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July 2/02 11:00 am - Midweek, Silverstar 24 Hr, Fort Erie RR, Atlantic Track

Posted by Editor on 07/2/02

La Bicicletta Midweek Time Trial

Rolling course approx. 15.2 km
Best times, May through June, 2002

Riderclubnum ridesbest rideavg. speed
Jen TurnerGuest1dnf
Doris YoussefD'Ornellas130:15:0030.1
Maureen BrookD'Ornellas228:27:0032.1
Celest Mereyguest128:02:0032.5
Davor SalahovicMidweek127:20:0033.4
Bruce CamachoD'Ornellas127:06:0033.7
Toivo Pajoguest327:05:0033.7
Lisa CarboniD'Ornellas126:52:0033.9
Emily BattyBay Cycle326:51:0034
Karina SaccaMidweek326:37:0034.3
Samera FaresD'Ornellas226:34:0034.3
Caroline HaillMidweek726:29:0034.4
Jeff Archboldguest125:56:0035.2
Joe DoriaD'Ornellas125:36:0035.6
Sarah-Jane ChiltonMidweek325:20:0036
Noel RamseyD'Ornellas425:12:0036.2
Holland GidneyMidweek625:01:0036.5
Bonnie GrundmanD'Ornellas124:52:0036.7
Steffan ElzingaMidweek224:50:0036.7
Axel BergmanMidweek124:24:0037.4
Jim Elzingaguest324:22:0037.4
Gilles SimardD'Ornellas224:09:0037.8
Malcolm EadeD'Ornellas223:4038.5
Tom RingerMidweek223:3938.6
Peter TurkMidweek423:3238.8
Tim PorterMidweek323:2638.9
Mark BattyBay Cycle423:2538.9
Brenden HurleyMidweek623:0339.6
Stacy Wallguest222:4640.1
Paul DeventerMidweek922:4040.2
Eric BattyBay Cycle222:3540.4
Martin DerlackiMidweek622:2640.7
Merrill CollinsMidweek822:2540.7
Greg JacksonMidweek322:1341.1
Nick BradleyMidweek621:3142.4
Darko FickoMidweek820:0245.5

The La Bicicletta TT runs every Thursday, May-early September. Registration and parking at Melville United Church, Kennedy Road, about 2 km north of Elgin Mills. Start at the corner of Kennedy and Elgin Mills. Loop goes north to Stouffville Road, east to McCowan, south to Elgin Mills, west to Kennedy and north to the finish on Kennedy. Registration closes at 6:45 pm First rider off at 7:00 pm.

24 Hours of Adrenalin Event at Silver Star Mountain Resort Not Affected by Construction

Construction at Silver Star Mountain Resort, Vernon, British Columbia will not effect the 24 Hours of Adrenalin presented by Jeep and the World Solo 24 Hours of Adrenalin Championship events that will take place on August 31 - September 1, 2002.

"With new lift installations scheduled, there were safety concerns with the major events in July" said Robin Baycroft, Guest Services and Events at Silver Star Mountain Resort. This resulted in cancellations for both BC and Canada Cup races and was cause for concern about the hosting of the 24 Hours of Adrenalin event which is being held at the Vernon ski resort for the seventh year. Extra concern is given since Silver Star Mountain Resort will also host the World Solo 24 Hours of Adrenalin Championships which runs concurrently with the regular event, bringing Vernon the world's best mountain bike endurance athletes. Baycroft continued, "Despite the recent cancellations of both the BC Cup and Canada Cup events at Silver Star Mountain Resort there is no threat to the 24 Hours of Adrenalin event"

