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June 29/02 2:18 am - Women's DH More Results

Posted by mikeb on 06/29/02


The lead changed repeatedly throughout the Women's DH. Very few racers had a chance to get comfortable in the Tissot Hot Seat. Perhaps the longest stretch in the seat was Lisa Sher who was in the middle of the seed. Her time of 6:15.32 put her over 6 seconds up on the previous best. With the top riders still to come, her's was not to be a long reign.

Sher was unseated by Marielle Saner (Global Racing). Saner was sporting a nasty swollen eye thanks to a crash in her seeding run. "I did a very safe race because I could only really see with one eye. During the semi's I slipped on one rock and came off my bike. I landed on another rock that fit perfectly in the face opening of my helmet". Next to occupy the Hot Seat was Fionn Griffiths of New Zealand with a time of 6:08.93. Griffiths felt it was a difficult course. "I made a few mistakes. I clipped a tree in the woods that cost me some time. I was much better in the second half of the course."

In short order Griffiths was replaced by Tracy Moseley in at 6:05.51. Moseley didn't have to wait long to be forced out - Sabrina Jonnier broke the 6 minute mark with a fine time of 5:56.29. Jonnier was very happy with her results. "This has been a very good year for me. I'm pleased not only with the race but the whole season. I have a good team and a great bike and that means so much. The new section in the woods was very tricky. I'm pleased I got through it well."

Jonnier watched anxiously as the crowd roared for multiple World Champion Anne-Caroline Chausson (Volvo-Cannondale) to arrive. Chausson blasted through the finish for the win at 5:54.47. "I'm very surprised by my result. I made the same mistake that I did during the seeding run. Near the top of the course I had difficulty in the chicane and got off course into the ruts. From there I had to go as hard as I could to try and keep up my speed. It wasn't a smooth run at all."


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