselleAthensGAGenesis Scuba/FFCC0:05:36
29KELLY KoriLouisvilleCODiet Rite0:05:37
30SCHMIDT LauraSyracuseNYTerry Precision0:05:38
31BLACK ChloePeterboroughOnTerry Precision0:05:38
32FRANGES LaurenBartoPAAmoroso's / HH Racin0:05:40
33TOFFOLON LeahLisbonNYMike Fraysse's Sport0:05:42
34SCHEFFENACKER KristybaltimoreMDTeam Snow Valley0:05:43
35GOLLOGLY NaomiPortlandORBike Gallery/Trek/VW0:05:54
36MILKOWSKI AnnaPutneyVTGearworks / SRP0:05:56
37CLAUDE MelanieHamiltonBermuda National Tea0:05:59
38MORSE MeghanSerotta Women's Cycl0:06:00
39SHIMADA HirokoMilfordCTVerizon Wireless - C0:06:02
40GAGNON IsabelleSie-FoyQuQuebec Selection Tea0:06:05
41BEGOSH LizMillvillePAunattached0:06:09
42BROWN AlisonAlpharettaGAGenesis Scuba/FFCC0:06:18
43LEBLANC GenevieveCap RougeQuQuebec Selection Tea0:06:21
44ST. JACQUES SophieBouchervilleQuTrek Plus0:06:26
45BISARO IvanaSerotta Women's Cycl0:06:26
46HAWLEY JuliaSmithsBermuda National Tea0:06:32
47WILLOCK ErinneVictoriaBCVerizon Wireless - C0:06:33
48GALE CarylHOBOKENNJSan Diego Cyclo Vets0:06:36
49vST. LAURENT KatySt AugustinQuQuebec Selection Tea0:06:37
51GRASSGOFF KirstenDanslo/Wheelworks/IF0:06:42
52MARTINEZ GracielaAllentownPAAmoroso's / HH Racin0:06:48
53DAVIS KatrinaBethelCTTrek Plus0:06:49
54FARELL JuliaTorontoOnVerizon Wireless - C0:06:56
55ELLIOTT MeganTamaIAMercy Cycling Team0:06:56
56LASASSO KristenNew YorkNYDansko / Wheelworks0:06:57
57MAXWELL LisaWindhamMEDansko / Wheelworks0:07:03
58DAVIS PattyLos Gatos Bicycle Cl0:07:04
59VAN ABBEMA Julicomstock parkMILippert Sports Cycli0:07:06
60HUFF ChristineBaltimoreMDLateral Stress Velo-0:07:06
61ROSZKO KathrynNorthamptonMADansko / Wheelworks0:07:06
62FOULKES SarahDeerfieldNHNHCC0:07:21
63GENEST AlliciaJamestownRITrek Plus0:08:17
64GAFFNEY LaurenNashvilleTNTerry Precision0:08:43
65LAWRENCE Amandagates millsOHYale University0:08:45
66SCRYMEGOUR KristySaturn Cycling Team0:08:53
67ILTON YvonneCambridgeMAVerizon Wireless - C0:10:15
68KOSINSKI JodyMariettaGAGenesis Scuba/FFCC0:10:19
69OSORIO OdessaFlorenceSCTrek Plus0:10:48
70SUMMERS LauraPlantsvilleCTWebevent.com0:10:52
71MCCLINTOCK RebeccaSerotta Women's Cycl0:10:57
72TREMELLING AmyazellieKenoshaWITREK / Volkswagen0:11:08
73GAGNON ElisaChicoutimiQuTrek Plus0:11:13
74MONAGLE JulieWatertownMAVerizon Wireless - C0:11:28
75KELLY HelenWatertownMAVerizon Wireless - C0:12:39
76BILYEAU KristineNaplesFLNaples Velo0:13:15
77BOTE' MicheleLancasterPALateral Stress Velo-0:13:44
78TURRIN AnnBramptonOnAmoroso's / HH Racin0:13:47
79HARDING ChristineMiddletownMDABRT / Team Snow Val0:13:52
80MARTINEZ VeronicaAllentownPAAmoroso's / HH Racin0:14:18
81BAHNSON BrendaGreat BerringtonMADansko / Wheelworks0:14:40
82MAYER AliciaAnn ArborMIAAVC/Specialized0:15:00
83RICHARDSON DawnProvidenceRIVerizon Wireless - C0:18:05
84FELKER LenoraBartoPAAmoroso's / HH Racin0:18:33
85ROBBINS KirstenOntarioOnAmoroso's / HH Racin0:18:44
86NASH KarenNorth HamptonNHVerizon Wireless - C0:19:50
87SMITH MicheleMedfordMADansko / Wheelworks0:20:15
88CURI KatherynBurlingtonVT0:25:09


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