Fort Erie Road Race
Courtesy Zoran Smajic

Senior 1-2
1Jason SkalskiSchikluna/buffalo1.32.54
2Michael LutherHandlebars/buffalos.t
3Joe GiulianoJetFuel/Sympatico/ca
4Mike MooreGears Racing
5Paul RegoAtlas Cold Storage/Ital Pasta
6Todd ScheskeHandlebars
7Peter MorseMidweek CC
8Simon SmallAtlas Cold Storage/Ital Pasta
9Greg JansenHandlebars
10Mark PozniakSt. Catherines CC
11Allan WorozbytSt. Catherines CC
12Antoine VargheseAtlas Cold Storage/Ital Pasta
13Buck MillerJetFuel/Sympatico
14Bruce KripMidweek CC
15Tyler HoltzmanSt. Catherines CC
16David FryMidweek CC
17Andrew PinfoldAtlas Cold Storage/Ital Pasta
18Rob KlinshawHandlebars=20
19Jim CostelloHandlebars
20John HarrisAtlas Cold Storage/Ital Pasta
21Jeff HansonAtlas Cold Storage/Ital Pasta
22Darko FickoCervelo
23Piers DavidgeGears Racing
24Dejan SmaicGS VeloNews
25Jamis WhiteMNRBA
26Adam GarlapowSchckluna
27Jeff SchillerLCW/Racer Sportif London
28Boyd JohnsonPeoples Cycling Club
29Stephen BurgetBuffalo Bicycling Club
30Stuart McKayMBRC
31Tim LefebvreSt Catherines CC
32Tom VillanoIndependant
Senior 3
1Brian TrumanMBRC
2Mustafa ImamShickluna
3Eric StockSt. Catherines CC
4Shane LavellNorth Ryder
5Rob Hiscockindependant
6James CowleGalyans
7Christopher HainSt. Catherines CC
8Greg Tezsnickindependant
9Chris SchwabeShckluna
10Jason PicardNeworld
11Wes StephensonSt. Catherines CC
12Joe Halterindependant
13Tom WernerHandlebars
Master A Men
1Russel Jonesindependant
2Craig DoucetLCW Racer Sportif (London)
3Duncan SalisburyHRT
4Desi DesrochersHamilton CC
5Jacques GuenetteSt. Catherines CC
6Antonio LiokossisLCW Racer Sportif (London)Lapped
7Mark CastilliouxBuffalo Bicycling ClubLapped
8Derek ChristiensenSt. Catherines CCLapped
9Phillip MooreMidweek CCLapped
10Joe TersioniNewmarket Eagles
11Garnett AbbeyHRT
12Stuart Greenindependant
13Anthony SmithPista Elite
14Jonathan HowardGVCC
15Brian PriebeWaterloo F.D
1Merril CollinsCerveloLapped Field
2Linda SimonsenMountain Velo
3Kathy FinneganHandlebars
4Janel BadellHandlebars
5Rosie ColemanTerry Precision
6Lesley HonsbrookeSt. Catherines CC
7Pam MudarBuffalo Bicycling Club
Master B/C/D
1Wayne LutherHandlebars1.28.49
2Steve ToorongianBuffalo Bicycling Clubs.t
3Wally Pozniakindependant1.32.05
4Kevin CsikosSt. Catherines CC1.33.02
5Larry ReadeBuffalo Bicycling Clubdown 1 lap
(unavailable at this time) Track Cup

Dieppe, New Brunswick
6&7 of July 2002

You are invited to participate or assist the 1st Track Cup. The event will be held at the Caisse populaire Dieppe Velodrome, Saturday and Sunday July 6 and 7th. We are counting on your participation at this event and we are persuaded it will be a success.

The program of the weekend will put the emphasis on non-traditional track races. There will be: match Sprints, scratch races, elimination, track records and the 50 laps of the 50th anniversary of Dieppe on Saturday evening (points race) . The last race is sure to attract many people because a considerable cash purse will be awarded. Official schedule to be published later.

The categories at this event will be: Masters men and women, Senior men and women, Junior men and women and finally cadet men and women.

The National Cycling Development Centre - Atlantic Canada has Pepsi bikes for the athletes who do not own one. If you need a Pepsi bike, you must indicate it on your registration form with the size of bike you will need. Please note the bikes may not be altered in any way and you must use the bike as it is given to you. Track bikes are to be used at all times on the Velodrome.

Tentative schedule:
The schedule that follows has not yet been finalized. The final schedule will be available on site the day of the race. Preregistration is required and is to be received before July 4th 2002.

Medals and Omnium:
Medals will be given to the 3 first athletes in every event in every category identified for this Cup. Also, a winner of the Omnium will be identified. Omnium regroups the events of the Cup. Points will be attributed to the 5 first riders of those events: 1st: 7pts. 2nd: 5 pts. 3rd: 3pts. 4th: 2 pts. 5th 1pt. In the event of a tie, the jersey will be awarded to the athlete with the best finish in the points race. If the tie persists, the flying 200 M will be used as a tiebreaker.

Register at


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